Five Offers and Counting for Dallas Skyline Speedster Qualon Farrar

Qualon Farrar (Photo By: Victor Diaz)

Skyline 2022 RB Qualon Farrar (5-8, 170) was described as “one of the fastest players in the state” before the start of the Next Level Athlete Texas Top 100 Showcase in 

Dallas Those are big words and it immediately sets the bar high for an introduction, but that young man turned out to be as advertised. 

It has become a long-standing tradition at Dallas Skyline for the football program to have multiple D1 level players on their team annually. 

Farrar is next in line to continue that tradition. In his second season on varsity, he averaged 8.4 yards per carry while helping Skyline to a playoff appearance in 2019.

The first thing you notice when examining Qualon is how brawny he is built. His compact build features muscle definition throughout his body. He is the definition of a spark plug and the muscles in his legs act like pistons on a train as he accelerates. 

“Right now, my strengths as a player are my speed and play in the open field,” said Farrar, who can get from Point-A to Point-B in a hurry.

This offseason for Farrar is all about improvement. He was not personally impressed with his performance in 2019, but he’s keeping a positive mindset for 2020. 

“I’m just looking for better exposure and to get a couple more offers this year. I’m looking forward to having a better year this next season,” Farrar stated.

The young running back has high expectations for himself. He wants to be the type of player to have game-breaking ability on every play that he is involved in. “This year I’m trying to have more yards after contact and score on every carry,” he said.  

Despite it still being early in Farrar’s recruitment he has already received offers from multiple schools. Kansas was the first to extend an offer last January with Illinois State, Tennessee, Utah State and Missouri all following. 

Another school to keep an eye on is Oklahoma State. Qualon’s older brother, Kamryn Farrar, is a linebacker in Stillwater. Perhaps the speedy running back could attract the attention of the Cowboys and join his brother? 


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