Unfiltered Anonymous Recruit Survey: What's the best part about being recruited?

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Before we completely flip the page to the 2022 recruiting cycle, Dave Campbell's Texas Football wanted to get down to the bottom of some of the most pressing questions we could think of for 2021 recruits.

So, we surveyed 32 of the top Texas high school football recruits promising anonymity so that they could speak openly and honestly about the questions posed.

Next up: 

What was the best part about being recruited?

Meeting new people

Seeing hard work pay off

The traveling

Meeting great people

getting much love from each fan base

the love you receive and meeting new people

The attention

It would have been the official visits but I was not able to take them because of covid so that sucks

They experience itself

the experience of big college football programs wanting me

Visiting the campus

Knowing that people recognized my talent


Reading articles about myself


Going to a bunch of games for free

The feeling of the coaches really wanting u.

How much love was showed

Big time

Getting the offers

just the experience

the love from the fans

The treatment of recruits during games

Getting to know the coaches and being treated like a king

Getting it over with

continuing your career at another level & academics

Getting the opportunity to go to college for free


Getting offered by far!

Getting to talk to colleges I never thought I would be able to talk to. Be able to meet new coaches and people.

The feeling that I was getting noticed and my parents relief that the financial burden of me going to college was going to be taken away.




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