Booster Club Spotlight: Timpson Booster Club

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Covid has forced many groups and organizations to decrease its numbers. The Timpson Booster club is no exception.

Before the pandemic, Timpson had strong membership and leadership from elders Beverly Tippet and CT Simpson. But when Covid hit, the two leaders decided to take precautions and stepped away. The membership for Timpson soon dwindled.

But one person made sure to keep the booster club alive, Kelli Bass.

“Kelli pretty much stepped in and ran the booster club last year," current president Cody Beckham said. “Kelli was very special to the booster club last year.”

Not even having a title last year, Bass now operates as the secretary for Timpson. With her hard work, Timpson has continued to be able to fill the gaps in the budget for the athletic department. The Timpson Booster Club has been able to provide the money through fundraisers, raffles and the athletic banquet. Not only do they help make sure to their kids are fed, but they also provide meals when the away team comes into town.

“Especially since Covid, the way these players and coaches have come together is tremendous,” Bass said. “Our athletes and coaches are working hard every day to make our team better and make Timpson better. They deserve for us to do our part.”

While they are still building their membership base back up, the booster club is getting support from their community.

“We have a lot of people in the community that aren’t technically part of the booster club who volunteer,” Beckham said. “One of the parents stepped in one time and paid for the meals for the kids. I appreciate how the community is always willing to support the team.”

Timpson's Booster Club now focuses on continuing to grow their membership and support their successful athletic programs.

“To me, we are just like a family,” Bass said. “The saying ‘It takes a village’ rings true for our booster club.”

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