Houston State of Mind for WR Carlton "CJ" Guidry

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It wasn’t that long ago that the Shadow Creek football team had one of the most impressive seasons, finishing with a perfect record and winning the state title. One of the key players on that squad was 2021 WR Carlton Guidry (5-11, 175).

Guidry and a number of his other teammates were highly recruited, and rightfully so. With over 18 offers in hand, Guidry was more than grateful. 

But it took one to get him to say yes. On July 11, Guidry saw fit that all those who could see him play in high school can continue to do so on the major college football stage.
“It’s Houston all day, baby! All my life, I’ve worked for this, and all my family can still come and see me play,” Guidry said of his commitment to Houston. “I put on for my city, the city of Houston. I want to make my city proud.”
The hometown team was chosen over other offers, including Texas Tech, Nebraska, Arizona and Tennessee. He said that at the moment, other programs are not in serious pursuit of him. For now, the focus is on working with his squad to defend what they have created at Shadow Creek.
Playing mostly in the slot while in high school will likely carry over into college for Guidry. And as far as he’s concerned, that works for him.
“The UH coaches like my speed. I’m a one-cut, get me the ball guy,” Guidry said. “When the ball is in my hands, I’ll see you later. I work on that a lot, creating space and running better routes.”
With his future team being minutes away, Guidry has many opportunities to continue to build on the relationship that already started.
“It’s really good. I feel like I am talking to my high school coaches,” Guidry said of the UH staff. “We are really close, and I look forward to playing for my team, right here in Houston. The grind doesn’t stop.”

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