Unfiltered Anonymous Recruit Survey: Which in-state school is the most overrated and why?

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Before we completely flip the page to the 2022 recruiting cycle, Dave Campbell's Texas Football wanted to get down to the bottom of some of the most pressing questions we could think of for 2021 recruits.

So, we surveyed 32 of the top Texas high school football recruits promising anonymity so that they could speak openly and honestly about the questions posed.

First up: Which in-state school is the most overrated and why?

Below are the responses we got, unfiltered and anonymous as promised:

  • Texas, have been an average team for a while
  • Texas. Do not know how to recruit right.
  • UT Austin
  • Texas. They get tons of highly rated recruits but can’t seem to put those super talented guys on the field and have them pan out
  • Univ of Texas , they get top guys every year but don’t put any in the league
  • Texas, because they get 4-5 Star recruits every year but can’t do anything with them
  • Texas and boosters
  • Alabama
  • Thay are not
  • Texas because they play LSU
  • UT because they suck
  • Ut because there ut
  • Baylor- horrible town and bad program since Rhule left
  • UT. They just are
  • Texas they don’t have a history of producing talent to the league
  • oklahoma state just because
  • SMU- they don’t play any elite teams
  • Texas, never gets it together
  • Texas tech and because my friend Coby is about to go there
  • Texas lol
  • UT, they haven't seemed to be able to get things going on the inside. Also heard poor things about how the old staff would treat players after signing.
  • Texas A&M. they just overrated
  • Texas idk why
  • Texas
  • Baylor
  • I don’t think any are overrated
  • Texas idk they annoying
  • Texas and they never produce and they constantly get multiple top recruits
  • Texas
  • Not sure
  • Texas because Horns down
  • A&M. They lost to UCLA... in football... Thats all.

The overwhelming majority of the responses (21) said the Longhorns were the most overrated. Do you agree? Leave your comments in the comment section below!

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