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Aquilla vs. Abbott for The Hardware
Posted by Ken Capps on 8 November 2013

DCTF Six Man Game of the Week:  Aquilla v. Abbott  Panther Stadium 7:30 pm Friday

Sit tight.

Here we go again.

Another Texas Six Man game that promises to aim two towns about eight miles apart on a collision course for extreme bragging rights between neighbors, co-workers, and in some cases, families.

This one is a little different than the Granddaddy of them all - the Gordon v. Strawn game.

Friday's game: it's ALL on the line for a district title.

For just one thing.

One piece of absolutely beautiful, Texas UIL-grade shiny hardware to hold up above the victors' heads and helmets Friday night and hold over the other town's head for the next 11 months.

That's right.

This game is for the all marbles in 1A 6 Man 1 Region IV District 13.

Wow, that's a lot of type to get on a trophy plate. Must have to use small font.

And no doubt the trophy grab will boil down to two players: Abbott's Dillon Biems and Aquilla's Peyton Casarez.

Both of these young men are capable of putting up video game-like numbers.

Biems has been out for a lot of this season with a nagging back injury.

When he tried to return to action, he twisted one ankle, then the other.

Now, according to Abbott Coach Terry Crawford, he's at full strength - and just in time.

"With Dillon in there we are fundamentally sound and play old school six man, "says Coach Crawford. "He also brings a lot of leadership, confidence and experience to our team. "

The position Crawford most likes to play Biems?

The "anywhere we want him" position.


Somebody needs to coin that.

Abbott (5-4) just finished a 46-0 shellacking of Bynum.

Darren Popp, Jamal Johnson, and Jacob Pavelka have kept the Panthers competitive this year, but they are light years away from their run to the state championship game against Throckmorton in 2012. 

Don't lose too much sleep over Abbott though.

Coach Crawford will have them chomping at the bit as a playoff bracket buster.

But first, they must deal with their pesky neighbors down the road on FM 1304.

Last time we caught up with Aquilla (4-5), the man of the hour Peyton Casarez was just a few yards shy of running back a kickoff and upsetting Walnut Springs on the Hornets' home field as time ran out.

The Cougars have endured a very gritty up and down season, but hung tough in district, stitched together a nifty three game winning streak (Avalon, Bynum, Gholson) and now find themselves playing for the district title.

"Things just started clicking for us," says Aquilla Coach Kirk Hinksman,"We didn't have some big sit-down meeting. We just started tackling better."

We described Casarez earlier this year as a 'touchdown machine' and his motor is still in high-gear.

He's not exactly tiptoed through the tulips, with defenses keying on him, yet he's still managed to score 26 TDs.

"We've tried to take a little of the pressure off of him," says Coach Hinksman. "Our defense has scored 5 touchdowns the past three games. We've got other guys that can break away and score. We're glad he's a constant threat out there…the defense always has to have somebody on him."

We never get tired of talking about the rivalry that is the storied Gordon-Strawn Texas Six Man game.

Two towns separated by just a few short miles of Texas blacktop highway.

Kids who know each other, play summer baseball together. Have summer jobs together.

Folks who go to the same church or restaurant.

Share the same recipe for smoking brisket.

But that great game is not for district anymore.

That big piece of Texas UIL-grade shiny hardware that says District Champ?

Aquilla and Abbott play for that.


Safe travels and have a great Texas Six Man weekend !

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Abbott's Dillon Biems (3) is back. Biems is a big-time back with big-time experience, here in last year's state championship game vs. Throckmorton. (Photo Credit: JimJim Photography)

Aquilla's Peyton Casarez (18) has scored 26 TDs this year and is aiming for more versus the Panthers. (Photo Credit: Brandi Parks)

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