The Big Shootout - Hardbound Book plus DVD


This is a must read for any Texas College Fooball fan and/or fan of the old SWC. 

On December 6, 1969, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, number one ranked Texas and number two ranked Arkansas met in the "game of the century," in celebration of the 100th year of college football. It was the first championship game arranged for television and the last championship game played with all white participants. With Secret Service men overlooking his 35-yard line seat, President Nixon was there, bringing along Henry Kissinger and George Bush for company. Civil rights and war protesters were there. God was even there, sending Billy Graham to deliver the pre-game invocation. Fifty million people watched on TV, including LBJ. Bill Clinton listened on shortwave from England.

Mike Looney captured the unique personalities and stories of the players, coaches, and dignitaries during his travels when shooting the critically acclaimed documentary, The Big Shootout: The Life and Times of 1969. This book is The Untold Story of the Most Famous College Football Game Ever Played. The DVD is included along with special bonus footage never seen. Coaching legend Frank Broyles' granted Mike and his film crew the only interview he ever gave on The Big Shootout. As they were wrapping up Broyles asked Mike, “Do you want to know the real reason Arkansas University left the Southwest Conference?”