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12/12/07 Blog
First to 100 wins, right?

This year there will be another great double-header championship day as the two remaining teams in each division face off in San Angelo. The Division II game of Motley County and Woodson will start at 3:00 PM, with the huge rematch between Rule and Richland Springs for the Division I title at 7:30 PM.

This is great for the game of six-man. With two games being played at one site and a single ticket admission ($12 and $8 for students), this is a bargain. Both games could be shootouts.

For the fan who likes to travel, you can catch a couple of great games and hopefully catch a great dinner in one of San Angelo’s classics, Like Zentner’s or out at the Lowake Steak House.

The computer is 19-3 for the playoffs in Division I and II, 38-6 overall.

DIVISION II: Motley County (13-1) vs. Woodson (12-2)
Woodson proved they can score at will the last two weekends, putting 89 and 102 points on the board in the quarters and semis. The fewest points they put up all season was 52, once in a win and once in a loss to Division I, Throckmorton. I think this week they’ll face the toughest they’ve seen since week two. The Matadors have given up only 70 points in four playoff games this far. That’s less than 18 points a game, just peanuts in the six-man world.

This game will be a scorefest and could possibly be one of those games where it comes down to who has the ball last.

For Woodson, the main man is Robert Perez (5-10, 190). I listed him in the Honorable Mention for this season’s DCTF Six-Man Cover Boy article and was an all-state performer last season as a junior.

Motley County’s offense surrounds the two-headed attack of Isiah Archer (5-7, 180) and Bradley Brown (6-2, 190). Both amassed over 1500 yards rushing in the regular season, the second time Brown has accomplished that feat.

Get there early and don’t get out of your seat. They may need all four and a half hours to finish this one before the grand finale.

DIVISION I: Rule (13-0) vs. Richland Springs (13-0)
This is it. The game people have suspected would happen for a year now. The re-match of the 78-58 win by Richland Springs last fall in Shotwell.

I am not sure what else to say. A year ago, these teams combined for over 1100 yards of total offense.

Tyler Ethridge (5-8, 170), the preseason DCTF 2006 MVP and 2007 Cover Boy threw for 397 yards and rushed for another 165 on the ground. This season he has a very talented and experienced bunch again surrounding him, including the talented Mark Williams (6-1, 180), who is now more involved in the offense.

Rule prides themselves on a team effort and Coach Mike Reed has done a great job once again. His senior backfield triumvirate, C.J. Saucedo (5-10, 160), J.T. Spitzer (5-10, 160) and Stephen Pace (5-10, 180) are second to none. This group is fast.

Like I said above, this will be a scorefest. I mean no disrespect the defense these two teams play, but their offenses are downright awesome. Look at the points they have put up in the playoffs and throughout the season and you should agree with me.

Many would argue that if it comes down to defense, then give the slight edge to Richland Springs. I may have to agree with that sentiment, but let’s remember they gave up 43 to May. Rule gave up 72 to Happy and 60 to Rankin last weekend.

Richland Springs is looking to make some history by 45-ing every opponent in a season. I think they may win, but I think that record goes out the window. First to 100 may win.

For more insight into both of the six-man championship games, please check this link to my website.

12/5/07 Blog
Someone on my message board raised an interesting question: Has a team ever won a state championship and 45’d all of its opponents? Of course this can only apply to teams since 1972 when teams were finally allowed to advance past the regional championship.

They raised this because Richland Springs stands on the brink of doing this with two games to go, albeit the semifinals and finals should be their two toughest games of the year.

Immediate people thought of the 1998 Trinidad Trojans with Damien Jackson. This team rolled through the state playoffs, 45-ing defending state champion, Borden County, in the final. The Trojans, however, did struggle for a few games during the regular season.

In looking further into this riddle, I discovered that the only possible time this COULD have occurred would have been 1972 O’Brien, 1976 Marathon, 1982 Highland, 1985 Jayton and 1990 Fort Hancock teams. Each of these teams ‘shutout’ their opponents throughout the playoffs, but whether they accomplished this through the entire season is yet to be determined.

I will look into this a bit more.

After going 14-2 in the first two weeks, the computer followed that up with a 3-1 week, missing only the almost pick ‘em game with Rankin and Grady. That makes it 17-3 for the playoffs.

This week:
Rankin (11-1) vs. Rule (12-0)
Trinidad (11-1) vs. Richland Springs (12-0)

These two games appear to be a warm-up act for a repeat of the 2006 Division I final. Rule and Richland Springs are heavy favorites and should give us the rematch we all want to see (unless you are from Rankin and Trinidad, of course).

With a 13-3 record in the first three week, the computer went 4-0 to match the Division I record of 17-3 for the first three weeks of play. If you are keeping score at home, that’s 34-6 for both divisions so far this season.

This week:
Jayton (9-4) vs. Motley County (12-1)
Woodson (11-2) vs. Gustine (10-3)

Woodson pulled off a minor shock when the Cowboys defeated the defending state champion Northside Inidians. Those who have followed Woodson over the years knew this team was dangerous. They were my preseason #2 a year ago and preseason #3 this fall. They are led by Robert Perez, who even received a mention in this year’s DCTF as an honorable mention to the Six-Man Cover Boy, Tyler Ethridge.

Gustine has had another great year, joining Jayton as a two-time semifinalist in the newly formed Division II. My guess for this weekend is that we see both of them fall.

