The Dave Campbell's Impactful Leadership Award presented by First National Bank of Omaha

The Dave Campbell’s Impactful Leadership Award presented by First National Bank of Omaha will recognize 10 influential Texas high school football athletes who are leaders both on and off the playing field.

Week 1

Jarrod is known in the community for being an over-achiever. He is loved in Anna and does his best to love everyone back. He will pick students and teammates up when they don’t have rides, he invites them over to his house, and typically always feeds them. Jarrod doesn’t pick kids based on their race and religion. He just sees a need and fills it.

Week 2

Student Council, Country and Western dance team captain, Bass Fishing club co-founder and captain, Football team captain (2yrs), Carry the Load volunteer, NHS, Church Youth Group, Mission Trips, AP Scholar, 4.12 GPA, 17th in his class, 1st team All District Receiver

Week 3

Horace Bradshaw is a Senior Wide Receiver for the Golden Bears. He is a very proactive community member as he is known for lending a helping hand whenever possible. The Bradshaw family has strong ties with the SOC Community as they are mostly all Golden Bear Graduates. Through the pandemic, this past year has been difficult for the entire State, Country, and World. Horace and the Bradshaw family did their part to help fellow community members schedule and transport them to vaccine appointments.

Jadarian Price is a Senior Running Back for the Denison Yellowjackets. He is a Boys and Girls club Volunteer every summer and Commited to Notre Dame. Jadarian has a 4.46 GPA amd will be an early graduate to report in South Bend.