Meet My Midland Community Spotlight: Midland ISD Executive Director of Athletics Blake Feldt

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Midland ISD Executive Director of Athletics Blake Feldt has a unique insight into how the city has grown.

A member of the community since the early 60’s, he played football for Midland High before graduating in 1979 and continued his career at Texas Tech. He has a deep understanding of the community, and how much it has grown up in a short time. For all that has changed though, much remains the same.

“I remember as a kid riding my bike up to the stadium to watch the football games, or the baseball games.” Feldt said.

That same excitement that he felt as a child about the schools and their athletics is still felt in Midland today. Though the town has grown exponentially, the core attitude has remained.

“The football and athletic teams have always represented the community,” Feldt said. “Historically they have been a big part of this town. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, there wasn’t a lot to do in the town except go see the schools play.”

As Midland has grown, the passion for the schools and their athletics has grown with it. The immense pride that the community has in not only the athletics, but the schools themselves is something that makes Midland stand apart.

Feldt has had the opportunity to work at incredible locations both at the high school and collegiate level. When asked about what stood out about Midland to him, he laid immense praise at everywhere he had been. Pointing out that many places have outstanding communities, but there was something about Midland that made it unique.

“It’s a blue-collar, hard-working town.” he said.

As an individual who played for Midland High and then spent a portion of his career at Odessa Permian, Feldt has been on both sides of one of the most well-known high school rivalries in the nation.

In his time there and on the collegiate level, he understands what it takes to be successful and create an environment meant to foster that success. Even with the stellar career and experiences, Feldt has experienced coming back to Midland was undoubtedly special. Being the AD at such a unique place, a place where he found his own passion for athletics is a compelling opportunity.

When the community can match your passion, however; it creates the environment so many have spoken so highly of in Midland.

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