All-Time Playoff Scores: 1980 5A
All-Time Playoff Scores: 1980 5A
2007-07-06 00:00:00

BI-DISTRICT: El Paso Bel Air 28, El Paso Coronado 0
Amarillo 10, Plainview 9
Odessa Permian 0, Sherman 0
Fort Worth Richland 31, Fort Worth Wyatt 20
Highland Park 20, Euless Trinity 6
South Oak Cliff 38, Dallas Carter 0
Plano 23, Longview 7
Temple 35, Conroe 0
Houston Stratford 27, Houston Madison 7
Houston Washington 8, Houston Yates 6
Port Arthur Jefferson 49, Aldine 6
La Marque 40, Pasadena Rayburn 14
Stafford Dulles 25, Austin LBJ 9
Alice 26, Mc Allen 7
San Antonio Holmes 35, San Antonio East Central 7
San Antonio Churchill 21, San Antonio Sam Houston 7

REGIONALS: Amarillo 10, El Paso Bel Air 0
Odessa Permian 37, Fort Worth Richland 7
Highland Park 21, South Oak Cliff 14
Plano 16, Temple 10
Houston Stratford 13, Houston Washington 7
Port Arthur Jefferson 29, La Marque 24
Alice 10, Stafford Dulles 3
San Antonio Holmes 14, San Antonio Churchill 13

QUARTERFINALS: Odessa Permian 27, Amarillo 0
Highland Park 23, Plano 21
Port Arthur Jefferson 34, Houston Stratford 0
San Antonio Holmes 23, Alice 14

SEMIFINALS: Odessa Permian 21, Highland Park 3
Port Arthur Jefferson 34, San Antonio Holmes 14

FINALS: Odessa Permian 28, Port Arthur Jefferson 19

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