DCTF Mailbag Friday: Mount Rushmore of high school upsets, UNT's QB situation, Valley Week and best coaching openings

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@Russell44Jones: Mount Rushmore of HS Upsets 2019 and All Time

Ish Johnson: Dallas Jesuit over Longview, Manor over Cedar Park, Rockwall over Allen and Valley View over San Saba.

All-time? I’m going to forget about a bunch so I’ll let the two elder historians take that one but I’ll throw a lifeline for Rowlett over Allen in 2007.

Matt Stepp: One of the least talked about upsets of the year was Tyler Chapel Hill’s lopsided Week 1 win over Crandall, the Bulldogs were three touchdown underdogs in that game. In the playoffs Ganado’s third round upset of Poth was pretty big along with Katy Taylor’s blowout of Cypress Creek in the regional finals. If you are talking all time upsets we start in 1984 with Medina Valley’s stunning upset of Daingerfield in the 3A state title game, Daingerfield had won 31 straight games and was thought by most to be a multiple touchdown favorite over the Panthers, Medina Valley had other ideas in a stunning 21-13 win. Paris’ 1988 win over two-time defending state champion West Orange-Stark is considered a big upset as well. Cuero in 1975 came into their 3A title tilt with Ennis on an incredible 44-game winning streak, the Gobblers rolled to the 1973 and 1974 state titles and were heavy favorites to beat the Lions, but Ennis had other ideas ending Cuero’s winning streak with a 13-10 win that’s still talked about in Ellis County to this day. The biggest non-state title game upset I can recall is Rowlett’s 2007 upset of Allen in bi-district. Rowlett was 5-5 and Allen was 10-0 and a state title favorite, Rowlett stunned Allen 37-32 and that game more than anything ended the 10am “Breakfast Bowl” kickoffs in the post-season.

Shehan Jeyarajah: Well, we can’t start this conversation without my Blum Bobcats, who pulled off perhaps the biggest upset in modern 6-man history to win their first state title in their 50-year history of playing football. 

Ashley Pickle: The first game between Highland Park and Frisco Lone Star was a huge one in the early part of the season. First Texas team to take down HP at home in 21 years. I felt like that really gave Lone Star the momentum boost they needed to have a very successful season. Rockwall over Allen in the Area round of the playoffs was one for the books as well in the 2019 season.


Anonymous: "With coaching school in San Antonio the next couple of years, what are you guys favorite spots to eat at in town OUTSIDE of the Riverwalk"

Ish: ZINC BURGER. And don’t assume I like to eat on the Riverwalk, respect me better than that, man.

Stepp: Pizza: Big Lou’s; Burgers: Chris Madrid’s; BBQ: 2M Smokehouse; Mexican: Taco Palenque or El Chaparral

Greg Powers: The stop you have to make in San Antonio is Los Barrios. They are known for their puffy tacos, and even made it on TV for that, but the must get item is the Botanas “a la Terry” -- an appetizer of melted cheese, grilled chicken and avocado. It is amazing! Everything on the menu is awesome, but I usually go for the trio of enchiladas or one of the Mexican Dinner plates that has an assortment of items. 


Karlos Rodgers: Why is there a D1 and D2 in football but no other sport?

Stepp: Mainly because football is such a numbers driven sport, depth, injuries and length of the season tends to give larger schools a big advantage.


Ryan Watts: Have the people from Lubbock Cooper stopped crying yet?

Stepp: Pirate fans feel like they got a shot at the state title taken from them, it’s a tough way for the season to end, as Tepper says the state semifinals are “the cruelest round.” 


Brian Pieper: Do referees ever get reprimanded for terrible games they call?

Stepp: Officials aren’t perfect and missed calls happen, and I can assure you when an official “blows” a call they almost always feel terrible about it because those guys are hard on themselves (despite what many fans think). We’ve got a definite shortage of officials out there and EVERY chapter in our great state can use help, so if you are interested in the quality of officiating and want to make a difference I say reach out to one of us and we can find you a chapter where you services will certainly be utilized! If the officials mis-apply the rules then a form has to be filled out and there is a potential to be reprimanded and additional training will likely be required. Judgment calls are a bit trickier, because they are judgment calls! Coaches hold the ultimate power as if a coach feels he’s been wronged by a crew they have the ability to scratch that crew from future games, however as stated with the shortage of officials, you can’t scratch too many crews because you have to have someone work your games too, so it’s a double edged sword. Another thing is officials want to be selected for playoff games, they are more high profile games and come with added prestige, word among coaches gets around quick and if a crew is inconsistent or doesn’t do a good job they simply won’t get selected for playoff games and ask any official, that’s a big punishment for poor performance.

Ish: TASO I would assume takes care of it internally, no one wins in high school refs getting publicly reprimanded. It validates fan outrage, potentially makes things worse and it puts guys who only do this on a part-time basis in a bad light.