All-time six-man coaching legend Jerry Miller of Gustine is at the helm, so I am sure the Tigers will be ready. They have impressed me throughout the playoffs as a team that can score at will. Whether they can stop Woodson on the other side of the ball is yet to be determined.

Motley County defeated Jayton 90-45 earlier this season, but Jayton has added a player and has 13 games now under their belt with a new coach.

I look forward to another great weekend of play.

For more insight into all of the six-man games, including TAPPS championship games, please check this link to my website.

11/27/07 Blog
If you missed last week’s blog, I apologize, but due to a new addition in my family last week, I did not get it in until too late on Wednesday. I will say that it was utter brilliance and would have no doubt won me a Pulitzer for some in-depth analysis.

Truth-be-told, I will summarize many of the same points here this week. It can be found in its entirety under the blog section of my own website, should you care.

During week one of the playoffs, my computer went 7-1 picking winners, with the lone outlier being a Ropes upset of Robert Lee. I didn’t really think that was much of an upset anyways.

Week two it went 7-1 with Abbott’s win over Strawn the only miss. You can’t really fault the computer too much as it had Strawn merely a 1-point favorite for some reason.

This week:
Rankin (10-1) vs. Grady (10-1)
Rule (11-0) vs. Valley (11-1)
Trinidad (10-1) vs. Abbott (11-1)
Richland Springs (11-0) vs. Calvert (12-0)

I expect the favorites to continue on their way again this weekend as we head into the regional championships, with one exception. Rankin is a 1-point underdog to Grady in a rematch from three weeks ago when Grady handed the Red Devils their only loss, 50-46. I think Rankin turns the tables this week on the Wildcats earning their first-ever six-man state semifinal appearance.

The other games involve many of the same teams that we see every year about this time.

Rule vs. Valley pits the last three state finalists (Valley fell to Richland Spring and Throckmorton in 2004 and 2005, while Rule fell to RS last fall). Rule’s offense showed they can score in bunches last week putting 96 on Happy, but the defense also gave up 72. That’s going to have to improve if they want to go the distance.

Trinidad vs. Abbott features Trinidad’s amazing running back, Stacey Womack. The Trojans fell to Blum here last fall and are looking forward to getting their shot at Richland Springs. Abbott has been the quiet winner all season long. Other than a midseason loss to Division II Milford, the Panthers have just taken care of business.

The Region IV final is the game everyone has anticipated since last year, Richland Springs and Calvert. Last season RS won by a convincing 52-14 margin. The Coyotes are explosive on offense (70.1 ppg), but also play excellent defense (11.4). This should be a great game, but I expect RS to continue on their roll.

Again the computer went 7-1 in week one, missing the virtual pick ‘em game between Iredell and Jonesboro. This was definitely not a shocker, as the Dragons had defeated the Eagles in the finale of the Hico Super Six in week zero.

Last week it was 6-2 with Woodson winning the #2 vs. #3 battle over Milford and Sanderson fueling a minor upset over Grandfalls-Royalty.

This week:
Sanderson (6-5) vs. Jayton (8-4)
Motley County (11-1) vs. Follett (11-1)
Northside (10-2) vs. Woodson (10-2)
Gustine (9-3) vs. Zephyr (8-3)

Again, Woodson finds itself square in the middle of what could be the biggest game of the week. Sanderson and Jayton look to be a great and close match-up, but I sincerely believe the winner of the Northside-Woodson game will likely win the Division II title.

I could be wrong, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Jayton was a finalist a year ago and should have Tyler Speed back this week. Motley County and Follett play in a huge game. Both can also play with any of these teams. My one upset pick for the week is that I am sticking by my guns and saying Zephyr upsets Gustine. Like I said, it is a hunch, but Gustine also struggled with Lohn last week and I think Zephyr is going to be a bit tougher to handle. Of course now that these teams are bunched closer together, it isn’t much of an upset, but late Friday night, remember I picked this one three weeks ago.

For more insight into all of the six-man games (and more worthless stats than you can shake a stick at), including TAPPS semifinal games, please check this link to my website.

11/12/07 Blog
Who Can It Be Now?
I promised cheesy songs and I deliver! Truth be told, I actually liked this song when it came out during my senior year in high school. I didn’t go rushing out to buy the album or anything, but certainly watched for the video on MTV. Yes, I am that old, they actually used to play videos on MTV.

With the first weekend of the playoffs starting, the drive for the titles begins. Who will step up and enter their names into the history books?

This week I predict the regional champions and who might make the semifinals. Enter at your own risk.

Region 1: I am not sure who to pick in this region. A week ago it would’ve been Rankin, two weeks ago it would’ve been Grady or Ropes or Rankin. Three weeks ago, my pick might have been Meadow, who didn’t even make the playoffs. This might be the tightest Region of them all and you really could make an argument for and against every team here. I’ll wimp out and go with Rankin winning a rematch over Grady.

Region 2: I think this is the Rule Invitational until someone (like Valley?) proves otherwise.

Region 3: I think the two best teams may meet in the second round if Trinidad plays Gordon. Of course Abbott thinks otherwise and Strawn would love to play Gordon in the quarterfinals. That would be a rowdy game. Hooray for Penelope making the playoffs for the first time in school history! I am sticking with Trinidad, however.

Region 4: Richland Springs against Calvert is it. In two weeks, mark you calendar and get to this game. The defending champs play the team that will win Division I next season. Yes, you heard it here first, Calvert is the 2008 Division I champions, unfortunately for them, this is 2007 and the winner this time around is Richland Springs.

