The following books are in the TSHOF library. If you would like to submit a book to be added to the list please contact Jay Black at

Thundering Herd

Ball, Jim. Thundering Herd, Arlington High School Colts Football: The First Half-Century. Arlington: Jim Ball, 2002, 190pp., wraps.


Educational Competition

Bedichek, Roy. Educational Competition: The Story of the University Interscholastic League. Austin: University of Texas, 1956, cloth.


The Best HS Football in the Country

Benne, Bart. The Best High School Football in the Country. Taylor Publishing, Dallas, TX. 1989. 226pp., cloth.


Friday Night Lights

Bissinger, H.G. Friday Night Lights, A Town, A Team, and a Dream. Harper 1990, 364pp. wraps.


Tops in Texas

Breazeale, George, Tops in Texas - Records and Notes on UIL State Champions 1920-1992. Martin Communications, 1993, wraps.


King Football

Bynum, Mike (editor). King Football: Greatest Moments in Texas High School Football History. Epic Sports Classics, 2003, 672 pp., cloth.


The Best of Texas Football 1960-1989

Campbell, Dave. The Best of Texas Football, 1960-1989, 30th Anniversary Edition. Taylor Publishing, 1989, 274 pp., cloth.


Pigskin Pulpit


Coach of the Century

Wood, Gordon & John Carver. Coach of the Century, An Autobiography by Gordon Wood. Hard Times Cattle Company, 2001. 461 pp., cloth.


The Republic of Football

Conine, Chad. The Republic of Football, Legends of the Texas High School Game. University of Texas Press, 2016, 264 pp., cloth.


Buckaroos of 1958

Creagh, Billie. Buckaroos (Breckenridge) of 1958, Texas AAA Champions. ABC Press, 1959, 103 pp., cloth.


The Buccaneers A History of Football

Creighton, James A. The Buccaneers, A History of Football (Corpus Christi HS). Self Published, 1959, 154 pp., wraps.


Young Bussey Young Stud

Cushman, Ralph B. Young Bussey, Young Stud, An All-American Legend. Bigco Press, 1993, 215 pp., cloth.


100 Years of Texas High School Football

Dallas Morning News. 100 Years of Texas High School Football. Dallas Morning News, 1999, 87 pp., wraps.


The Team With Heart

Davis, Creath. The Team With Heart, Highland Park Football 84’ Scots. Person to Person Books, 1985, 418 pp., cloth.


The Kids Got It Right

Dent, Jim. The Kids Got It Right, How the Texas All-Stars Kicked Down Racial Walls. Thomas Dunne Books, 2013, 288 pp., cloth.


Down Trails of Victory

Ford, Jon Buck. Down Trails of Victory, The Story of Port Neches-Groves High School Football. Wrinkle-Ford Creative Arts, 1994, 2nd printing, 493 pp. Cloth.


On the Wings of Eagles

Ford, Jon Buck. On the Wings of Eagles, The Story of Stephen F. Austin Football 1979-1988. Larksdale, 1990, 174 pp., wraps.


Hail To Our Colors

Gholson, Nick. Hail To Our Colors, A Complete History of (Wichita Falls) Coyote Football. Self Published, 2000, 67 pp., wraps.



Grant,Michael. Warbirds, How They Played the Game (Abilene HS). Lone Star Sundries, 2004, 288 pp., cloth.


My Heroes Have Always Been Loboes

Hale, Duane Kendall. My Heroes Have Always Been Loboes, Cisco High School Football 1913-1993. Texas High School Football Centennial Press, 1994, 131 pp., wraps.


A Passion for Victory

Harris, Jack. A Passion for Victory, The Coaching Life of Texas Legend Joe Kerbel. Taylor Publishing, 1990, 206 pp., cloth.


University Interscholastic League

Hawthorne, Bobby. University Interscholastic League, An Illustrated History of 100 Years of Service. UIL, 2009, 240 pp., cloth.


The Little Southwest Conference

Holloway, Cameron (editor). The Little Southwest Conference. Odessa American, 2000, 270 pp., wraps.


Beyond Just Win

Housewright, Ed. Beyond Just Win, The Story of G.A. Moore, Texas High School Football’s No. 1 Coach. Blue River Press, 2016, 205 pp., cloth.


Thursday Night Lights

Hurd, Michael. Thursday Night Lights, The Story of Black High School Football in Texas. University of Texas Press, 2017, 248 pp., cloth.


