Morning Jolt (Aug. 26): This is what Texas high school football offensive explosion looks like

A look at scoring averages over the past decade in Texas high school football.

This is the Morning Jolt,’s wake-up call to get up and start thinking about football.

Last week, in the Texas 20 — DCTF’s countdown of the 20 biggest storylines in Texas entering the 2015 season — I asked the question: will anyone play defense in Texas high school football?

Now, some folks on Twitter (especially defensive players and defensive coaches across the state) took umbrage to this notion that nobody plays defense anymore. Of course I don’t mean that nobody plays defense anymore.

It’s just that, well, the defenses are overmatched.

Don’t believe me? Check out the stats — the following chart shows the number of 11-man Texas high school football teams that scored at least 40 and 50 points in each season.

Scoring Averages

Notice something? In the last ten years — even if you measure 2014 (less than 2013) against 2003 (more than 2004) — the number of teams averaging 40 points per game has increased by 305%, and the number of teams averaging 50 points has increased 2,300%.

This, friends, is what an offensive explosion looks like.

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