All-Time Coaching Records
All-Time Coaching Records
2007-09-06 00:00:00

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Records do not include forfeits. Coaches designated with a # were active in 2008. The exception is G.A. Moore, who came out of retirement to coach 2A Aubrey starting with the 2009 season.

Retired coaches are shown with the school where they won the most games. Records reflect results through the 2008 season.

1## G.A. MOORE, JR.## Aubrey407789
2GORDON WOODBrownwood3959315
3# PHIL DANAHERCC Calallen344884
4CHARLIE JOHNSTONChildress313948
5# DENNIS ALEXANDERHarleton30610911
6# EDDY PEACHArlington Lamar3031196
7# BOB SHELTONHays Consolidated3031757
8# CURTIS BARBAYNewton302936
9# JIM STREETYS.A. Madison2981113
10RAY AKINSGregory-Portland2939416
11TOMMY WATKINSIowa Park29315713
12BOB McQUEENTemple276869
13MONTE DRISKELLCrockett272999
14# RANDY ALLENHighland Park270726
15LUCKY GAMBLEAlto270765
16# DAN RAY HOOKSWest Orange-Stark261652
17DONALD GODWINRogers2591177
18# JOE G. CARTWRIGHTBoyd2541066
19LARRY DIPPELAmarillo2531346
20JOHN REDDELLEuless Trinity24913312
21H. ELMER (PETE) SHOTWELLAbilene2478316
22BOBBY DAVISWolfforth Frenship2471635
23BRUCE BUSHSan Marcos242978
24JOE HEDRICKFranklin24012115
25BILL SMITHAldine237966
26GEORGE (RED) FOREHANDSA Brackenridge23713418
27SCOTT PHILLIPSPlano East234733
28# ALLEN SEPKOWITZEl Paso Andress2331303
29LOUIS KELLEYLubbock Estacado2321049
30# ALLEN WILSONDallas Carter231814
31BOBBY STUARTAlief Hastings23113610
32JERRY HOPKINSSonora229928
33BOB MICKLER, JR.Universal City Randolph2276312
34W.T. STAPLERConroe225928
35ANDY GRIFFINWhite Oak2251216
36PAUL TYSONWaco2246318
37BILL HUNTERCenterville2222053
38JOE CLEMENTSHuntsville221776
39RON POEMcKinney2211064
40LES KOENNINGCypress Creek2201388
41# JOHNNY TUSAWaco2171244
42# TOM NOLENHouston Lamar212616
43ROSS ROGERSA&M Consolidated211929
45TOM RITCHEYSweetwater207677
46L.G. WILSONFloydada20710212
47LEO D. BRITTAINVernon20710712
48JERRY JONESPilot Point206777
49J.E. (RED) WILLISMarshall2068819
50JACK MURPHYGladewater2051107
51ROY HARPERBurkeville2051165
52# DON BROOKSEl Paso Coronado2051353
53# GARY PROFFITGoldthwaite203753
54ROBIN BYRDWink201931
55DAN STALLWORTHBaytown Lee2006616
57# TOMMY BLUDAUSchulenburg200974
58RONALD BICKHAMPaul Pewitt2001192
59# HUGH SANDIFERAbilene Wylie199784
60MERRILL GREENBryan198819
62D.W. RUTLEDGEConverse Judson197325
63BOB LEDBETTERSouthlake Carroll197463
64# JIM SKINNERBirdville1971056
65WENDELL ROBINSONBremond1971267
66MAL FOWLERVan1971358
67# MIKE HEDRICKFranklin19713511
68HAROLD C. (CHESTY) WALKERPhillips1964213
69LEE MITCHELLGladewater19612619
70ROD HESSMontgomery1961399
71T.J. MILLSSealy195780
72# MICKEY FINLEYVictoria Memorial1951424
74# JOHN OUTLAWLufkin193603
75WINLON KNOWLESWhite Oak193846
76# ALEX LEALRaymondville1931114
77J. MURRAY STEPHENSONSinton19311615
78# ROYCE McADAMSSudan192941
79BOB BROWNDenison1911244
80GLENN (RED) FRAZIERAndrews1901049
81GENE ROGERSKilleen189599
82JOHN CRAWFORDTatum189634
83TOMMY ROBERTSSan Benito1897710
84# BUTCH HENDERSONLubbock Coronado1891401
85# DAVID BOURQUINMineral Wells1891413
86RON SCHROEDERBastrop188363
87A.D. SHAVERSeagraves1881334
89DAVID HUSSMANSchulenburg187731
90KEN DAVISWills Point187867
92JIM SLAUGHTERLake View1871022
93RON MILLSBay City1871229
95AUBREY ROBERTSClifton1865915
96LES JOHNSONBastrop1861535
97STEVE LINEWEAVERCommerce185312
98WATSON (WATTY) MYERSTexarkana1858312
99PHILLIP HOLTWinnsboro1851286
100SAM HARRELLEnnis184540
101WELDON WILLIGThe Woodlands184765
102THEO (COTTON) MILESWhite Oak184817
103# WELDON NELMSWimberley1841073
104ROBERT (RED) LOWRANCEHawkins18411110
105MIKE FARDAIrving Nimitz1841498
106BOB ALPERTAldine MacArthur183604
107JIMMIE KEELINGSan Angelo Central18312412
108ROBERT LEHNHOFFSchertz Clemens182804
109ORVILLE ETHEREDGELa Marque1828812

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