Region 1: I am still bitter at Grandfalls for last season, so there is no way I am picking them. All kidding aside, it appears that the Cowboys, along with Sanderson and Jayton look solid. I am sticking with a minor upset and my initial preseason selection of Jayton.

Region 2: This is a very strong region, with some interesting match-ups. My gut says to stick with Motley County, although I would not be surprised to see Follett, McLean or Southland come out. Way to go out on a limb with the #1 team, eh?

Region 3: Talk about loaded. Defending champs Northside, #2 Milford and #3 Woodson in the same region? Is it an upset special if I take Northside? I mean how can they just roll through the playoffs last season, return almost everyone and NOT do that again?

Region 4: On the other hand, do I really have to pick someone here? Uggh. I am going with Zephyr over Gustine as my faves here.

Well that’s it. Those are my picks for now. Come back next week, when I change my mind and try to think of another 80’s song to tie my blogging to.

11/5/07 Blog
The Final Countdown
I should’ve thought of this earlier in the season, naming my blogs with names from cheesy 80’s music, but with the season winding down, I guess that’s something for next season.

Since I went big school last week, this is just Division II. For my complete analysis (where I show the points, etc.) and district standings, please check out

And stay tuned to next week as I predict every playoff match-up and think of some cheesy song to tie it to.

District 1: Sanderson 3-0, Balmorhea 2-1, Sierra Blanca 2-1, Dell City 1-2. Big games this week, Dell City at Sierra Blanca, Sanderson at Balmorhea. If Sanderson and SB win, they are 1-2. If Sanderson and DC win, then Sanderson is district champion and there is a three way tie for second. On a point system, Sierra Blanca would advance, unless DC beats them by more that 13 points. If Balmorhea and DC win, then Balmorhea is champion and Sanderson runner-up. If Balmorhea and SB win, there is a three-way tie for first. Sanderson would advance. Balmorhea would have to win by more than 13 points to replace Sierra Blanca and advance.

District 3: Grandfalls-Royalty 3-0, Loop 3-0. Big game this week, Loop at Grandfalls-Royalty. Woo hoo, another easy one.

District 4: Jayton 3-0, Borden County 2-1, Hermleigh 1-2, Loraine 1-2. Big games this week, Hermleigh at Loraine, Jayton at Borden County. Jayton is in. If Jayton and Hermleigh win, then Jayton is first and BC is second. If Jayton and Loraine win, then Jayton is first and Loraine is second. If BC wins, then no matter what, BC is district champion and Jayton is runner-up.

District 5: Southland 4-0, Amherst 2-1, Wilson 1-2, Whitharral 1-2. Big games this week, Cotton Center at Amherst, Wilson at Whitharral. No matter what happens, Southland is district champion and Amherst is second.

District 7: Motley County 3-0, McLean 2-1, Samnorwood 2-2, Groom 1-2. Big game this week, Motley County at Groom, McLean at Lazbuddie. Motley County is district champion and McLean is runner-up with direct wins over the others.

District 8: Follett 2-0, Lefors 2-1, Fort Elliott 1-2. Big games this week, Follett at Miami. Follett is district champion with Lefors as runner-up.

District 9: Guthrie 3-0, Northside 3-0. Big game this week, Guthrie at Northside. Another easy one and a good warm-up for the playoffs for both teams.

District 10: Woodson 2-0, Lueders-Avoca 2-0. Big game this week, Lueders-Avoca at Woodson. The battle for the title in this small district is this weekend. For some reason I wrote this last week, go figure.

District 12: Milford 2-0, Apple Springs 1-1, Fannindel 1-1. Big game this week, Fannindel at Milford, Morgan at Apple Springs. As long as Milford wins, then Milford is district champion and Apple Springs, runner-up. Should Fannindel and AS win, there’s a three-way tie for first. Should Fannindel and Morgan win, then Fannindel is district champion and Milford is runner-up.

District 14: Zephyr 3-0, Paint Rock 2-1, Lohn 2-1. Big game this week, Paint Rock at Zephyr, Novice at Lohn. Any win by Zephyr gives them the title with Lohn as runner-up. If Paint Rock and Lohn wins, there would be a three-way tie. If Paint Rock and Novice win, then Paint Rock is district champion and Zephyr is second.

District 15: Iredell 3-0, Gustine 3-0. Big game this week, Iredell at Gustine. Could have told you this in July.

District 16: Jonesboro 2-0, Prairie Lea 1-1, Star 1-1. Big game this week, Star at Jonesboro, Prairie Lea at Oglesby. A Jonesboro win and it would be Jonesboro in first and Prairie Lea in second. A Star win along with Prairie Lea and we would have a three-way tie for first place. A Star win and a Prairie Lea loss gives Star the district title and Jonesboro second.

10/31/07 Blog
It’s Go-Time
Seriously, it is go time! With only two weeks remaining, it is time to fish or cut bait for many teams. In six-man, with such small districts, the finals two weeks can be really exciting, as nobody has really clinched a spot in the playoffs.

Here’s my weekly rundown of how the district races are shaping up in Division I. I am only going to list a few teams. For complete standings, as well as my take on Division II, please check out


District 1: Rankin 3-0, Grady 2-0, Garden City 1-1. Big games this week, Garden City at Grady, while Rankin has a week off. Next week Rankin is at Grady. A win this week by Grady would make next week’s game for the two playoff spots.

