TXHSFB Regional Review: Central Texas

Photo by Kelly Guess

Photo by Kelly Guess

Throughout February, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football managing editor Greg Tepper is taking a look back at the 2016 Texas high school football season in each region of the state. For a detailed explanation of the regional breakdowns as well as the rankings methodology, read this piece.

Big Country

Today: The Super Centex region.

Like the Big Country, the Super Centex area comprises a large, rather indistinct swatch of the state covering some 15,000 square miles. The major landmarks here are Waco and the Bryan/College Station area, with all points inbetween.

Here is a map of how we are defining “the Super Centex.”

Now that we’ve set the boundaries, let’s break down the best of high school football in the Super Centex region in 2016.

Top 20

Regional Rank Team (Record) Class
1 Bremond (16-0) 2A DII
2 Temple (12-4) 5A
3 Crawford (14-2) 2A DI
4 China Spring (13-2) 4A DI
5 College Station (14-1) 5A
6 Waco La Vega (13-1) 4A DI
7 Cameron Yoe (11-3) 3A DI
8 Centerville (11-4) 2A DI
9 Mart (12-1) 2A DI
10 Rockdale (11-2) 3A DI
11 Teague (10-3) 3A DI
12 Hallettsville (13-1) 3A DI
13 Bosqueville (9-3) 2A DI
14 Burton (13-2) 2A DII
15 Giddings (11-3) 4A DII
16 Lexington (11-3) 3A DII
17 Franklin (8-3) 3A DI
18 A&M Consolidated (8-4) 5A
19 Belton (8-4) 6A
20 Flatonia (9-5) 2A DII

Player of the Year
QB Roshauud Paul, Bremond
Took home the Mr. Texas Football award for 2016 after guiding Bremond to a third straight championship — and finishing his career as a starting quarterback with a 47-0 record.

Honorable Mentions
Temple DE Taquon Graham
College Station QB Marquez Perez
Rockdale RB Davion Ford

Coach of the Year
Delbert Kelm, Crawford
Took the Pirates within a whisker of a 2A Division I state championship thanks to a fearsome defense and a never-say-die attitude.

Honorable Mentions
Scott Stewart, Temple
Tommy Brashear, Cameron Yoe
Mark Bell, China Spring
Jason Hodde, Burton

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