Chicken Express Community Heroes: Blake Trainor & Daimarqua Foster

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Chicken Express and Dave Campbell’s Texas Football are partnering to honor the heroes in your community. Male and female student-athletes that lead by example on the field of play and in the classroom can be honored as Chicken Express Community Heroes and receive scholarship money to continue their education beyond high school.


Blake Trainor, Hallsville

By his incredibly intense and aggressive play on the field, you would never guess that Hallsville offensive tackle Blake Trainor, who has a 6-foot-7 320-pound frame, has a calm, laid back personality.

“It’s funny, when he’s on the field he’s pretty nasty but when he’s off the field he’s not real loud or boisterous or anything. He’s just a very respectful kid,” Hallsville head coach Joe Drennon said. “You can tell that his Mom has brought him up really well.”

Trainor understands the importance of being a good person off the field and makes a conscious effort to be the best person that he can every day and has been a leader through his school and his church.

“If you’re just good on the football field and you’re not a good person people tend to not like or respect you,” Trainor said. “Being a good person is really important because you want to be liked so that everyone can get along.”

Part of the emphasis that Trainor puts on his off the field behavior is taking care of business in the classroom. He takes pride in his academics and currently holds a 4.0 GPA.

“The thing is that at the end of the day, football isn’t going to be there forever. You can’t lose your education, you have it and it will set you up for the rest of your life,” Trainor said.

His academics in tandem with his impressive performance on the field made Trainor a highly sought after recruit. He received offers from across the country but quickly ended his recruitment after he visited Texas A&M in June.

“I chose A&M because I really like the people there, they make me feel so welcome. When I first got there I was like ‘wow I don’t need to go anywhere else,” Trainor said.

Though he hasn’t decided what he will be majoring in, Trainor is incredibly excited to begin his career at A&M.

“I can’t wait to play in front of the A&M fanbase. I have been gnawing at the bit to get down there,” Trainor said. “I honestly can’t wait to get there, I am so excited.”

Daimarqua Foster, Hirschi

After racking up 3,270 yards, 46 touchdowns, averaging 12.2 yards per carry, and playing three varsity sports — football, basketball and track — last season, you could see how Wichita Falls Hirschi may want to rest on his laurels. However, that’s not the case for Foster, who wants to be pushed harder than everyone else.

“He expects to be treated just like everyone else. If he messes up, he wants me to get onto him. If he’s not humble in practice, he wants me to get onto him,” Wichita Falls Hirschi head coach Danny Youngs said. “That’s the type of guy that he is, he’s all about the team.”

Off the field, Foster is the same humble kid that he is on the field. He’s a leader amongst his peers in the classroom and the community.

“He’s a great kid, a leader in all aspects, teachers love him,” Youngs said. “All of the kids are special but he’s just different in a good way. He has every opportunity to choose the wrong path but that’s just not who he is.”

Foster is known around the community for being a phenomenal football player and a friendly, charismatic kid. His influence is most evident in younger generations that try to be just like him. The star athlete is known for his unique signature mohawk-style haircut which many kids in Wichita Falls have now tried to imitate.

“We had our junior high camp this summer and you wouldn’t believe how many of them were letting their hair grow out and doing things to try to be like him,” Youngs said.

Foster says that he has always dreamed of being in a position where he can influence younger generations and he is honored to be in the position now.

“You never know who’s looking up to you. I’ve got a lot of people looking up to me so it’s really important that I set a good example for them,” Foster said. “When parents come up to me and tell me that their kids are doing well because of me it makes me feel great inside about what I am doing.”

Foster fielded offers from across the country but ultimately elected to commit to TCU because of the environment and their business school.

“TCU was always my dream school. I love the coaching staff, the players and it just feels like home to me,” Foster said. ““They have a great business program there too, which really excites me. I can’t wait to get there.”

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