District 3: Robert Lee 2-0, Highland 2-1, Ira 1-1, Water Valley 1-1. Big games this week, Ira at Highland, Robert Lee at Water Valley. This district is a mess. A lot of football still to be played.

District 4: Ropes 3-0, Meadow 1-1, New Home 1-1, Wellman-Union 1-1. Big games this week, Meadow at Wellman-Union, New Home at Ropes. A quagmire. Things can be really cleared up if Ropes and Meadow win.

District 5: Happy 3-0, Lorenzo 2-1, Petersburg 1-1. Big games this week, none really. Petersburg could lose to Silverton this week and must the Owls then top Lorenzo in week 10 to make the playoffs. Happy has this just about locked up.

District 6: Valley 2-0, Crowell 2-1, Chillicothe 1-1, Paducah 1-1. Big games this week, Chillicothe at Paducah, Valley at Hedley. It looks like Chillicothe needs to win to make next week’s game with Crowell worth a playoff spot. Paducah has to beat Chillicothe and Valley in consecutive weeks to have a chance.

District 7: Rule 3-0, Throckmorton 1-1, Knox City 1-1, Spur 1-2. Big games this week, Throckmorton at Spur, Aspermont at Knox City. Wins by KC and Throck would make their showdown next week for the second playoffs spot.

District 9: Gordon 2-0, Strawn 2-0, Newcastle 1-2, Bryson 1-1. Big game this week, Gordon at Strawn. This will pretty much determine the pecking order here, but doesn’t it always seem too?

District 11: Trinidad 2-0, Penelope 2-1, Coolidge 1-1, Avalon 1-1. Big game this week, Coolidge at Avalon, (Sat.). Should Coolidge get past Avalon, it will really boil down to the Penelope-Coolidge game next week for the second spot.

District 12: Abbott 3-0, Blum 2-1, Kopperl 2-1. Big game this week, Kopperl at Abbott. After losing their first game of the season last weekend to Blum, Kopperl is in must-win mode.

District 13: May 2-0, Blanket 2-0, Santa Anna 1-1. Big game this week, Blanket at May. May is in the driver’s seat with Blanket this week and at Santa Anna next.

District 15: Richland Springs 2-0, Rochelle 2-0, Eden 2-1. Big game this week, Richland Springs at Eden. After last season’s 96-0 win by RS, I expect the big match-up next week between RS and Rochelle to decide everything.

District 16: Calvert 1-0, Lometa 1-0. Big game this week, Calvert at Lometa. Hard to really gauge this district with only one game in the bag, but this looks to be for all of the marbles.

10/25/07 Blog
We are now reaching the midpoint for the district races, so let’s check out who is sitting pretty and who looks like they’ll be sitting at home.

This week we’ll start with Division II for a change. I won’t be hitting every district, but rather the ones with significant games.

In district 1, Sanderson (2-0, 3-5) will host Dell City (1-0, 3-4) in a battle of the two remaining undefeated teams.

Hermleigh (1-0, 5-2) travels to Jayton (2-0, 4-4) in a district 4 battle of unbeaten (in district) birds. The state finalist Jaybirds can virtually sew up a playoff spot with a win over the surprising Cardinals.

District 5 also pairs their top undefeated teams, as Amherst (1-0, 5-2) travels to Southland (2-0, 5-2). Southland’s Roman DeLuna has rushed for over 2460 yards and 41 touchdowns so far this season.

McLean (1-0, 6-0) heads to Matador to face Motley County (2-0, 6-1) in the game of the year in district 7. This should be a great game with substantial playoff implications. Groom (1-0, 5-2) is the only other team in the playoffs picture right now and they host Samnorwood (0-2, 3-5) this week.

Benjamin (1-0, 3-4) heads to Guthrie (2-0, 7-1) in a district 9 match-up of unbeatens. Northside (1-0, 5-2) sits undefeated and idle.

District 10,12 and 16 are four-team districts and actually only begin district play this weekend.

Division I: District 1 once again has the biggest game of the week on tap. Garden City (1-0, 6-1) travels on the road to Rankin (2-0, 8-0) in a monster match-up. Rankin has defeated Fort Davis and Sands already and a win will just about seal a playoff berth, unless things get crazy.

In district 2, Highland (2-0, 5-3) heads to Robert Lee (1-0, 4-2). The Steers upset Ira last week to begin district play.

Ropes (2-0, 8-0) will play at Meadow (1-0, 6-1) in another tremendous game. Ropes is a surprise so far this season, but really hasn’t been challenged except by division II Jayton.

Happy (2-0, 4-3) heads to Petersburg (1-0, 3-4), but on paper it seems to be a mismatch in district five.

In district six, Paducah (1-0, 3-4) at Crowell (1-1, 4-3) look to be the game for second place behind Valley.

Knox City (1-0, 4-3) heads to Rule (2-0, 8-0) for a big district 7 game, although in all likelihood Knox City will end up playing Throckmorton for the second spot there.

Avalon (1-0, 4-3) is at Penelope (1-1, 5-3), where hopes are at an all-time high for the Wolverines to have a shot at the playoffs. A win here is a must for either team with Coolidge on the horizon.

In district 16, Calvert, Cherokee, Buckholts and Lometa are just getting district play underway this weekend.

Next week, we’ll see where these games went and start giving some playoff scenerios.

10/18/07 BLOG
District play began last week with few surprises. A few more teams start this week, while a few still don’t get started until week eight. Here is a rundown of all of the big games being played on Friday.

