Dave Campbell’s Texas Football partners with HomeTown Ticketing to improve ticket-buying experiences for Texas schools

DALLAS (September 10, 2019) –Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, the “bible” of the sport in the Lone Star State, has entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership with HomeTown Ticketing to provide Texas schools with professional-level ticketing solutions and support plans to expand its footprint in the Lone Star State.

Online ticketing has become commonplace in the professional and collegiate sports world; however, its growth has been slow and fragmented in high school sports, which has remained largely paper-based. Online ticketing options are standard in professional and collegiate sports. As high school athletic departments strive to provide the same services for their student athletes and supporters, the desire for professional quality ticketing options span schools of all sizes.

“High School sports fans today expect simple & convenient ticket-buying experiences online,” said Nate Nale, Founder & CEO of HomeTown Ticketing. “Our partnership with Dave Campbell’s Texas Football will further our mission to bring professional-level ticketing solutions to high school sports in Texas.”

As part of this agreement, HomeTown Ticketing will become the official Online Ticketing Partner of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and Dave Campbell’s Texas Basketball. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s parent company, Sports in Action, will also support expansion plans in Texas, as it will become an authorized reseller of HomeTown Ticketing, Inc.

“We are very excited to partner with HomeTown Ticketing,” says Adam Hochfelder, president of Sports In Action LLC, the Lewisville-based media company that owns Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. “We think combining forces will benefit both organizations and bring a much-needed professional and customized solution to the High School space that currently does not exist.”
Additionally, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football’s web site, www.texasfootball.com will soon begin integrating links for fans to buy tickets to their favorite High School sporting events.

About Sports In Action, LLC

Sports In Action, LLC owns the Dave Campbell’s Texas Footballmedia.  Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is a registered trademark of Sports In Action, LLC. Sports In Action, LLCis a Texas-based Limited Liability Corporation and is based in Carrollton, TX.

About HomeTown Ticketing, Inc

HomeTown Ticketing leads the industry in technology, innovation & security. HomeTown’s custom ticketing solutions integrate directly into existing school websites and provide a simple & easy ticket-buying experience for fans across the country. HomeTown Ticketing is an Ohio-based corporation headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with offices in Frisco, Texas.

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