DCTF Mailbag Friday: Realignment Reaction, UTSA's bowl chances, noteworthy TXHSFB bloopers, biggest coaching change surprise

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Orlando Arreola: When will the $UIL$ rotate state HTX,DFW,SATX ? Do the san Antonio, Houston, Austin, south texas schools not have enough pull to make them change. Because this dfw homefield advantage every year just isn't right. And fans and schools have to pay more to drive farther.

Matt Stepp: I dont anticipate any rotation of the state title games unless political pressure is put on the UIL. To be fair, based on the teams who have made the state title games in the past 44 years, AT&T Stadium would be the most central location in 40 of those 44 years, so if you are going to go with the most central site based on who is participating AT&T Stadium is the place.

Ashley Pickle: Has nothing to do with money or “home field advantage” it’s all about the facilities.


Allison Brown: What is really on my mind..........How would someone address Vince Young about that player of the year trophy, when he is in Longview on 02/20/20?

Stepp: At this point that trophy is in such bad shape, we probably wouldn't want him to have it lol

Ish Johnson: Hmmm ?? 

Ashley: Say “Bro...seriously..go get your stinkin’ trophy”


Tanner Wilson: What are some of the most noteworthy bloopers in either #TXHSFB or Texas College Football History.

Stepp: TXHSFB its gotta be the run away cart at after the 2011 state title games.

Ish: Man…let me brush you up on the ole San Marcos-Lockhart “fumble” debacle from 2016 that I witnessed…or actually, check Danny Davis’ Statesman story on it.


Derek English: What’s the biggest surprise on the the coaching changes so far. Any others you see coming up as well??

Stepp: Brett Sniffin leaving Ridge Point for Belton was a bit of a surprise along with Travis Reeve leaving Cuero to take over at New Caney. There will be plenty of changes post realignment, stay with us at https://www.texasfootball.com/coaching-changes/?ref=nav for all the coaching changes statewide!

Ish: Travis Reeve leaving Cuero is big, but then again he won a title so he literally did the thing he set out to do and brought a title back to Cuero so what was left to accomplish?

Ashley: A district of doom for sure and overall a pretty tough draw for the Waco teams but crazier things have happened. Time to bring the A-Game.


Dennis Clark: Can the rest of 11-6A be accused of bullying Waco In football next season?

Stepp: It's going to be a long two years for Kwame Cavil's squad. 


Brayden Henderson: What do you think of Texas singing class

Ish: Broughton and Alfred Collins were big gets but losing Princely Umanmielen to Florida was kind of surprising. Texas needs as many talented bodies on the defensive line as it can get. I’m really curious how the future QB battle turns out, Jaquinden Jackson arguably fits the offense better, but Hudson Card obviously feels that he can win out.


Aaron Arbuckle: Two questions on realignment. 1) Do you believe 6A will split in two next realignment? 2) Any of you guys know when and how TAPPS does their realignment?

Stepp: 1) No, I say 2024 at the earliest. 2) No idea. 

Ish: I’d say give it two realignments before they divide up. Nope 


Daniel Sanchez: 1) What was the biggest surprise in #UILRealignment in each classification?


6A: Allen ISD and Plano ISD being split

5A: District 4-5A Division I, that's an odd split of teams

4A: 13-4A Division II, wow that's a loaded district

3A: Columbus, Yoakum and Hallettsville being in Region III

2A: 14-2A Division II, those teams being in Region IV is odd


@twhester How does RGHS’s bad travel lottery compare to Tascosa’s (in some cases Amarillo’s) old West Texas super district with Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland-Odessa, Abilene and San Angelo? Travel is a part of life out here, so how bad is it really? #AskDCTF

Stepp: It's worse, because the UIL had other much closer options with Rio Grande City, they really didnt when it comes to Amarillo Tascosa. 

Ashley: Tough district. I agree with your first three and then would say Wagner has a good shot for the 4th seed.


