Booster Club Spotlight: Columbia

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Dating back to his days in which he was the captain of the Columbia soccer and football teams. Jacob Martinez has always been a leader within the Columbia- Brazoria community. He has continued this leadership as he has had various coaching roles and currently serves as the president of the booster club.

“Whenever there is a need, I don’t mind stepping in and helping,” Martinez said. “If that means taking a head roll then that’s what it has to be.”

Martinez, who has a daughter in the Columbia athletic program, stepped up as president after last year’s booster club board resigned as their athletes graduated.

“This year is a learning year for all my teammates on the board,” Martinez said. “The board from last year had done it for the last four years and they all had seniors and resigned. So all of us are learning as we go.”

The Columbia booster club — which supports all of the sports at the school — has recently donated money to the tennis team to purchase new ball holders, scoreboards, etc. The club’s next mission is raising the funds to purchase a new run-through inflatable for the football team from All-Star Inflatables.

In order to do this, the club has been raising money from apparel sales at their home sporting events and from different sponsorships. In order to raise the money to do the things that the club does, Martinez recognizes the importance of having a strong support staff of parent-volunteers that are willing to do whatever’s needed.

“We get support from our great Community,” Martinez said. “If it wasn’t for our great parents that volunteer my role would be 100% tougher. I can’t thank our parents enough.”

Though the club has many goals for the season, their central focus remains to help the athletes in the best way that they possibly can.

“I want to be able to get whatever is asked of us,” Martinez said. “These kids work hard and deserve the best.”

At the end of the day, what keeps Martinez and the rest of the club going is helping the student-athletes even if it means sacrificing their time, money, etc. Martinez says that this, in turn, creates a family atmosphere.

We just want to be able to help them in any way we can,” Martinez said. “If it means money or blood sweat and tears then so be it. We don’t see them as players and coaches but as a family.”

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