Texas' defense ranks No. 2 in nation
Texas' defense ranks No. 2 in nation
2010-09-23 00:00:00

By Dennis Hall / Texas Football

While the microscope has been placed on Texas’ sputtering offense in the early going, the defense is putting together a tremendous season.

The Longhorns currently rank second in the nation in total defense, after ranking third last year. The Houston Chronicle’s Brent Zwerneman points out that UT has given up only one second-half score, and that was a late TD by Rice against UT’s second- and third-teamers. UT followed that up by holding Texas Tech’s explosive offense to 144 yards and only 14 points.

The fact that UT has an outstanding defense is no surprise. We all expected that with all the talent the Horns returned from last year, plus an influx of top recruits led by defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat. But the Longhorns aren’t just good, they have the chance to be the best in the nation.

Will Muschamp’s unit has everything you need to be an elite defense: Big, strong linemen, playmaking linebackers and speedy defensive backs. And UT has depth at every defensive position, which means the Horns will be fresh at the end of games.

Texas faces a couple of huge games back to back next month against Oklahoma and Nebraska. But based on early returns, you can expect the UT defense to show up in a big way. Which means the microscope will stay on the offense and fans will be crossing their fingers that Gilbert and Co. can play even close to the level of UT’s defense.

It's also worth noting that two other Texas teams rank in the top 10 in total defense. Not surprisingly, TCU's perennial top-10 defense stands at No. 4, and you can expect the Frogs to remain in the top 5 throughout the season. Then there's Texas A&M at No. 10. It will be interesting to see if the Aggies' defense can continue to be a strength now that they are heading into the meat of their schedule.

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