The Tom Landry Award

The Tom Landry Award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the game of football by a Texas high school coach. Award winners, through their life and actions, serve as positive role models for athletes and are a credit to the coaching profession. This award is presented by the Texas High School Coaches Association in memory of Coach Landry's legacy on and off the field.


Charlie Johnston, 1991
Buzzy Kieth, 1992
Larry Dippel, 1993
Ray Overton, 1994
Gaylard Fenley, 1995
Neal Quillin, 1996
Bob Shelton, 1997
Lynn Ethredge, 1998
Jack Murphy, 1998
Mike Honeycutt, 1999
D.W. Rutledge, 2000
G.A. Moore Jr., 2001
Bobby Davis, 2002
Jim Streety, 2003
Hugh Sandifer, 2004
Andy Griffin, 2005
Charles Copeland, 2006
Tim Teykl, 2007
Henry Anderson, 2008
George W. Harris, 2009
Joe Evans, 2010
Jim Rackley, 2011
Mike Copeland, 2012
Sam Harrell, 2013
Brian Brazil, 2014
Larry Hill, 2015
Mel Maxfield, 2016
Phil Danaher, 2017
Hal Wasson, 2018
Ron Rittimann, 2019
Gary Joseph, 2021
Todd Dodge, 2022
Mike Fullen, 2023