Friday Night Farmers

Kerbow, Gary D. Friday Night Farmers, The History of the Lewisville Fighting Farmers. Farm Press, 1994, 333 pp., cloth.


Cougar Country

King, David. Cougar Country, Football at Canyon High School 1970-1993. Self Published, 1994, 71 pp., wraps.


On New Braunfels

King, David. On New Braunfels, The History of Unicorn Football. Self Published, 1993, 123 pp., wraps.


Brother's Keeper

Pickett, Al. Brother’s Keeper, The Story of the 2009 Abilene High State Championship. Pickett Publications & Sales, 2010, 166, wraps.


Mighty, Mighty Madadors

Pickett, Al. Mighty, Mighty Matadors - Estacado High School, Integration, and a Championship Season. Texas A&M Press. 2017, 140 pp., cloth.


Team of the Century

Pickett, Al. Team of the Century, The Greatest High School Football Team in Texas. State House Press, 2004, 189 pp., wraps.


Meridian High School Football

Markman, Dan. Ninety Years of Meridian, Texas High School Football 1916-2005. Self Published, 45 pp., wraps.


Mart High School Panthers

Mart Herald. Mart High School Panthers, A Winning Tradition 1912-1992, The Mart Herald, 86 pp., wraps.


The Secret of Mojo

McCally, Regina Walker. The Secret of Mojo. Self Published, 1986, 236 pp., cloth.


Texas High School Football

McMurray, Bill, and Joe Lee. Smith. Texas High School Football. Icarus Press, 1985.


Halling the Ball

Miller, Ron. Halling the Ball, Sugarland High School. Self Published, 2011, 67 pp., wraps.


Monahans Lobo Football

Owens, Mickey. Lobo Football, The History of Monahans Football, Volume 1, 1928-2011. Self Published, 2012, 164 pp., wraps.


Texas High School Football

Patoski, Joe Nick. Texas High School Football, More Than A Game. The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. 2011, 95 pp., wraps.


It's A Jungle Out There

Sledge, Rob. It’s a Jungle Out There, Mascot Tales from Texas High Schools. State House Press, 2005, 184 pp., wraps.


Beneath the Towering Oil Wells

Smith, Joe Lee. Beneath the Towering Oil Wells, History of the White Oak Roughnecks. Privately Published, 112 pp., wraps.


Autumn's Mightiest Legions

Ratliff, Harold. Autumn’s Mightiest Legions, History of Texas Schoolboy Football. Texian Press, 1963, 174 pp., cloth.


Texas Schoolboy Football

Ratliff, Harold. Texas Schoolboy Football, Champions in Action. University Interscholastic League, 1972, 113 pp., cloth.


Vain Glory

Reid, Jan. Vain Glory. Shearer Publishing, 1986, 298 pp., cloth.


Friday's Winners

Riddle, Putt. Friday’s Winners. Self Published, 2014, 164 pp., wraps.


Stephenville Yellow Jacket Football

Sherrod, Ricky L. Stephenville Yellow Jacket Football. Arcadia Publishing, 2011, 127 pp., wraps.


Texas High School Football Dynasties

Sherrod, Rick. Texas High School Football Dynasties. The History Press, 2013, 254, wraps.


Friday Night Heroes

Stowers, Carlton. Friday Night Heroes, Texas High School Football: Glory at the Goal Line. Eakin Press, 1983, 161 pp., cloth.


Where Dreams Die Hard

Stowers, Carlton. Where Dreams Die Hard, A Small American Town and its Six-Man Football Team. DeCapo, 2005, 205 pp., cloth.


Tiger Boogie

Taylor, Kevin. Tiger Boogie, Conroe Tiger Football: A Town, a Team a Love Story. Shea Publishing, 2002, 131 pp., cloth.


Six Man Football 

History of Boswell Pioneer Football

Walton, Robert C. The History of Boswell Pioneer Football, 1961-2003. Team Pioneer Publishing, 2003, 315 pp., wraps.



Home Field

Wilson, Jeff. Home Field, Texas High School Football Stadiums From Alice to Zephyr. University of Texas Press, 2010, 83 pp., cloth.

Grit and Glory

Wilson, Laura. Grit and Glory, Six-Man Football. Bright Sky Press, 2003, 112 pp., cloth.



Rites of Fall

Winningham, Geoff. Rites of Fall, High School Football in Texas. University of Texas Press, 1979, 176 pp., wraps.

Gordon Wood's Game Plan for Winning Football

Wood, Gordon. Gordon Wood's Game Plan for Winning Football. Privately Published. 2002, binder.