Chicken Express Community Heroes: Center's KeAmodre Horace & Texarkana Pleasant Grove's Sarah Richardson!

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This week's Chicken Express Community Heroes are Center High School's KeAmodre Horace & Texarkana Pleasant Grove High School's Sarah Richardson!

Sarah Richardson: Pleasant Grove High School

Texarkana Pleasant Grove freshman Sarah Richardson may be young, but that isn’t stopping her from trying to make big impacts. The ninth grader is thoughtful and is always trying to find ways to push herself while helping others. Whenever someone needs help, she is among the first to raise their hand.

Richardson has a passion for dance, and though it is one that she just recently started pursuing, it is a passion she has always had. Sarah spoke highly of those people who have been mentors to her, who have pushed her to leap towards her passions. Kristen Hutson, someone who pushed Sarah into the direction of dance, has been a large influence on her life.

No matter who it is that has helped her, Sarah speaks highly of them. Despite her inexperience in dance, Sarah has excelled, winning awards and coming second runner up in a large competition with over 100 competitors. These awards only motivate her more and give her the confidence in her abilities.

She also excels in the classroom. Sarah prides herself in her academics, finding herself in Junior Honor Society. She likes to stay involved in other extra-curricular activities at school as well. She has a love for art and has been asked to display her works at events in the past.

To Sarah, community is everything. She wants to give back because she feels that her community has given so much to her. Where she would usually be doing community service, COVID has halted much of it.

“It upsets me that I can’t help as much as I like,” she said. “I was born and raised here, and the community is so uplifting.”

Though graduation is still a long way away, she already has big plans to be an interior designer. She wants to continue pursuing her passion for art and architecture in college! As for where she wishes to attend, Sarah mentioned A&M as she has family ties and it’s close to home.


KeAmodre Horace, Center High School

For as long as Center High School senior KeAmodre Horace can remember, he has had sports. Since he could walk, it has seemed to encapsulate his life. The love came from his parents, but now he is here to continue that passion.

KeAmodre is involved in any sport that he can be. He plays football, basketball, and enjoys running track. But when you ask KeAmodre which is his favorite, well that answer comes easy.

“Football is different, just the energy and the aspect of the team” KeAmodre said.

Sports have helped keep the senior grounded and have taught him to always remain humble in pursuit of excellence. He is big on the team, mentioning over and over again the importance of “we.” To KeAmodre, sports just aren’t about the competition, but life lessons.

Not only is KeAmodre cerebral in his view of sports, but he also excels at them. He has been awarded multiple player of the week awards, as well as earning an offensive district award. These awards only furthered his hunger and strive for more.

He sees sports as an outlet to give back to the community; not just in the game, but in the hope. The hope that dreams are worth working towards. KeAmodre’s strive for greatness stems from his want to give back and recognition for his community.

KeAmodre doesn’t have a particular college in mind right now; he is interested in going wherever will allow him to continue his pursuit. After college, he wishes to coach and continue the cycle of hope and wanting more. He is proof that sports are merely a catalyst, a way to strive for something greater for not only yourself, but also those around you.

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