Boerne's Schram Sought by College Football's Elite

Courtesy of Logan Schram

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Logan Schram is a mountain of a human.

The 6-foot-6, 290-pound junior from Boerne has the type of size that makes college coaches salivate.

But just because he’s built like a lineman doesn’t mean that was always what he wanted to do. When he started playing the sport in fourth grade, Schram wasn’t so sure it was for him. But his parents made him stick with it and it’s since presented a unique opportunity for his future.

Schram has molded himself into a DCTF four-star recruit who is currently ranked No. 49 overall and the No. 2 offensive guard in Texas for the Class of 2025. He has over a dozen offers from the likes of Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Oklahoma, Sam Houston, SMU, TCU, Tennessee, and Texas A&M.

“Playing in college never really crossed my mind at all until freshman year,” Schram said. “Some coach was looking at one of our seniors during offseason practice and came up and offered me. I was awestruck because I didn’t think it was a possibility. Now it’s become a huge part of where I see myself in the future; using it as a tool for where I want to go.”

Schram said part of why he pushes himself so hard is his parents. He said his parents’ support means everything to him. From taking off work and spending all the money it takes to go to camps, the effort they’ve poured into him is a big part of his “why.”

“I don’t have a hard life by any means,” Schram said. “I’ve been very fortunate and my whole purpose is I want to be successful and make [my parents] proud.” 

Another big part of his “why” is setting himself up for a successful future. Schram said he wants to play professionally, but knows football isn’t for forever. A big aspiration he has is to start his own business after college.

“I like to work,” Schram said. “My buddy and I have our own lawn business. I like working and knowing that work I put in is going back to me. My mom and dad have owned businesses and I’d like to find my own niche somewhere.”

In the end, he wants to use football to take care of his family. He wants to live comfortably, have money for his kids to send them off to college and to give back to the church and community. He said religion is a big part of his life and his parents have always taught him to live a Christlike life.

“I know where I end up going, it’ll be a part of God’s plan,” Schram said. “God tells us to show love and spread his word and teachings and football is a great position to do that. If I can start to be successful and start that business, I can make money to give back and make a difference.”

His coaches are a big reason for his success, Schram said, adding that he is pushed everyday to get better, not just as a football player, but as a young man. His advice for younger players is to find ways to push themselves through hard times, even when they don’t feel like doing it.

“The whole fourth quarter thing is cliché, but it’s really true,” Schram said. “When things get hard, that’s when you have to buckle down and keep pushing. Just don’t forget your ‘why’.”

Heading into his final highschool offseason, Schram said he knows that he’ll need to make a decision on where he wants to play. Although all the offers are great, he wants to find the right fit with his biggest goal being on the field.

“My biggest goal is to play,” Schram said. “I don’t want to go to a program and ride the bench. I’m a competitive person and really want to play.”


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