San Antonio Student Trainer Program Spotlight

For this inaugural season, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and University Health to shine the light on student training programs across the Greater San Antonio area with the Student Training Program Spotlight. This year, 10 schools have been selected as the Student Trainer Program Team of the Week which includes a commemorative plaque and presentation, as well as a $500 donation to the program. Each school is then also entered to compete for the San Antonio Student Training Program Spotlight –  Program of the Year Award partnered with a $2,500 donation to their school’s athletic training program.


WEEK 8 - Highlands High School


WEEK 7 – McCollum High School


WEEK 6 – Judson High School


WEEK 5 – Brackenridge High School


WEEK 4 – Burbank High School


WEEK 3 – Holmes High School 


WEEK 2 – John Jay High School


WEEK 1 – Harlandale High School