All of these are district games.

Game of the Week
#6 Grady (6-0) vs. #19 Fort Davis (6-1)
This is the second week in a row I have Fort Davis in the GOW. The reason is that one more loss here (they fell to Rankin in the district opener last week, 56-16) and their post season hopes are done, save for a miracle.

Games of Interest
#26 Robert Lee (3-2) vs. #13 Ira (7-0)
This is a statement game for Ira. Robert Lee was supposed to challenge for the district title, but has dropped games to Eden and Rankin. Ira has been on a roll and look to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the district 3 teams.

#10 Meadow (5-1) vs. #37 New Home (4-2)
This is the first district game for Meadow, while NH beat Whiteface last weekend. Expect a blowout by Meadow, but you never know.

#40 Lorenzo (4-3) vs. #9 Happy (3-3)
The two 1-0 in district teams face off for the top spot in the early going. Happy is a big favorite.

#28 Aspermont (4-2) vs. #7 Throckmorton (5-2)
There was some confusion on my site when I spoke about these teams last week. Without a doubt, this is the game for the second spot in this district behind Rule. The loser will be watching the postseason from the stands. Throckmorton appears to be the better team, but will need to lick their wounds quickly after getting pasted by Rule last Friday, 56-8.

#53 Coolidge (3-3) vs. #8 Trinidad (5-1)
This should be the game of the year in this district, although Penelope hopes to challenge that thought.

#61 Blum (2-4) vs. #21 Abbott (5-1)
Before the season, this looked like a tight match-up that would favor Blum slightly. Things have not materialized as planned for the Bobcats and they need a win this week to start heading down the right path if they intend to make the playoffs.

#38 Balmorhea (3-2) vs. #66 Sierra Blanca (2-4)
Always unpredictable, this district will be a battle every week. No lead is safe, no team is unbeatable… except maybe Marathon.

#43 Jayton (3-4) vs. #85 Trent (3-4)
Are the Jaybirds back on track? This game will let us know. I would also bet that there is not another game in the country that will pit the Jaybirds vs. Gorillas at any level. What’s even cooler is that Trent sports one of the nicest new fields in the country--a six-man stadium with field turf. Check out these photos from my buddy Don Hardin.
Photo 1
Photo 2

#56 Amherst (4-2) vs. #65 Whitharral (2-4)
Whitharral was a top-10 team in the preseason and now they are an underdog at home in their own district. With Southland playing well and on the horizon for both teams, this looks like a must win game for both.

#12 Motley County (6-1) vs. #34 Samnorwood (3-4)
Samnorwood beat Motley County 48-36 last season and then won a coin flip to make the playoffs. I doubt the Matadors have forgotten and look to take their frustrations out on the Eagles.

#68 Lohn (4-2) vs. #45 Zephyr (4-3)
I like both of these teams, as well as Paint Rock, in this district, so this could be make-or-break time for someone. Zephyr will have a slight advantage at home. Zephyr’s Jason Hughes has six interceptions already this season.

10/9/07 BLOG
Unlike the rest of the state, six-man is only now finally delving into the district season. For a complete look at the district standings, please check my website. Four districts don’t even get started until next week (DI-Dist.16, DII-Dist. 10 , DII-Dist. 12 and DII-Dist. 16).

In honor of the district season starting, I am putting the game of the week first. There are a few games that are so important, that common sense necessitates it.

Game of the Week: #4 Rankin (6-0) at #16 Fort Davis (6-0)
No district is tougher than Division I –District 1 and the district season starts with a doozie. This is a huge game. The loser is in for the fight of their life to try and make the playoffs. The winner still has Grady, Sands and Garden City to look forward to. Without a doubt one of the best districts in the state, where you are never sure who is going to win on a given day.

Rankin 6-0
Grady 6-0
Fort Davis 6-0
Garden City 4-1
Sands 4-2

You have three undefeated teams (Rankin, Grady and Fort Davis), a team with one loss (Garden City) and then Sands at 4 and 2. Garden City’s only loss was to #3 Calvert.

In the end, it may come down to who is able to avoid the injury bug.

Games of Interest
#6 Throckmorton (5-1) at #2 Rule (6-0)

This would normally be expected to be the game of the week, however, despite this game’s importance within the district race, they seem to both be head-and-shoulders above the other teams.

Rule 6-0
Throckmorton 5-1
Aspermont 4-2
Knox City 3-3
Spur 3-3

Valley seems to be the only team in Region II capable of stopping these two from a rematch in the quarterfinals.

#5 Valley (5-1) at #29 Crowell (3-2)
Speaking of Valley, they play what could be their toughest district game this weekend on the road at Crowell. Valley has played a great non-district schedule to get them ready for this part of the season.

#27 Eden (4-2) at #32 Rochelle (5-1)
This looks like the battle for the second playoff spot in Division I-District 15. We all know that Richland Springs looms in the distance for these teams, so they need to take care of business right here and now.

#59 Sierra Blanca (2-3) at #58 Sanderson (1-5)
This may not look like much, but this match-up of teams from DII-District 1 is about as even as they can get. There are four teams in this district with a realistic shot at the playoffs, depending on who stays healthy.

#83 Trent (3-3) at #51 Hermleigh (4-2)
If you would have told me two years ago that Hermleigh would be back in six-man and heading into district as the favorite, I would have thought you were crazy. But the Cardinals’ hopes are as high as they’ve been since the mid-90’s and a Digby or two was roaming the halls.

