Coaching clinic
Coaching clinic
2014-01-09 12:00:00

Getting to know the wide-ranging group of FBS coaches in Texas.

 By Greg Tepper
 DCTF Associate Editor

The FBS college coaches in Texas form a very unique fraternity. It’s the largest of its kind – no state in the nation has more than Texas’ 12 FBS programs – and that can provide for a very diverse group.

The state has seen unprecedented turnover in the coaching ranks in the last 24 months, as five squads – Houston, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and UTEP – have made changes at the top. So, as we enter the offseason (and presumably with no more coaching changes to come), now’s a good time to look at the Texas coaching fraternity as currently constructed for the 2014 season.

To remind, the 12 FBS coaches in Texas are: David Bailiff (Rice), Art Briles (Baylor), Larry Coker (UTSA), Dennis Franchione (Texas State), June Jones (SMU), Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech), Sean Kugler (UTEP), Tony Levine (Houston), Dan McCarney (North Texas), Gary Patterson (TCU), Charlie Strong (Texas) and Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M).

-As of today, the longest-tenured head coach in the state of Texas is Gary Patterson at TCU (164 games over 14 seasons). The shortest-tenured head coach: Charlie Strong at Texas (3 days).

-The average age of the 12 FBS coaches in Texas: 53 years old. The oldest is Larry Coker (65), followed by Dennis Franchione (62) and both June Jones and Dan McCarney (60). The youngest is Kliff Kingsbury (34), followed by Tony Levine (41) and Sean Kugler (47).

-Two coaches are in their first head coaching job at any level – Kingsbury and Kugler. Four coaches at one point head coached high school football – Coker, Franchione and Briles, though Briles is the only one to have coached Texas high school football.

-Just three of the FBS coaches were born in Texas: David Bailiff (Dallas), Kliff Kingsbury (San Antonio) and Art Briles (Rule).

-The coach in Texas with the most career wins: Dennis Franchione (203). The coach with the fewest career wins: Sean Kugler (2).

-Believe it or not, nine of the 12 coaches in Texas are above .500 for their career. And of the three under .500, two of them put together the best seasons of anyone in Texas (Bailiff at Rice, McCarney at North Texas).

-There have been two black FBS head coaches in the state of Texas…and they’re both coaching now (Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong).

-In all, five of the FBS coaches in Texas have coached in eight BCS bowls, with a combined record of 4-4. While at Miami, Larry Coker won the 2002 Rose Bowl (and national championship as a result), lost the 2003 Fiesta Bowl (and the national championship as a result) and won the 2004 Orange Bowl. At TCU, Gary Patterson lost the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and won the 2011 Rose Bowl. Charlie Strong won the 2013 Sugar Bowl at Louisville. June Jones lost the 2008 Sugar Bowl at Hawaii. And, most recently, Art Briles lost the 2014 Fiesta Bowl at Baylor.

Below are the coaching stats for the 12 FBS coaches in Texas.

  Games Wins Losses Ties %
Gary Patterson 164 120 44 0 0.732
Larry Coker
0 0.725
Kevin Sumlin 78 55 23 0 0.705
Charlie Strong 53 37 16 0 0.698
Dennis Franchione 326 203 121 2 0.626
Kliff Kingsbury 13 8 5 0 0.615
June Jones 194 112 82 0 0.577
Art Briles 139 78 61 0 0.561
Tony Levine 26 14 12 0 0.538
David Bailiff 88 40 48 0 0.455
Dan McCarney 178 74 104 0 0.416
Sean Kugler 12 2 10 0 0.167

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