7on7 Qualifying Tournaments

2022 State Qualifying Tournaments (SQT's)

State Qualifying Tournaments (SQT) Requirements and Procedures



Softshell Helmets must be worn by all participants while on the field.

The manufacture and helmet that meets the qualifications below, can

be used, after it has been approved. A list of approved helmets will be




Headgear requirements:

Carry a $2 million dollar Product Liability Insurance Policy and name Texas 7on7 State Championships as additionally insured.

Headgear must have a 4 or 5 rating by Virginia Tech Helmet Labs.

Headgear must have a fully functional retention system or chin strap.

Headgear must provide full head coverage.

Headgear must have no hard or metal component parts.

Headgear must be soft shelled and unable to cause harm to others.


Length of play will be 15 minutes halves….. turn around and start next 15 minute half…. with a 10 minute break between games


List of approved headgear to date:

 GameBreaker GB & GameBreaker PRO 

 GameBreaker www.gamebreaker.com 


Note: To register your team for an SQT you MUST contact the person designated for that specific SQT below either by email or phone.



Division I Site Date Contact E-mail Qualifiers SQT Size
Melissa Melissa 23-Apr Matt Nally mnally@melissaisd.org 2 16
Colt Classic Arlington 14-May Jeff Kemp 7on7@earthlink.net 2 16
Midland Midland 14-May Taylor Potts tbpotts12@gmail.com 2 16
CFISD West Cy Falls 20-May Chris Brister christopher.brister@cfisd.net 2 16
Cavalier Lake Travis 21-May Hank Carter carterh@ltisdschools.org 2 16
Plano Plano  21-May Todd Ford todd.ford@pisd.edu 3 24
The Woodlands The Woodlands 27-May Emory Bartolazzi ebartolazzi@conroeisd.net 2 16
Round Rock Westwood 28-May Anthony Wood anthony_wood@roundrockisd.org 2 16
Lubbock Coronado 28-May D.J. Mann daron.mann@lubbockisd.org 2 16
Texans Justin Northwest 28-May Bill Poe bpoe@nisdtx.org 3 24
Midlothian Midlothian Heritage 28-May Lee Wiginton lee.wiginton@misd.gs 2 16
CFISD East Cy Creek 3-Jun Greg McCaig gregory.mccaig@cfisd.net 2 16
Grapevine Grapevine 3-Jun Mike Alexander michael.alexander@gcisd.net 3 24
Abilene Abilene 4-Jun Bill Pearce pearcebill@att.net 2 16 
Sharyland Snake Pit Mission Sharyland 4-Jun Tony Guerrero tguerrerorgv@yahoo.com 3 24
LCISD Richmond Foster 10-Jun Shaun McDowell semcdowell@lcisd.org 2 16
A&M Consolidated Veterans Park-College Station 10-Jun Lee Fedora leefedora@csisd.org 2 16
Dickinson Dickinson 10-Jun John Snelson jsnelson@dickinsonisd.org 2 16
Arlington Arlington  10-Jun Jeff Kemp 7on7@earthlink.net 3 24
Dayton Dayton 11-Jun Blake Ware blake.ware@daytonisd.net 2 16
Westlake Austin Westlake 10-Jun Tony Salazar tsalazar@eanesisd.net 2 16
RGV Mid Valley  Weslaco 11-Jun Tony Guerrero tguerrerorgv@yahoo.com 2 16
River City Alamo Heights 11-Jun Ron Rittiman rrittimann@ahisd.net 2 16
El Paso Eastwood 11-Jun Julio Lopez jlopez140@yisd.net 2 16
Tyler Lindsey Park 11-Jun Randy Womble rwomble@gamcosupply.com 2 16
Keller Fossil Ridge 17-Jun Mike Glaze steven.glaze@kellerisd.net 2 16
Grizzlies Grand Oaks 17-Jun Mike Jackson mjjackson@conroeisd.net 2 16
Sam Brown-Overflow Grand Oaks 18-Jun Mike Jackson mjjackson@conroeisd.net 1 16
Texans Corpus Christi 18-Jun Craig Charlton craig.charlton@ccisd.us 2 16
Sam Brown Grand Oaks 19-Jun Mike Jackson mjjackson@conroeisd.net 2 16


