TXHSFB Regional Review: Big Country

Breaking down the 2016 Texas high school football season in every region of the state.
Photo by Tom Sooter

Photo by Tom Sooter

Throughout February, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football managing editor Greg Tepper is taking a look back at the 2016 Texas high school football season in each region of the state. For a detailed explanation of the regional breakdowns as well as the rankings methodology, read this piece.

Today: The Big Country. 

Of the 16 regions into which Dave Campbell’s Texas Football divides the Lone Star State, there’s maybe no more nebulous one than the Big Country. Intended to represent the wide-open spaces between Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco, Austin and the Midland/Odessa Petroplex, it’s hard to know where this region begins and ends.

But nebulous doesn’t work around here; we need boundaries. As such, here is a map of how we are defining “the Big Country.”

See how difficult it is to define? And you thought my job was easy!

Now that we’ve set the ground rules, let’s take break down the best of high school football in the Big Country in 2016.

Top 20

Regional Rank Team (Record) Class
1 Abilene Wylie (12-2) 4A DI
2 Sweetwater (13-2) 4A DII
3 Brock (13-1) 3A DI
4 Mason (11-3) 2A DI
5 San Angelo Central (12-1) 6A
6 Albany (11-2) 2A DII
7 Wall (11-4) 3A DI
8 Abilene (11-2) 6A
9 Abilene Cooper (8-5) 5A
10 Hamlin (10-3) 2A DII
11 Anson (10-4) 2A DI
12 Sonora (12-2) 3A DII
13 Eastland (8-4) 3A DII
14 Cisco (9-2) 3A DII
15 Forsan (9-4) 2A DI
16 DeLeon (11-3) 2A DI
17 Coleman (9-4) 3A DII
18 Price Carlisle (12-2) 2A DI
19 Roscoe (8-5) 2A DII
20 Santo (8-4) 2A DII

Player of the Year
QB Cal Vincent, San Angelo Central
Fueled the high-powered Bobcats attack to help put Central on the statewide map.

Honorable Mentions
Abilene Wylie DT Dion Novil
Sweetwater QB Chris Thompson
Abilene RB Abram Smith
Sonora QB/DB Kaden Cordell

Coach of the Year
Shane Mobley, Sweetwater
Guided the Mustangs to their first state championship game since 1985, and gave heavy favorite West Orange-Stark a run for its money.

Honorable Mentions
Hugh Sandifer, Abilene Wylie
David T. Sine, Sonora
Houston Guy, Wall

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