Booster Club Spotlight: Lubbock Estacado

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Despite not having a student-athlete in the Lubbock Estacado athletic program, AJ McCleod joined the booster club last year and has served as the Booster Club President this year. McCleod joined the organization because he wanted to give back to his community and serve students who he has watched grow up through his time with the Boys & Girls Club.

"I realize the importance and the difference it makes for our student-athletes, and all students who represent our school and community,” McCleod said. “I also want to give back to the community who helped me become the man that I am today.”

As Booster Club President, McCleod has a list of things that he takes care of, including stocking the concession stand, setting up flags which are displayed on game day, setting up an inflatable helmet and much more. However, McCleod said that his biggest priority is much more important than making sure everything runs smoothly.

“My most important role as president is to show our boys that I care and be there for them,” McCleod said. "I want to create an experience that only our team will have that will be memorable for our athletes for the rest of their lives."

In order to be able to make this happen, McCleod has an army of parent volunteers who are willing to step in and help the club in whatever they need. Though their effort does help alleviate some of the work that he has to do, McCleod says that the biggest benefit of the parent volunteers is the impact that their prescence has on the lives of the athletes. 

“It means a great deal to the team to see parents or volunteers who care about them that are willing to leave work and come help raise them money while gaining nothing, which in the future will help them understand the power of giving back and community service," McCleod said.

The President has big plans for the rest of the season which include fundraising enough money to allow the boys do some things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. To do this, the club has held fundraisers that include: dinners, selling concessions and apparel, as well as donations. 

Above all of the nice things that McCleod has done, his goal has remained constant: to set the student-athletes up for success long after college.

“We want players and coaches to have an experience as if they were D1 athletes and coaches so that that will foster the goal of students going on to college to receive an education, which will help their families in the future,” McCleod said.

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