CLASS 1A PLAYOFF PROJECTIONS: Predicting the TXHSFB postseason brackets

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The 2023 Texas high school football season is mere weeks away, with more than 1,200 UIL teams ready to fight for a state championship. Who's got the best chance to make it to AT&T Stadium?

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is proud to unveil its preseason projected playoff brackets for the 2023 Class 1A Texas high school football season. The projected brackets are based off of the DCTF computer rankings, compiled by Jerry Forrest of


Projected Bi-District Matchups

Follett vs. Nazareth 
Springlake-Earth vs. Turkey Valley 
Knox City vs. Petersburg 
Happy vs. Miami 
Whiteface vs. Van Horn 
Rankin vs. Ira 
Westbrook vs. Borden County 
Imperial Buena Vista vs. O'Donnell 
Gordon vs. Saint Jo 
Blum vs. Aquilla 
Abbott vs. Milford 
Gilmer Union Hill vs. Gorman 
Irion County vs. May 
Leverett's Chapel vs. Leakey 
Medina vs. Chester 
Jonesboro vs. Menard 

Projected Area Matchups

Follett vs. Springlake-Earth
Knox City vs. Happy
Whiteface vs. Rankin
Westbrook vs. Buena Vista
Gordon vs. Blum
Abbott vs. Union Hill
May vs. Leverett's Chapel
Medina vs. Jonesboro

Projected Regional Final Matchups

Follett vs. Happy
Rankin vs. Westbrook
Gordon vs. Abbott
May vs. Jonesboro

Projected State Semifinal Matchups

Happy vs. Westbrook
Gordon vs. Jonesboro

Projected State Championship Matchup

Westbrook vs. Gordon


Projected Bi-District Matchups

Groom vs. Amherst
Balmorhea vs. Loop
Lamesa Klondike vs. Sanderson
Whitharral vs. Silverton
Jayton vs. Paducah
Throckmorton vs. Strawn
Newcastle vs. Woodson
Benjamin vs. Motley County
Oakwood vs. Bynum
Oglesby vs. Bluff Dale
Iredell vs. Calvert
Morgan vs. Ladonia Fannindel
Loraine vs. Valera Panther Creek
Sidney vs. Richland Springs
Cherokee vs. Zephyr
Rising Star vs. Blackwell

Projected Area Matchups

Groom vs. Balmorhea
Lamesa Klondike vs. Whitharral
Jayton vs. Throckmorton
Newcastle vs. Benjamin
Oakwood vs. Oglesby
Iredell vs. Morgan
Loraine vs. Richland Springs
Cherokee vs. Rising Star

Projected Regional Final Matchups

Balmorhea vs. Whitharral
Jayton vs. Benjamin
Oglesby vs. Iredell
Loraine vs. Cherokee

Projected State Semifinal Matchups

Balmorhea vs. Benjamin
Oglesby vs. Loraine

Projected State Championship Matchup

Benjamin vs. Oglesby

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