Division II Site Date Contact E-mail Qualifiers SQT Size
McLennan County Lorena 7-May Ray Biles raybiles@lorenaisd.net 2 16
CES Grand Oaks 7-May Mike Jackson mjjackson@conroeisd.net 2 16
Bulldogs Hitchcock 14-May Craig Smith csmith@hitchcockisd.org 1 8
Paris Paris 14-May Herb Smith herb.smith@parisisd.net 1 8
Roughnecks Columbia 21-May Brent Mascheck brent.mascheck@cbisd.com 1 8
Anna Anna 21-May Seth Parr seth.parr@annaisd.org 2 16
Texans Wimberley 21-May Doug Warren doug.warren@wimberleyisd.net 1 8
Ponder Ponder 21-May Kyle Cooper kcooper@ponderisd.net 2 16
Tyler Chapel Hill 21-May Jeff Riordan riordanj@chapelhillisd.org 2 16
Graham Graham 28-May Kenny Davidson ken.davidson@grahamisd.com 2 16
Bulldogs Burnet 28-May Bryan Wood wbwood@burnetcisd.net 1 8
Blue Jays Needville 28-May Mike Giles gilesm@needvilleisd.com 1 8
Longhorns Hamshire-Fannett 28-May Mark Waggoner mwaggoner@hfhorns.net 1 8
Pirates Rockport 3-Jun Jay Siebert jseibert@acisd.org 1 8
Indians Jourdanton 4-Jun Darrell Andrus dandrus@jisdtx.us 1 8
Gobblers Cuero 4-Jun Gaston McDorman gmcdorman@cueroisd.org 1 8
Dumas Dumas 4-Jun Aaron Dunnam aaron.dunnam@dumasisd.org 1 8
Brownwood Brownwood 4-Jun Sammy Burnett samuel.burnett@brownwoodisd.org 2 16
Corpus Christi West Oso 10-Jun Brad Smithey brad.smithey@westosoisd.net 1 8
Celina Celina 11-Jun Bill Elliott billelliott@celinaisd.com 2 16
Ducks Taylor 11-Jun Pete Heintze pheintze@taylorisd.org 2 16
Big Country Jim Ned 10-Jun Brandon Mascorro bigcountry7on7@gmail.com 2 16


Division III Site Date Contact E-mail Qualifiers SQT Size
Wallis Brazos 14-May James Werner jwerner@brazosisd.net 2 8
Stamford Stamford 21-May Britt Hart bhart@stamfordisd.net 2 8
Cougars Rosebud-Lott 21-May Brandon Hicks bhicks@rlisd.org 2 8
Hamilton Hamilton 21-May Casey Jones cjones@hamiltonisd.org 2 8
Dublin Dublin 27-May Greg Hardcastle ghardcastle@dublinisd.net 2 8
Childress Childress 28-May Brady Blake bblake@childressisd.net 2 8
Rice Raider Rice Consolidated (Altair) 2-Jun Brad Dumont bdumont@riceraiders.net 2 8
Pirates Poth 3-Jun Jeff Luna jluna@pothisd.us 2 8
Wink Wink 3-Jun Brian Gibson bgibson@wlisd.net 2 8
Eagles Lexington 4-Jun B.L. Miller millerb@lexingtonisd.net 2 8
Broncos Sonora 4-Jun Col. Pete Bradley gr6gr6@verizon.net 2 8
Texoma Henrietta 4-Jun Shad Hanna shadhanna10@gmail.com 2 8
Abilene Abilene 10-Jun Mike Sneed msneed9698@yahoo.com 2 16
Trinity Trinity 10-Jun Patrick Goodman pgoodman@trinityisd.net 2 8
Ganado Ganado 11-Jun Josh Ervin jervin@ganadoisd.net 2 8
Bulldogs Colmesneil 11-Jun Cody Day cody.day@colmesneilisd.net 2 8



                              State Qualifying Tournaments (SQT's) are held throughout the state.  

These tournaments are hosted by individuals selected by the Organization's SQT Directors.  

Each SQT follows similar procedures as outlined by the Board of Directors.

Teams that qualify at an SQT are eligible for the State 7on7 Tournament.

* Note:  SQT’s range in size from 8 team tournaments to 32 team tournaments.
 8 team SQT = 1 qualifier     |     16 team SQT = 2 qualifiers
24 team SQT = 3 qualifiers     |     32 team SQT = 4 qualifiers  

** Specified Division III SQT's may qualify 2 teams **


Tournament Fees

There will be a flat fee of $300 per team for all SQTs. This is regardless of minimum number of players on the roster. Maximum roster size is 20 players.

A Deposit of $180 must be sent to the SQT host school when registering for an SQT Tournament. (This is a non-refundable deposit). Remainder of fee paid at on-site registration.


The State 7on7 Tournament is divided into 3 divisions.

Division I consists of teams that compete in 5A or 6A (public) & SPC or TAPPS Division I (private).

Division II consists of teams that compete 4A  and 3A D1 (public) & all other privates.

Division III consists of teams that compete in 3A D2 and below.  (No private schools will compete in this division)