The 25 Most Offered 2021 Prospects in Texas

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Offer counts don't necessarily always indicate on the field success in college football, but they indeed do show the prospects who college coaches from around the nation have pinpointed as the prime targets. 

Note: For the sake of this article we are only tracking FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and Ivy League offers. Top choices (if named) are in bold.

Presented here are numbers 6-25. Click the link above for 1-5. 

6. OLB Terrence Cooks II - Shadow Creek (34 Offers):
Washington, Kansas, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Houston, Utah, Baylor, Nebraska, Duke, Missouri, SMU, Tennessee, Minnesota, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Arizona State, Vanderbilt, USC, Mississippi State, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Ole Miss, Auburn, Oregon State, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Arizona, UNLV

7. OT/OG Donovan Jackson - Bellaire Episcopal (33 Offers):
Memphis, Ohio State (Commit), LSU, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Vanderbilt, Baylor, Houston, Kansas, Syracuse, Mississippi State, Texas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, SMU, TCU, Michigan State, Stanford, Northwestern, Michigan, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Oregon, Duke, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Virginia Tech

8. QB Garrett Nussmeier - Flower Mound Marcus (32 Offers):
LSU, Missouri, UTSA, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Wake Forest, SMU, Michigan State, Penn State, Boise State, Colorado, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Kansas, TCU, Georgia, Oregon State, Wake Forest, Louisville, Purdue, Arizona State, Arkansas, Miami, Mississippi State, Texas, North Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas State, Baylor, Washington State, Texas A&M, Louisiana

8.OT Matthew Wykoff - Magnolia (32 Offers):
Tulsa, SMU, Houston, Baylor, Texas Tech, Boston College, Missouri, North Texas, California, Oklahoma State, USC, Vanderbilt, TCU, Arkansas, Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, Indiana, Texas, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Kansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, Minnesota, Penn State, Nevada, Colorado, Notre Dame

10.WR Shadrach Banks - North Shore (31 Offers):
Tulsa, Baylor, Tennessee, Texas A&M (Commit), Kansas, Miami, Memphis, USC, Alabama, Houston, Texas, SMU, Florida, LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Florida State, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Arizona, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Penn State

10. S JD Coffey - Kennedale (31 Offers):
Utah, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Florida, Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Utah State, Notre Dame, Texas, Houston, Duke, SMU, California, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Oregon, Penn State, Washington, LSU, Michigan, Baylor, Kansas State, Kansas, Washington State, Auburn, Michigan State, Louisiana

10. CB Ishmael Ibraheem - Dallas Kimball (31 Offers):
Oklahoma State, Baylor, Utah, South Carolina, Houston, Kansas, Georgia, Ole Miss, Arkansas, LSU, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, TCU, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, USC, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, North Texas, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, SMU, Oregon State, Washington State, Colorado

10. WR J.Michael Sturdivant -  Flower Mound Marcus (31 Offers):
Kansas, SMU, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Iowa, Illinois, Florida State, Cal, Syracuse, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Duke, Missouri, TCU, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Stanford, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Miami (FL), Arizona, UCLA, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Baylor

14. S Andrew Mukuba - Austin LBJ (30 Offers):
Arizona, Arkansas, Tulsa, Missouri, SMU, UTSA, Rice, Arizona State, TCU, Kansas, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Auburn, Texas Tech, Duke, Washington State, Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Minnesota, Georgia, Michigan State, Clemson, Louisiana, Utah

15. ILB Kendrick Blackshire - Duncanville (29 Offers):
LSU, Kansas, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Baylor, Oklahoma State, SMU, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisville, Texas, Florida, North Texas, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan State, Florida State, Nebraska, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Miami, Iowa, USC, Michigan, Mississippi State, Tennessee

15. RB Tavierre Dunlap - Del Valle (29 Offers):
Boston College, Syracuse, Houston, Texas Tech, SMU, Missouri, Washington, Utah, Duke, Nebraska, California, Colorado, USC, Texas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Kansas, North Texas, UTSA, Northwestern, Arizona, Minnesota, Purdue, Washington State, Air Force, UCLA, Michigan State, Louisiana

15. DE Landon Jackson - Pleasant Grove (29 Offers):
Texas A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, Arkansas Tulsa, Baylor, Kansas, Southern Miss, Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arizona, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, Houston, LSU, Tennessee, Washington, TCU, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, UTSA, Colorado, Oregon, USC

15. CB Hunter Washington - Katy (29 Offers):
Tulane, Houston, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ohio State, TCU, Texas Tech, Colorado, Florida, USC, Texas A&M, Arizona, LSU, Arkansas, SMU, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona State, Alabama, Texas, Purdue, Ole Miss, Florida State, FIU, Kansas, Penn State, Akron

19. ATH Billy Bowman - Denton Ryan (28 Offers):
SMU, Tulsa, Baylor, Notre Dame, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas Tech, North Texas, TCU, Missouri, Utah, Utah State, Florida State, Florida, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Washington State, Houston, Colorado, Duke, Vanderbilt, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Texas (Commit), Ole Miss, Penn State, USC

19. CB Latrell McCutchin - Austin LBJ (28 Offers):
Tulsa, Baylor, Missouri, Oklahoma State, SMU, UTSA, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Texas, Virginia Tech, LSU, Kansas, Tennessee, Ohio State, Georgia, Penn State, Florida, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Florida State, Minnesota, Kansas State, Memphis, USC

19. DE Landyn Watson - Hutto (28 Offers):
UTSA, Houston, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, SMU, Virginia Tech, Colorado, Texas Tech, Toledo, Michigan State, LSU, Vanderbilt, Washington, Purdue, Tennessee, Penn State, Arizona State, Michigan, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Cal, Washington State, Louisiana

22. RB Camar Wheaton - Lakeview Centennial (27 Offers):
LSU, Oklahoma, SMU, Texas, Alabama, Baylor, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Syracuse, TCU, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCF, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State

23. OT Reuben Fatheree - Richmond Foster (26 Offers):
Brigham Young, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, TCU, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Ohio State, Alabama, Houston, Ole Miss, LSU, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Tulsa, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Nebraska, Auburn, Florida State, Notre Dame, USC

23. OG Jaeden Roberts - North Shore (26 Offers):
Nebraska, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Florida State, Georgia, BYU, USC, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Kansas State, Minnesota, Missouri, Utah State

25. OT Tommy Brockermeyer - All Saints (25 Offers):
Texas, SMU, Oklahoma, Auburn, Arkansas, Michigan, LSU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU, Iowa, Baylor, Notre Dame, Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Stanford, Clemson, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona State, Miami (FL)

25. WR JoJo Earle - Aledo (25 Offers):
Texas Tech, Texas, Tulsa, TCU, Kansas, Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Ole Miss, USC, Washington, LSU, Florida Atlantic, Ohio State, Baylor, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida State, Georgia, Wisconsin, Miami

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