Victor Lira: Now that Valley week will come earlier, will Valley teams have more or less success in the playoffs?

Ish: I wouldn’t assume less because if an RGV team is good enough to punch through, what does an earlier week do? Teams like Pioneer, Vela or Mission Vets won’t have any less success just because they’ll get their CenTex/San Antonio game any earlier, expect those teams to still have as much of a chance as they’ve always had. 


James Ratcliff: What is y’all’s favorite cheesy, campy, and/or corny movie?

Ish: Campy beats all. Give me a movie that knows it’s bad and leans into it.

Stepp: Dumb & Dumber

Shehan: The Lonely Island’s “Popstar: Never Stop Stopping” is a masterpiece and should be remembered as such. 

Pickle: Caddy Shack


Jacob Jon: Since it's the off season and people have time to read, what are your favorite sports books? Anything you read lately within the past year that blew your mind?

Ish: The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football by Jeff Benedict I read in college and it’s great dive into all things good and grimy about something we love. The Squared Circle by David Shoemaker, whether you’re into pro wrestling or not, is a great insight into the culture and When the Game Was Ours by Jackie MacMullen is the best book you’ll read on the Bird and Magic rivalry.

Stepp: Haven’t read anything lately, but 12 Mighty Orphans and Thursday Night Lights are must reads

Shehan: This isn’t really breaking news but I finally got around to reading “Friday Night Lights” during football season. It’s exactly as good as you think it is. If you’ve never made time to read it, I’d highly recommend. Bissinger does as intriguing a job profiling the realities of a sport as anyone I’ve ever read. 


Derek English: Are yall going to do any other watch alongs or meet and greets?

Ish: Stay tuned! We are floating ideas for next season and, at least with the watch-along, I can say we’re definitely interested in doing more.  


Pickle: You best believe it. Tune into Texas Football Today to find out when *wink, wink*


@jay12rf: What is the best and what is the most challenging head football coach opening in the state right now? #AskDCTF

Ish: Might be Abilene Wylie to me. Not only are you replacing a legend like Hugh Sandifer, but you’re also tasked with trying to get the program’s feet set since jumping up to 5A.

Stepp: To me the best open jobs are Fort Bend Ridge Point and Gilmer, most challenging are Houston Northbrook, Houston Sam Houston, Fort Worth Carter-Riverside and Progreso.


@bubbakristie: What are your thoughts on 25-6A with 2 teams dropping to 5A? Will they move other teams into the district?#AskDCTF

Ish: They could! Don’t forget, San Marcos was in a Region II district with Anderson, Akins and Bowie two realignments ago so would it be farfetched to see them kicked over to Region IV this time around? But I’d personally like to keep it at seven if possible. 

Stepp: I could see San Marcos moving into this district, but other than that it’s very possible this remains a seven team district.


@juscarts: What are your thoughts on the quarterback position for UNT next year? I assume Jason Bean will end up the starter? How...will that go? Can anyone else win the job? #AskDCTF

Ish: #FreeKasonMartin 

Shehan: I’d consider UNT’s quarterback position to be one of the most open position battles in the state. Jason Bean was the primary backup last year, and played fine in limited opportunities, but I don’t think he did enough to grab hold of the job. 

Austin Aune is a talented prospect who is still trying to find his rhythm after a minor league baseball career. Before baseball, he was a borderline four-star recruit from Argyle heading to TCU, so that talent is there. It just depends on whether he can find it again. Redshirt freshman Will Kuehne had offers from a few Power Five schools and has boasts a big – though unproven – arm. Kason Martin is still the wildcard. All have a real shot of winning the job in my opinion. None are surefire stars, but all are talented. 

That said, Bean is probably the betting favorite because of the live reps he’s accumulated. He’s a major downgrade from Mason Fine passing the ball but he does bring a strong run element with his legs. The skill talent UNT boasts will definitely help him transition. Littrell is a great offensive mind and I trust that he can alter his offense to get the most out of his talent, so I wouldn’t be too worried. 

Pickle: Okay look, it’s no doubt that losing an all-time great in North Texas history like Mason will be a little bit of a blow to the roster.

HOWEVER,  I’ve said this forever, Jason Bean can ball and I would absolutely expect him to be the starter next season. The kid is extremely athletic, he has a great eye for receivers down the field but most importantly in my mind is that he is also capable of scrambling out of the pocket and gaining yards. A dual-threat attack is something North Texas has yet to find and I think Jason Bean could be the answer to that. #GMG

Powers: North Texas also has former QB MVP from the Next Level Athlete Texas Top 100 on its roster right now in Austin Aune, who prepped at Argyle before going on to play some baseball in the minor leagues for New York Yankees. I am definitely putting him in the mix to get a strong look as the next QB in line in Denton.  


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