NFL Draft recap
NFL Draft recap
2010-04-26 00:00:00

By Travis Stewart/Texas Football -- Looking at the last six rounds of the draft and free agency,

It took the better part of three days and several sleepless nights, but the flurry of activity surrounding the NFL Draft has finally come to a close. Things will go back to normal now — we'll start talking the future of college and high school football for 2011, and will actually start running free content on its front page again. But before we move on etirely, let's look back at those hectic 72 hours and note all the post-first round Texas kids selected — and match that up against where predicted they'd come off the board. We'll publish later this week on free agents, when a few more have signed deals.

The Second Round

Texas LB Sergio Kindle (Dallas Wilson): Baltimore Ravens, 11/43 overall

Predicted spot: No. 22/22 overall, New England Patriots (first round)

Notes: Considering he was supposed to be a first rounder until late health concerns surfaced, this is a steal. If Kindle stays off the DL, he could play soon.


Texas DT Lamarr Houston: Oakland Raiders, 12/44 overall

Predicted spot: No. 18/82 overall, Houston Texans (third round)

Notes: I can't see how Houston wouldn't at least get to play on passing downs in his rookie year. Who else does Oakland have that's better?


TCU LB Daryl Washington (Irving): Arizona Cardinals, 15/47 overall

Predicted spot: No. 31/62 overall, Indianapolis Colts 

Notes: A great player who could eventually fill the void of Karlos Dansby. This was a great spot for him to go, too.


The Third Round


LSU WR Brandon LaFell (Houston Lamar): Carolina Panthers, 14/78 overall

Predicted spot: No. 3/35 overall, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (second round)

Notes: A bit of a slide on draft day, but the third round is still far better than many Texas prospects. He has a chance to help Steve Smith right away. 


Baylor OL J.D. Walton (Allen): Denver Broncos, 16/80 overall

Predicted spot: No. 1/160 overall, St. Louis Rams (sixth round)

Notes: Glad he didn't slide as expected, though he doesn't have a firm quarterback to block for. Hope he's not stuck on a bad team for years.


Arizona DT Earl Mitchell (GP North Shore): Houston Texans, 17/81 overall

Predicted spot: No. 32/123 overall, New Orleans Saints (fifth round)

Notes: Workout wonder ran near a 4.7 in the 40 and catapulted up the draft boards. Texans needed a pass-rushing DT, so Mitchell, a former TE, was the call.


SMU WR Emmanuel Sanders (Bellville): Pittsburgh Steelers, 18/82 overall

Predicted spot: No. 32/223 overall, New Orleans Saints (seventh round)

Notes: Talk about a draft leap! We had him as the last pick of the draft! Too bad he's stuck with Big Ben in Pittsburgh, though.


Texas WR Jordan Shipley (Burnet): Cincinnati Bengals, 20/84 overall

Predicted spot: No. 2/65 overall, Detroit Lions

Notes: With Chad Ochocinco on the decline, Carson palmer was often lacking weapons in the passing game. Shipley will play immediately.


Texas QB Colt McCoy (Jim Ned): Cleveland Browns, 21/85 overall

Predicted spot: No. 1/33 overall, St. Louis Rams (second round)

Notes: GM Holmgren seemed very high on McCoy on draft day interview — I think he'll win the job outright.


The Fourth Round

Oklahoma LB Keenan Clayton (Sulphur Springs): Philadelphia Eagles, No. 23/121

Predicted spot: None

Notes: A good jump up from where most people had him going early, but it must sting to get passed by the Texans (who took a LB this round) twice.

Miami OT Jason Fox (North Crowley): Detroit Lions, No. 30/128 overall

Predicted spot: No. 7/71 overall, Philadelphia Eagles

Notes: The Lions needed a tackle, and now Fox will get to protect a kid that also played near his stomping grounds — Highland Park's Matt Stafford.


Texas LB Roddrick Muckelroy (Hallsville): Cincinnati Bengals, No. 33/131 overall (compensatory)

Predicted spot: No. 16/112 overall, Denver Broncos (third round)

Notes: Think the Bengals were trying to make Shipley feel more at home? Muckelroy will likely need some time before he hits the field.


The Fifth Round


Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox (Waco University): Denver Broncos, No. 6/137 overall

Predicted spot: No. 6/70 overall, Oakland Raiders (third round)

Notes: Broncos and Bengals have been Texas' two hottest cities this year. Cox has a lot of depth to power through to see the field, but here's hoping.


Fordham QP John Skelton (EP Burges): Arizona Cardinals, No. 24/155 overall

Predicted spot: No. 13/204, Denver Broncos (seventh round)

Notes: A confusing choice for Arizona, but it's good to see strong-armed Skelton get picked up this early. And if Leinart struggles, who says he can't start?


TCU OL Marshall Newhouse (Lake Highlands): Green Bay Packers, No. 38/169 overall (compensatory)

Predicted spot: No. 11/170, San Diego Chargers (sixth round)

Notes: TCU OL always seem to slide on draft day, but Newhouse actually went sooner than expected — and to a good team, too.


The Sixth Round


Houston TE Fendi Onubun: St. Louis Rams, No. 1/170 overall

Predicted spot: None

Notes: St. Louis must have seen something a lot of other teams didn't — if you go by the stats, Onubun wasn't even an NFL prospect.


West Texas A&M DE Eugene Sims: St. Louis Rams, No. 20/189 overall

Predicted spot: None

Notes: Non-native Texan is still the first small-school kid to come off the board for Texas schools, followed by J'Marcus Webb next round.


Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe (Cedar Hill): Cincinnati Bengals, No. 22/191 overall

Predicted spot: No. 28/92 overall, San Diego Chargers (third round)

Notes: A terrible fall from his predicted spot in the third — a slow 40-time at his workout ultimately cost him three rounds.


Texas Tech CB Jamar Wall (Plainview): Dallas Cowboys, No. 27/196 overall

Predicted spot: No. 3/162 overall, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Notes: Hometown hero! Dallas could use another corner, and Wall was a better talent than the sixth round indicated. A smart pick by Jerry.


Baylor WR David Gettis: Carolina Panthers, No. 29/198 overall

Predicted spot: No. 25/121 overall, Baltimore Ravens (fourth round)

Notes: Becomes the second Texas WR drafted by Carolina (LaFell), and in the same mold — big, powerful, and fearless.


Texas A&M CB Jordan Pugh (Plano West): Carolina Panthers, No. 33/202 overall (compensatory)

Predicted spot: None

Notes: A blast from the past? Speedy Pugh finally gets his chance.



The Seventh Round

West Texas A&M OL J'Marcus Webb (Texas): Chicago Bears, No. 11/218 overall

Predicted spot: Free agent

Notes: Considering his hype out of high school, this could be the steal of the draft. A smart choice for a Chicago team with nothing to lose this late.


Iowa State OG Reginald Stephens (Rowlett): Cincinnati Bengals, No. 21/228 overall

Predicted spot: None

Notes: At this point, you'd almost rather be a free agent! Stephens gets drafted onto a team with a very good offensive line in place for 2010.


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