@juscarts Question for (probably) just Ish -- what are some of the biggest takeaways on the basketball side of realignment? #AskDCTF

Ish: Nothing overwhelming storyline wise, but San Antonio Wagner being back up in the northern San Antonio 6A cluster will be a ton of fun on boys side. Lake Worth getting involved in that competitive girls basketball grouping of Argyle, Decatur and Bridgeport in 7-4A is interesting too.

Oh, and Shadow Creek is going to jump up to 6A and should absolutely be one of the hot picks to come out of Region 3 in both boys and girls. Martin’s Mill is also bumped into Region III with teams like Grapeland down in 2A and that’ll create an interesting playoff path for them especially if they’re still gunning for Duncanville’s longest unbeaten streak through next season. 


@peytonwxyz Who's chances do you like best in Texas FCS this year? #AskDCTF

Ish: Sam Houston State because that defense proved to be a monster at times last year, if Schmid or Brock can figure out how to be more consistent, especially now without Nathan Stewart as a safety blanket, I think the Bearkats are clearly the best FCS team in the state.

Shehan: Injuries prevented Sam Houston State from making the jump I expected this season, but the Bearkats return basically the entire offense other than star wide receiver Nathan Stewart. With another year of development, SHSU should be back to competing for the Southland once again. 

But Peyton, I know you really want me to talk about SFA and I’ll happily do it! The Jacks were one of the younger teams in the FCS for most of the season. In year two of the Colby Carthel era, the insane recruiting pace should start to yield even more results, like we saw against Northwestern State and UIW in the last few weeks of the season. It won’t be an immediate turnaround, but it should be plenty of sustainable growth. 


@MikePar61546669: What will it take for UTSA to get to a bowl game again., not just record wise but improvements that are needed both sides of ball? #AskDCTF

Ish: Biggest thing is keeping Frank Harris healthy and put him in a system that lets him thrive and to see something from that offensive line and just stay on the field. Their defensive stats were so bad because they were on the field a ton last year once Harris went down and they really couldn’t throw the ball. They already have one of the state’s top running backs as a great starting point.

Shehan: Ishmael and I talked about this on the podcast a little bit this week, but we really think there needs to be some innovation from an on-field perspective. Frank Wilson went fairly bland with old hires on offense. Pete Golding was an inspired hire on defense who produced big results, but Wilson didn’t have anywhere to go after he left. 

Jeff Traylor has doubled down on trying to recruit at a high level, and that’s important. I don’t think much changes unless scheme and development comes along with it. And with the youth of his hires, we’ll have to wait and see whether the assistants are ready to produce elite Conference USA athletes. The path to a bowl game isn’t especially hard in C-USA West, but UTSA has to grow its roster above the pack. 


@doug_huth: Is Texas back?

Ish: Folks,,,,,,,


@ColtonBMc: With a possible stadium that fits the FBS stadium requirements and a good recruiting bed in the metroplex, are we going to see the return of UTA football? #AskPAPN #AskDCTF#UTAFootball

Shehan: The Dallas Morning News reported some talks were taking place back In 2018 to test the feasibility of starting a football program at UTA. With the way that UTA wants to grow, it’s certainly possible that the university wants to invest in something like football that can be a significant brand tool. Since the school has ties to the Sun Belt, it’s already at an advantage versus other programs that would want to start one.

That said, I’m not sure if there’s as much upside as there once was to starting a program in Texas. The bottom of the state has really struggled over the past few seasons to compete, even though everyone has access to high-level recruits. There’s a pretty decent argument that the state is becoming saturated. A good football program is a benefit. A bad football program is a liability. It’s hard to know how much of a chance there is that football could grow past being a liability in the near future. 

My advice? Unless the money comes together in a big way very soon, UTA should focus on supporting the basketball team the way it has the last decade – making the tournament in the past few seasons is probably almost as valuable as having a low-level football team, and it’s a lot cheaper. 


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