DCTF Mailbag: What impact will Reginald Davis make at Tech in 2012?
DCTF Mailbag: What impact will Reginald Davis make at Tech in 2012?
2012-03-06 00:00:00

It's mailbag time at the DCTF offices again. We talk about 1A recruits at the Big 12 level, curious decisions in this year's UIL realignment, the powerhouse that is 16-3A, and the NCAA's new stance on multi-year scholarships — and what it means to Texas schools.

 By the DCTF Staff

It's been a while since we cracked open the ol' Dave Campbell's Texas Football mailbag, and we're overflowing with questions from you, our loyal readers!

So let's not waste any more time; let's answer a few of your questions!

"What impact will Reginald Davis make at Tech this fall?" -- Ronny Kellar, via Facebook

Greg Tepper: It's the question every college football fan wants the answer to: when will their dazzling prospect hit the field? In most cases, true freshman are relegated to a redshirt or the bench, but I'm not sure that's an automatic with Davis. The reason: speed. The Tenaha QB who led his squad to a 1A state championship will walk into Lubbock and immediately become one of the fastest players on campus, the kind of thing you can't teach. The defending Class 1A champion in the 100 meters (and the heavy favorite to defend his title this sprint), Davis has the kind of jets that can make him an instant impact guy for Tommy Tuberville. But while I think Davis has a better chance than most freshman to see playing time early, I think it's important to temper expectations. I wouldn't expect to see him catching 100 passes or anything like that, but I think Davis will be a sparkplug in the Red Raiders' special teams, which is more than most teams ask of their freshmen. Beyond that, it's hard to speculate: listed at just 185 pounds, Davis has some beefing up to do before he sees any significant playing time.

“With Realignment this year, what was the formala for moving Andrews and Monahans apart to place Andrews with the Lubbock Schools and Shallowater and Monahans with Pecos and Ft Stockton?” – James Johnson, via Facebook

Travis Stewart: Well, Monahans ended up with Snyder, Sweetwater, Midland Greenwood, Big Spring and Abilene Wylie. The longest drive for Monahans is obviously Abilene, but at least all of those schools, with the exception of Snyder, are right off of I-20. So the travel, while long, is more a less a straight shot. Sending Andrews north with the Lubbock schools makes a fair amount of sense, since it’s so far north of Monahans and the 3-3A schools. The confusing thing is why Monahans wouldn’t be in 3-3A. If I had to guess — and I emphasize that this is indeed is a guess — it would be because doing so would have created a seven team and five team district, instead of two more balanced six team groups.

"Why would the UIL put all those power house/state champions in one district (16-3A)?" -- Kris Kizer (@KizerK92), via Twitter

GT: It's important to remember that the UIL does not ever consider the competitive ramifications of realignment. Remember: these districts apply to everything the UIL officiates, from academics (you know, like the UIL Headling Writing competition, to pick one thing at random, without mentioning my regional championship in said competition) to swimming and diving to music. So the fact that District 16-3A is one of the toughest districts in the entire state -- boasting the reigning 3A Division I state champion (Tyler Chapel Hill), the 2010 3A Division I state champion (Henderson), a perennial state title contender (Gilmer) and a very dangerous dropdown from Class 4A (Kilgore) -- is pure coincidence and luck of the geographical draw. Trust me: I bet the UIL would rather split up those teams so as to make potential playoff matchups more intriuging, but as the French say, c'est la vie.

“Now that Division I multi-year scholarships have withstood a challenge, are any Texas colleges or universities offering them?” – Ray Grasshoff, via Facebook

TS: We have not seen any yet — or at least none have publically admitted to doing it — but the 2013 recruiting class will be a much more interesting study of the new policy. In short, offering multi-year scholarships is expensive; one-year renewing scholarships are cheaper, and while some in-state schools have the financial backing to do such a thing anyways, that doesn’t mean they’ll make use of the costly option while the education field as a whole is strapped for cash. I would be surprised if any Big 12 in-state school undertook the policy, since everyone one of them voted against it. That said, if anyone can wrangle up the money — and it could be considerable — it would provide a hefty advantage on the recruiting trail. If I’m a recruit that’s deciding between two mid-tier schools, and one has played in bowls but the other can promise me multiple years on scholarship ... families that don’t have a lot of money may be forced to take the better financial offer. One school to keep an eye on would be Rice. The Owls have an outstanding student-athlete retention rate, so they’ve been more or less living out this new policy anyway.

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