Chicken Express Community Heroes: Sunnyvale's Alex Luna and Abernathy's Chanie Chambers

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Alex Luna: Sunnyvale High School

Community is something that many of us take personally. But for Alex Luna, senior at Sunnyvale High School, it is not enough just to take it personally. For Alex, action was the only reaction he knew once the pandemic hit.

Alex is no stranger to hard work. He keeps himself involved in as many sports as he can all year long. Though he likes keeping busy and challenging himself with sports, football is Alex’s true love. Earning all-district honors both his junior and senior year, Alex is no stranger to success. 

His strive for greatness is certainly not only relegated to the gridiron. Alex has maintained Academic A honor roll through high school, as well as earned Academic All-State his senior year. A standout both on the football field and in the classroom, those accomplishments are not solely what makes Alex special.

During the pandemic, Alex would go to the local food bank and volunteer daily. All the while, he was keeping focused on the season ahead. Working out and trying to get his teammates involved in both the workouts, but also the cause for something greater. He passed out food and necessities in his community and became active in church groups looking to help the community as well.

“The community is extremely important for me; I feel like there is always somebody willing to help,” Alex said. “They are always there for us, so I just want to make sure that I am there for them.”

Sunnyvale usually has a baseball camp for the youth in the spring, but that was put on hold due to the pandemic. Alex took it upon himself to organize a camp for the spring, noting how much he loved those when he was young.

Though Alex does not know where he wishes to go to college, he does know that he wants to study business finance. Wherever Alex goes, there is no doubt that he will be destined for success. He has exemplified striving for better, both for yourself and those around you.


Chanie Chambers: Abernathy High School

When talking to Chanie Chambers, it is hard to imagine that she has any free time for herself. The senior from Abernathy High School likes to stay involved. Whether it be through athletics, academics, or through trying to help the community around her, Chanie is there.

Her dad gave her a deep love for sports, a love that now sees her participating in almost every sport her school has to offer. Whether she is playing basketball, softball or running track there is not a time in the school year where Chanie is not busy.

Of all the sports, picking her favorite was a little difficult. Though she loves softball, she ended up picking basketball because she did not have to play in the cold. Though her choice was understandable, she has been superb in both sports. Garnering awards such as honorable mention in district play, Lone Star Athlete of the Week in both softball and basketball and was named all-tournament team at the Cap Rock Classic.

Success in sports is not enough for Chanie though. The senior has maintained the A/B honor roll through high school, is involved in FFA, was chosen to be a Lions Club Sweetheart her junior year, and even finds herself as the student class president.

One would think that with so much of her time dedicated to athletics and academics, Chanie would be interested in relaxing in her free time. Instead, she spends her time trying to serve and better her community. She attends meals at city hall with elderly in the community. In this process, she made a friend whom she made it a point to eat with every week. Now, he does not miss any of her games.

Though Chanie is not sure where she wants to attend college, her impacts in her community are sure to carry over. Whether it be her pursuits in academics, athletics, or the community around her, Chanie is sure to leave a lasting impact not only in Abernathy, but wherever she chooses to continue her journey.

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