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Ishmael Johnson

Ever since Kevin Dyson fell 1-yard short against the St. Louis Rams in SuperBowl XXXIV, Ishmael has dedicated his life to forever being disappointed by his favorite sports teams. He grew up in Manor, Texas and in high school exchanged his football helmet for a trumpet. His love for sports eventually crept back into his life in college at Texas State where he shifted paths and majored in Journalism and Mass Communication. Spending one day in a business calculus class helped expedite that process. Ishmael joined Dave Campbell’s as Managing Editor of Texas Basketball and Texas Coach after a three-year stint at the San Marcos Daily Record covering Texas State. He’s also a contributing writer to TexasFootball.com.

When he’s not stressing over the Bobcats on Saturdays or watching Arsenal and the Tennessee Titans lose on Sundays, you can find Ishmael drowning his sorrows in re-runs of Twin Peaks on Netflix or at a concert of his liking that he probably overpaid to attend.

High School

The more things change, the more they stay the same in Class 2A

In recent years, the top of the 2A landscape has been consistently dominated by the brand names: Refugio, Mart, Bremond, Mason, Shiner – you know the usual suspects. So when first-time state participants New Deal and Gruver punched their tickets to the 2A Division I and Division II state championship games, respectively, it raised some eyebrows.