Booster Club Spotlight: Goose Creek Memorial

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The Goose Creek Memorial football program needed a way to raise more money to support their various resources, events and activities. Thus, team parent Jenny Davis suggested that they start a booster club.

“I had a freshman and I noticed that there was a huge need for a booster club for the program,” Davis said. “We decided to open one and it’s been a great thing for the school and the program. It builds a great family structure around the program.”

After helping start the booster club, Davis was elected president in 2016. Davis will enter her third season in the role in the fall. Davis says that her main job is to oversee the booster club on a day-to-day basis.

“I just keep the organization grounded and make sure all of our ideas follow the district and UIL rules,” Davis said. “I basically just overlook it all, I’m very hands on so I make sure I’m doing the best thing for our programming for our kids.”

Davis says that what makes the Goose Creek Memorial booster club stand out from the rest is the amount of team building activities that they hold to foster a family environment within their football program.

“Of course we do a lot of fundraising but we try to do a lot of team building things. We’ve done a lot of things in the past but we’re trying to do a movie night in a couple of weeks for the kids, we host dinners and just do things to help keep our kids involved. Our goal is to create a family in the program.”

In order to make all of the events possible, the Memorial booster club gets help from parents who volunteer their time and local businesses who donate items for fundraisers.

“I don’t even know if I can put words on how much they mean to the program. It just wouldn’t happen without them,” Davis said. “Anyone that runs a booster club knows that it’s hard and to have the kind of support that we have is incredible.”

Memorial’s goal for the upcoming season is to save up enough money to buy a new run-through inflatable. In order to reach this goal, the club has done several fundraisers but Davis is most excited about the merchandise that they are selling this season.

“This year we have a lot of merchandise that we’re excited about with spirit wear, mini helmets, etc.,” Davis said. “If a member comes to us with an idea that’s within the district and UIL rules, we usually run with it.”

Running a booster club takes an incredible amount of time and hard work from everyone involved. Davis says that what keeps her team going is the influence that they have on the student-athletes.

“Our main goal is to allow the boys to know that the support is there. I think that’s our biggest reason that we do all of this is so that the kids know that they have somebody there for them.”

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