Texas High School Football Hall of Fame Inductees: Dr. Rhea Williams

Dr. Rhea Williams



Inducted in 1989

Dr. Rhea Williams joins an elite group of Special Category Award recipients. During his tenure as Director of the University Interscholastic League, Dr. Williams provided outstanding leadership to the organization. When he retired in 1977 he became emeritus director and emeritus professor of Health Education. He has served as executive secretary of the TIL Foundation which provides scholarships for needy and talented students who participate in UIL Academic Meets. TILF has provided 5,929 scholarships, totaling a value of $5,587.750. The TILF program which Dr. Williams guides and directs has endowed funds of nearly $2 million and receives annual grants of $300,000. Dr. Williams is member of the Methodist Church, Masonic Lodge, Kiwanis, Phi Kappa and numerous other educational organizations.