Booster Club Spotlight: Crosby

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An anonymous group is enhancing the game-day experience at Crosby like never seen before. The Code Red Club — which consists of 12 members — was formed after a group of friends in the Crosby community came together to buy a siren to be played after touchdowns. They soon realized that they could extend their impact and made a difference.

“A group of friends came together and started the Code Red Club,” an anonymous member said. “We have added a couple of people over the last couple of years but we try to keep it small in order to make sure we keep it anonymous.”

Only one of the members has a child in the football program but that doesn’t stop the group from lending their helping hands. The group does several things including putting on firework shows at football and baseball games, bringing skydivers, Toro the Texans mascot and CO2 cannons.

“Our whole goal when we created the code red club was to add excitement to our district,” an anonymous member said. “To take our district and separate us from a usual sporting event.”

All of these things are funded solely by the group members as the group doesn’t do any outside fundraising.

“We don’t do any fundraising, we just have membership dues of $500 a year,” an anonymous member said. “We enjoy seeing people’s faces at the things we do and them not knowing who did it.”

The group also gives back to the school’s faculty and staff by providing meals for them and supporting them in their needs. The Code Red Club does incredible work for the Crosby community but their impact extends beyond just Crosby residents. Visiting teams, fans, players and coaches all get to benefit from the work of the club.

“Everyone of our fans loves the things we do but the ones that are in awe are the other school's team and fans,” an anonymous member said.

The club has had great success and received great feedback from students, parents, teachers, etc. and has plans to continue the club and expand on their works. For now, the Crosby community will have to be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next great event from the club.

“The Code Red Club will continue the Impact we have in the community. We also hope to add to the things that we do,” an anonymous member said. “The student body and fans live when the code red does an event because they don’t know when it’s going to happen. It just happens.”

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