With an NFL Pedigree, Burleson 2025 QB Jamison "JT" Kitna Set to Blow Up

Jamison "JT" Kitna (Photo: Greg Powers)

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2025 Burleson QB Jamison "JT" Kitna (6'2, 205) is poised to take over the signal-caller duties at Burleson, playing for his father and former NFL QB Jon Kitna (Burleson Head Coach). 

It may sound like a tough assignment, but Kitna and his father have found an early balance. 

"I'm the last one," Kitna said about his brothers Jordan Kitna and Jalen Kitna, who also played QB for their father in high school. "So, he has mastered how to be dad and coach. Up at the facility, I will call him Coach K, but he does a pretty good job of separating that."

Make no mistake; the Kitna house is a quarterback house. 

"Everyone is a quarterback, and I am the youngest," Kitna said. "I have always been learning, taking in information since a young age."

"This offseason specifically, we are quickening up my release and getting rid of a left lean. He just teaches me the system and knowing the ins and outs of football. We call it the four Rs: rhythm, read, rush, react."

Kitna also took the opportunity to learn the position from his two older brothers, and it was not just always about football.

"You have got to be a QB in every aspect of life," Kitna said. "Jordan got a 4.0 in college and a 4.0 in high school, and Jalen moved to four different high schools and had to go into four different situations and start leading a team."

Kitna also had the opportunity to watch and learn from QB Dylan Raiola last season. Raiola helped lead Burleson to the playoffs and is rated as the No. 1 player in the country by 247Sports. 

"Competing and just how much work he puts in," Kitna explained when asked what he earned from Raiola. "He is working every single day. He throws every day, takes care of his arm. He is like a professional QB. He is very professional about how he goes about things. He is a great leader."

Kitna is just now beginning to dive into the recruiting process, but he had the opportunity to spend some time with his older brother Jalen at Florida. 

"I have been there a lot," Kitna said. "I stayed with my brother. It is really cool and has a special place in my heart, but I don't know. I just like anyone who is going to be competing—competing for the championship and any pro-style offenses."

"It really just matters about the coaches and the relationships that you make."  


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