Booster Club Spotlight: Wichita Falls

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Every successful organization needs some sort of fearless leader. For the Wichita Falls High School booster club, that leader is Josh Phillips, who saw a need for someone to step up within the athletic program and took it upon himself to commandeer the organization.

“Our school needed some people who were active — just some active booster club members,” Phillips said. “I just wanted to show my support and to be involved with our kids and the things that they do.”

Phillips is in his first year as president but has been involved with the booster club for the past four years as his son is now a senior. Phillips also has a special dedication to Wichita Falls High School as he graduated from the school.

Though Phillips has taken the lead within the organization, there’s no way he could possibly do it alone. Phillips credits an army of parent volunteers and community support that have helped the club succeed over the years and helped Phillips shoulder some of the work.

“We have a good group of dedicated parents who are on the executive committee and numerous supportive parents involved in booster club. ” Phillips said. “The main things that I have to do is run the meetings and coordinate with Coach Freeman.”

The booster club does many different things to support both their student-athletes and their coaches. The club puts on team meals on game day and coordinates the end of season banquet. To be able to put all of this on, the club sells coupon cards in the fall and cookie dough in the spring. The team puts on an annual golf tournament every year to kick off the season and will have the 26th Annual Coyote Golf Classic next August. Phillips says that though they are able to put on the fundraisers, it’s tougher because they are in a city that has two other high schools.

“Wichita Falls is different because there are three high schools in town that all fight for the same sponsorship dollars,” Phillips said. “We have to be able to show our community partners the value of their sponsorship.”

In addition to what the club does to help the student-athletes, it also makes an effort to help out the coaching staff.

“We do what we can when Coach Freeman needs something,” Phillips said. “We are an arm for the coaches. Hopefully what we do helps the coaches overall in their goal of making the team better.”

Phillips says that his main goals through all of his efforts are to leave the booster club in a position to where it can be successful in the future and to make sure that the student athletes at Old High have the best experience of their lives while playing for the Wichita Falls High School Coyotes.

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