Booster Club Spotlight: Magnolia West

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The Magnolia West Football Booster Club is going above and beyond to help their student-athletes. Leading the immense efforts is Jason Brady who is much more than your average Booster Club President.

Brady is serving in his third year as President and remains highly motivated about the role. This year he was asked to share life-lessons with the team every Thursday during the season and said that this has become one of his favorite things to do. Brady says he enjoys his role on the Booster Club because of his love for Texas High School Football and helping the boys.

“I do it because I have a love for Texas High School Football and this program which is very special to me, I love the atmosphere that Coach Berna has created and just being around the team,” Brady said. “This role gives me the opportunity to serve others while also spending time with my son.”

Throughout the football season the Booster Club provides post-game meals for the players after away games, they also put on a very nice end of the season banquet for the entire program. In order to do this the club has a couple big fundraisers. This year the group put on a car show that included over 60 vehicles and they built a “Wall of Fame” where parents of Magnolia West students can purchase bricks and have their child’s name permanently displayed.

“We just try to be creative, have fun and raise as much money as we can to support the boys and this program,” Brady said. “Any leftover money gets donated back to the football program.”

The fundraising has allowed the Booster Club to do some very unique things and create a fun environment on game day, as they say at West, “It’s the place to be on Friday nights.” One of these unique additions was the train horn, otherwise known as The Mule. The Mule is loud, very impressive to look at and they sound it off every time the Mustangs do something special.

Though he leads the Booster Club, Brady is adamant, that he couldn't do it alone.

 “My job is easy, the good folks who jump in and work behind the scenes deserve all the credit," Brady said. 

To name a few, Brady listed the dads who set-up and manage the Mustang run-through tunnel, the group of parents who cook dinner for the boys on Wednesdays, the ladies who design and sell spirit wear, and the host of loyal parents who jump in to help whenever asked.

“I can tell you this, these parents are having fun, they’re part of the process and there’s no way we could survive without them," Brady said. 

This season the Booster Club gave their Media Guide a new look and did so with the purpose of giving their sponsors greater value for their investment.

“We want to make sure that we’re doing our part for every sponsor of West Football and doing so in a way that they’ll receive value and also want to sponsor us again in the years to come.” Brady said.

Though the Booster Club has many goals for their season, their highest priority remains to serve the boys and the program the best they can.

“We want to serve our boys and West Football in a way that advances the program and its goal of building strong young men that are ready for life after high school and beyond football.” Brady said.

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