Catching up with...Rhett Bomar
Catching up with...Rhett Bomar
2014-03-27 12:00:00

DCTF catches up with former star QB-turned-coach Rhett Bomar.

 By Alex Gustafson

It's been quite a winding road for Rhett Bomar. The former star quarterback recruit coming out of Grand Prairie, Bomar seemed destined for greatness when he committed to Oklahoma...only to be dismissed from the team following allegations of NCAA violations in connection with his work at a car dealership. He transferred to Sam Houston State, where he showed why he was one of the top prospects in the nation coming out of high school, ending his career as the Bearkats' all-time leading passer.

After a brief stint in the NFL, Bomar is back in Texas, joining his father Jerry Bomar's staff at Orange Grove. DCTF's Alex Gustafson caught up with Bomar for a brief Q&A.

What is it like coaching with your dad?

I enjoyed playing for him and coaching with him has been fun these past two years. We have a good relationship. Running the offense has been fun.

What has life been like since you stopped playing?

Coaching has been fun. I always said that if I wasn’t playing then coaching would be the next best thing. Coaching keeps your competitive edge. Sports is all I’ve known my whole life. I always wanted to play in the pros. As a coach, I’ve impacted kid’s lives. My goal is to be a head coach some day.

What are your impressions of star Orange Grove QB Hondo Harris heading into the upcoming season?

 He’s getting bigger and his arm is stronger. He’s more mature and everything is coming more naturally and I expect big things from Hondo this year.

Additionally, Bomar said that Harris will be shouldering more of the offensive load this season with an overhaul on the offensive side of the ball, with their four starting wide receivers graduating.

Alex Gustafson is a special contributor to


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