#33 Samnorwood (3-3) at #26 McLean (4-0)
A battle of playoff teams from a year ago, this one is more significant now that Motley County is ranked #1 in Division II and on the horizon for both. Those three ended up in a three-way tie last season and the Matadors lost a coin flip they aren’t likely to forget soon.

#47 Zephyr (3-3) at #103 Novice (5-1)
How is a 5-1 team at home a prohibitive underdog? Welcome to six-man football.

#87 Sidney (3-3) at #56 Iredell (4-2)
A win at home by Iredell can pretty much seal a ticket to the playoffs.

Several notes of interest:Division II Milford won the battle of undefeated teams when the Bulldogs beat division I Abbott last weekend, 49-10.

Patton Springs (which is located in Afton) has been competing all season with only six players. They have forfeited a few games here and there because they couldn’t compete, but have filled those games with junior varsity contests, to keep gaining experience. Two weeks ago, they defeated the varsity alma mater of our Governor, Paint Creek by a score of 48-0.

10/3/07 Blog
We are almost to district play as the season hits the midway point. The season is moving along and district play will begin for some next week. I am getting lazy and just want to list a few games of interest this week before I start to give some district rundowns next time.

Games of Interest
May (5-0) vs. Throckmorton (4-1)
May has a couple of good wins, but their win streak is in serious jeopardy as they travel to Thockmorton.

Valley (4-1) vs. Happy (2-2)
The Patriots play Happy a week after the big win over Meadow. Happy fell two Meadow just two weeks ago and really needs a signature win.

Northside (4-1) at Rockwall Heritage (3-1)
The UIL Division II champion travels to play the TAPPS Division I champion. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Jayton (2-3) vs. Rule (5-0)
The battle of runner-ups. Two weeks ago we had the defending champions (Northside and Richland Springs). This week it is the two runner-ups. I don’t expect this one to make it too far past halftime.

Granbury Happy Hill (3-2) vs. Richland Springs (4-0)
The defending champs play a perennial power from TAPPS. Interesting match up, but maybe not this season.

SA FEAST Homeschool (4-0) at Apple Springs (5-0)
Two undefeated teams. Not much else to say here as neither team has played anyone of substance just yet.

Robert Lee (2-2) vs. Rochelle (5-0)
Rochelle could be for real. Robert Lee hasn’t really played up to expectations so far.

Hermleigh (4-1) vs. Grady (5-0)
Grady highly ranked, but been throttling weak opponents. Hermleigh is enjoying a renaissance and is looking to make a splash with the upset.

Game of the Week#12 Abbott (4-0) vs. #28 Milford (5-0)
I like this game not only because it pits two undefeated teams, but two teams that have continued a rivalry despite being in separate divisions. Milford and Abbott are about 22 miles apart and both are steeped is success.

If you are in the Metroplex and can make a game on Friday, this would be a great one to attend.

Link of the WeekThis week’s link is a plug for two new features on my own website. Last week I added two places for six-man fans with phones that can use a web browser and

At “livescores”, you will be able to see final scores as they are reported easily. It is very text-oriented and easily loaded. The “partials” site is just what it seems—games in progress.

As with any website, these depend on those out at the games to participate. So if you are at a six-man game this weekend, please enter your scores.

9/26/07 Blog
Numbers. What do they mean?

Seriously, there has been such a hubbub about Tyler Ethridge of Richland Springs breaking the all-time high school touchdown passing record this past weekend. Sure it was six-man, but throwing 186 touchdown passes at any level is pretty darn amazing. If it wasn’t, then why hasn’t it been done?

The credit for this record goes to entire Richland Springs team. You have to be pretty good to score all of those points. Think out this, six points times 186 touchdowns is 1116 points. Over 40 games, that’s an average of 27.9 points a game just on passing. We haven’t included extra points, rushing, defensive or special team scores!

Speaking of Richland Springs, this week they face El Paso Faith Christian. When I Googled El Paso to Richland Springs, it came up as a 504 miles and over seven hours of driving time! That’s a serious road trip, never mind the fact your are having to play the best team in the state.

Speaking of outrageous numbers, Calvert’s Wendell Green has 1129 yards already on 53 carries with 19 touchdowns. In what I called the game of the week here last week, he amassed 407 yards and eight touchdowns in the #3-Trojans 86-58 win over then #5-Trinidad.

The Trojans are for real people and look destined for a quarterfinal rematch against Richland Springs.

In a huge division II game, Bradley Brown of #2-Motley County carried the ball 14 times for 394 yards and eight rushing touchdowns in the Matadors big 90-45 win over then #7-Jayton. Brown also returned a kickoff for another score.

Oglesby (0-3) at Cranfills Gap (0-4)
Hey somebody has to win, right?. This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up a win and get things moving in the right direction. Oglesby should be favored to snatch a victory on the road.

Eden (3-1) at Rankin (4-0)
Here is a game pitting two teams that moved to six-man just a year ago. Eden struggled to a 2-8 record in their first year, but seem to be getting the hang of the game this time around. Rankin was 8-2 a year ago and really hope to make the playoffs this season under former Throckmorton head coach Danny Davis.

Game of the Week: #5 Meadow (4-0) at #9 Valley (3-1)
This is not the “serenity” game of the week. It sounds so peaceful, Meadow and Valley. But when these two teams clash Friday night in Turkey, there will be some serious hitting.

Valley beat Meadow, 38-30 in the 2005 state semifinals, amidst the Patriots second straight run to the title game. Last season the Broncos pounded Valley, 56-6 in week four, en route to the semifinals again.

Meadow is facing their second straight top-ten team, after holding off Happy, 34-26 last weekend. Will they be up for the task of two-straight tough games?

9/17/07 Blog
If you can’t get excited for football this weekend in six-man, then you just aren’t trying.

This is a great week that many fans have been looking forward to since seeing the schedule, with three games that pit some of the best teams across the state.

The game that will likely garner all of the attention is the battle of the defending state champions: Richland Springs (2-0) vs Northside (3-0). This game is on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. in Abilene’s Shotwell Stadium. Tickets are $5 at the gate.

After last week’s pitting of the #2 ranked teams in each division, we move to the #1’s in week three. One would expect this to be the game of the week, but I really don’t expect this to go the distance, as Richland Springs has just too much experience in big games and too much talent.

This isn’t a jab at Northside, as I still think they roll to the division II title again this year, but Richland Springs is a winning machine.

To create even a bigger carrot for Richland Springs in this game is the fact that their all-state quarterback, Tyler Ethridge, is one touchdown shy of tying the national record for touchdown passes in any level of high school football. Last season Ethridge became the all-time leader in six-man football history. This week he hopes to surpass Chris Leak’s 185 touchdown passes. Remember, it was just one year ago that Leak led the Florida Gators to the NCAA National Title.

Another game that features two top-10 teams is #6 Happy (1-1) at #7 Meadow (3-0).

Meadow has been solid the last two seasons, reaching the state semifinals in both 2005 and 2006. The Broncos won this game a year ago 62-36, but I expect a different result here. I think the “The Town Without a Frown” will take a page out of the Rule Bobcats’ playbook and use their speed to come away with the win.

Game of the Week: #3 Calvert (3-0) at #5 Trinidad (3-0)
OK, so I have the two #1-ranked teams in the state playing on a Saturday in a 20,000 seat stadium and that’s not the game of the week? The number six-ranked team is playing at the number seven and that’s not the game of the week?

Yes and yes.

Both of those games will be excellent, however, I think when they kick the ball off in the “Battle of the Trojans” on Friday night in Trinidad, this game will be a barnburner.

Trinidad has Stacey Womack, who is a man among boys. This kid is the real deal and led Trinidad to the quarterfinals last fall. They may have struggled two weeks ago against Greenville Christian a bit, but they will definitely be ready for Calvert.

Calvert, for their part, was a young team that “upset” Trinidad in this game a year ago, 28-14.

Calvert is still young and has great numbers. They destroyed Greenville Christian this past weekend and are looking to make a name for themselves. A big win here could go a long way towards emphasizing that they belong up at the top with the Rules and Richland Springs of the world.

9/12/07 Blog
After two weeks of the season, do we really know anything at all?

I think we can be pretty sure that Richland Springs, Rule and Northside are for real. Both Richland Springs and Rule have dominated ranked and quality opponents, while Northside has defeated two division I teams.

Calvert is another team that looks solid after running through Garden City and Coolidge to start the season. We will certainly find out more on Calvert next week when we have the “Battle of the Trojans” between the Calvert and Trinidad, the #3 and #5 ranked teams in the state.

As for games this week, here’s a list of games involving undefeated teams:
Aspermont (2-0) vs Ira (2-0)
Avalon (2-0) vs Milford (2-0)
Buena Vista (2-0) vs EP Bethel Temple (2-0)
Chillicothe (2-0) vs Gold-Burg (2-0)
Gordon (2-0) vs Abbott (2-0)
Grady (2-0) vs New Home (1-0)
Grandfalls-Royalty (2-0) vs Rankin (2-0)

Game of the Week
-- Rule (2-0) vs Motley County (2-0)
This game pits the number two team in each division. Rule has played one of the more difficult schedules around and is a prohibitive favorite in this game. For the Matadors, this is an opportunity to show the six-man world that they are ready for the next step. They missed the playoffs last season on a coin flip and returned four starters on each side of the ball from that team.

Here’s a couple of other games that I find interesting, but do not involved a pair of undefeated teams are listed:
-- Strawn (0-2) vs Rockwall Heritage (2-0)
-- Throckmorton (1-1) vs Crowell (1-1)
-- Valley (1-1) vs Follett (2-0)

Strawn, the 2003 state champion, is 0-2, but don’t let that fool you. The Greyhounds have lost to #10 Valley and #13 Abbott last weekend in a heartbreaker.

Throckmorton, who won the “Battle of Throckmorton County” over Woodson last weekend, must now travel to Crowell. The Wildcats gave Northside some trouble in week zero and could be a tough test for the Greyhounds.

The Valley Patriots will try to rebound after a loss to Rule against Division II stalwart, Follett. The Panthers have cruised through their first two opponents.

Link of the week:This week I am going to give props to a fellow board that tries to keep up with all things involving private schools. is an excellent source for information relating to the private schools. We work real close to try and get the best information possible out there for schools that don’t always get a lot of pub. Try their six-man message board.

9/4/2007 BLOG
The season has finally begun. It was a great weekend for football by all accounts despite a few hiccups along the way due to some crazy weather.

Let’s take a quick look at the top tens in both divisions. (A special thanks to Don Hardin, aka txsixii, for helping put some of this together)

Division I
1. Richland Springs def. #5. Happy 78-32
2. Rule def. Idalia CO. 54-8
3. Calvert def. Garden City 71-26
4. Trinidad def. Throckmorton 66-40
5. Happy Lost to #1. Richland Springs 78-32
6. Rankin def. #10 Robert Lee 68-22
7. Meadow def. Silverton 50-8
8. Blum lost to Fredericksburg Heritage 56-6
9. Valley def. Strawn 50-30
10.Robert Lee lost to #6 Rankin 68-22

Division II
1. Northside def Crowell 45-22
2. Jayton def, Benjamin 61-12
3. Woodson lost to May 71-54
4. Motley County def. Kress 60-12
5. Samnorwood lost to Paducah 32-28
6. Borden County lost to New Home 50-18
7. Gustine lost to Gordon 60-18
8. Follett def. Groom 42-13
9. Iredell def. Jonesboro 46-40
10. Whitharral lost to Whiteface 14-0

In DI, three of the top teams lost, but two of those were to higher ranked teams. Fifth-ranked Happy fell to #1 Richland Springs, 78-32, while #10 Robert Lee fell to #6 Rankin, 68-22.

The only major shocker was #8 Blum falling to Fredericksburg Heritage, 56-6. Heritage has been a great program over the past four seasons. They won the TAPPS Division II title in 2004 and 2005 and reached the semifinals last fall. Blum was coming off the best season in school history, a semifinal appearance.

Supposedly both teams had starters missing, so it may not be the best indicator of where they are, but the result surely does get my attention. It certainly got the computer’s attention, almost knocking the Bobcats out of the top-30! We’ll have to see how these teams fare the next few weeks. Blum hosts a good DII team, Milford, Friday night.

In Division II, half of the top-10 fell in the first weekend.

Third-ranked Woodson falling to May is not that big of a shocker, nor is fifth-ranked Samnorwood losing to Paducah. Both teams played solid division I opponents.

Borden County losing to New Home and Whitharral falling to Whiteface were a bit of a shock. Both teams are going through some changes, but these results were still a bit alarming.

Gustine falling to Gordon didn’t seem like that big of an upset, but getting blown out is interesting. Are the Gordon Longhorns making a return to prominence or is Gustine just down from a years ago? We may learn more about Gustine in two weeks when they face Richland Springs. Gordon gets a shot in what should be an exciting game against defending TAPPS DII champion Fort Worth Glenview this week.

Several top games this week include: Valley at Rule, Milford at Blum, Abbott at Strawn, Trinidad at Greenville Christian, Paducah vs Happy, Ropes at Jayton and Rankin at Midland Trinity.

Link of the week:
This week’s link is actually something that was posted on my website this weekend. A few weeks ago, I created a map of each public school town on my website. If you are looking for a school, just click on it’s link and a Google map would show. Now on my site, CoyoteHoops (aka Tony Dodson) posted a project they had completed that is a map of all public six-man schools in one map. It is extremely cool! You can view it in your browser here
or download Google Earth and view it in that program.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

8/28/2007 BLOG
Do you hear that noise? The clash of the pads, the sound of the air coming out of some unsuspecting young boy getting nailed by a teammate in practice, the chatter of the locals at the coffee shop and yes, the incessant typing on the keyboards of fans - a virtual cacophony of noise.

Yes, it is finally here – football season.

After a long and unusually wet summer, players and fans alike are so jacked up right now that they just might’ve exploded if they didn’t at least get a scrimmage last week.

As someone who has the responsibility of running a website dedicated to six-man football, this is the best time of the year. Fans are all harboring dreams that their team can reach the big games (yes, the two division scheme is alive and well in six-man) this December.

But the reality is that only a few have the opportunity to taste the thrill of victory in that final game. But, hey, this is a feel good column this week, so I won’t bring you down.

For those of you who have not had a chance to catch a six-man game, I implore you to make that your duty this fall. Once you have seen a game, it will change your life. Heck, I even encourage you to take the plunge in the zero week, as there are just too many opportunities.

Now my personal recommendation if you choose to catch a game and want the full-fledged, small-town feel is to stick to the public school games. There are many private schools that play excellent football (and I will recommend great games with them all season), but for that “take-me-back” feel, they aren’t exactly the same.

Several communities are hosting multiple games on either Friday or Saturday. These should all be outrageously fun, so if you have the chance, head to defending division I state champion, Richland Springs, division II state finalist, Jayton or Hico (the editor’s pick in this month’s Texas Monthly).

If you want to see six-man football in a larger venue, you can head to Midland’s Grande Stadium for Midland Trinity vs. Water Valley or in Abilene McMurry’s Wilford Moore Stadium to see Division I state runner-up and preseason #2 Rule take on Idalia, Colorado, who has won something like six of the last nine state championships in that state.

Of course there are plenty of other games you could attend around the state that would be great. For a complete listing, of the games this week, please check out the schedule on my site.

Link of the week:
Every week in this space, I hope to recommend a website that I think is worthy of your time. This week’s website is Run by alum Shannon Hunt (no relation, LOL), this is one of the most professional team sites you will ever find. The site is befitting a program that was the talk of the 90’s, winning two state titles in 1996 and 1999. Check out the video links where Shannon has Gordon footage from ESPN (sorry Southlake Carroll, the Longhorns were on there long before your prime time games), including the initial Texas vs. Colorado match-up in 1994. Both Shannon and Rule head coach Mike Reed played in that first game against Revere, Colo., as the Longhorns shut them out 18-0.

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