Best of Six-Man
Best of Six-Man
2013-01-18 07:30:00

Ken Capps wraps up the six-man season with the Best of Six-Man.

 By Ken Capps Special Contributor

Happy New Year!  While contemplating our New Year's resolutions, we had a grand time recollecting' our memories of memories of Six-Man, Texas…road trippin' across our great state, in all kinds of weather and on all kinds of roads from the season opener in Hico to the state championships in Abilene. We've covered more than 1,000 miles and consumed Lord knows how many thousands of calories.
One constant: We met great fans and coaches who love the game, love their kids, love their towns. Folks who made extended terrific hospitality, made us laugh, even jump-started our SUV.
So now we look back at the "Best Of" what we experienced this year.
One caveat: this list only includes places we actually visited. Don't worry if your town or stadium is not on here. As the song goes on that Saturday show on the big, big sports network, we may be "Comin' to Your City" next year !!
Thank you all for an incredible year of Texas Six Man !!!  ((and if you want to suggest a category for next year -- BRING IT ON!))  Email us at and best of luck in your spring drills!

Best Comeback Win

The Dallas Academy Bulldogs claimed their first ever state title in ANY sport with a frantic, furious 58-57 come-from-behind win over Lucas Christian to claim the TCAF six man state title. The Bulldogs opted to go for two - which is a kick in six man ball - to win the game - and the gamble paid off. Dallas Academy is a learning differences school but the Bulldogs play by the same rules as everybody else. 

Best Way to Win 45 Games … and 45 your Opponent … and Win the State Championship

Richland Springs steamrolled to its third consecutive state title and its 45th consecutive win on this play…ending the game in the third quarter by the 45-point mercy rule to beat Follett for the Division II state championship 60-14.

Best Place for Six Man History

Prairie Lea, Texas  

On this very soil in 1938, Prairie Lea High took on Martindale High in a six-man football game played as a demonstration to see if the Texas UIL would adopt it as a sanctioned sport.  Well, the UIL saw the light, and the rest, they say, is history. The old field west of San Marcos is still  in use and still very very cool. * Note the parking spots right next the stadium !!
Here, Seguin Lifegate blanks San Marcos Hill Country Christian School 58-0.
The Lifegate Christian Falcons went on to claim the TAPPS Division II six-man state title.
Lifegate 30 - Patrick Haley (Jr)
Lifegate 28 - Josh Dodson (Jr)
Lifegate 31 - Kenny Cramblitt (Jr)
(all three were all district and first team all state defensive linemen)
Hill Co 15 - Ben Wilde (Jr)
Photo Courtesy of Melanie Hewell


Best Field – Turf

Well, the Dallas Covenant Knights are hard to beat on this one. ( Zephyr, in West Texas is in the running) The Tapps Division I Six Man Champs play their home game so close to Loop 635 in Dallas that rubber neckers can see the games from the highway. There was once even a sign "no muddy shoes on the field!" But hey, that's how you keep a turf field really nice. In 2012, Covenant hosted a preseason scrimmage featuring Trinidad and Strawn. Of course they went on the road and beat reigning Division I public school champs Throckmorton in the biggest six man game of the year. Wonder who they will bring to Big D to play in 2013?

A special Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Thanks
To the friendly folks of Trinidad and the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department for jumpstarting our SUV after we filed our report the Friday Night Blitz -- and killed the car battery. Great firemen, great people.  

Best Field

The Iredell Dragons win hands down. The field sits right next to the Bosque River - so guess where how it's irrigated? Of course, when it's a dry summer, Houston, rather Iredell, there's a problem. But no worries. The Volunteer Fire Department trucks in water.
The agriculture students make the field their class project, painting the Texas outline and large "I" on the field and keeping the grass well-trimmed. Augusta National doesn't have it this good.


Best Mascot – Inflatable

Gordon Longhorns - never seen a Longhorn with that many teeth.


Best Brisket by a Booster Club
This is another category that is tough to judge.  But the good folks at Cedar Park Summit Christian get the nod this year. Their brisket sandwiches sold by the Booster Club go pretty fast while the Eagles are playing six-man. The BBQ smoke wafts into the crowd making it difficult to stay in your seat. We look forward to taste testing more brisket across Texas in 2013.


Best Musical Group
Austin Veritas put together a very impressive drum line this year, and they add a lot of spirit to the Defenders' six-man game. Honorable Mention: Milford and Jayton. (Veritas Drumline Video)


Best Football Gear/Merchandise

When the Richland Springs Coyote Gear Wagon rolls into town, you think there's a Rolling Stones concert about to break out. Actually, no rock band has anything on the Coyotes, whose Booster Club covers the gamut of all-weather fan gear head-to-toe. Throw in a 3 x 5 flag, towel, bell, backpack, trash can and thermometer and your whole body and house can be decked out in blue and white before the whistle blows for kick-off.

Best Helmet Logo
It's gotta be the Super S of Strawn. Makes me want to dash into a phone booth (wait there are no phone booths anymore) put on a cape and tights and save the world. That's what Coach DeWayne Lee and his Greyhounds try to do each season. Hope Marvel Comics never hassles them.

Meanest Looking Mascot
The Walnut Springs Hornet. Be glad he can't fly off that plaster.


Best Seat in the House

Press Box Toilet - Shotwell Stadium - Abilene. This uni-sex gem is about the size of your toilet on a cruise ship. But forget sunsets and white caps - the view here while you are washing your hands in live game action; while you are sitting - listen to the game announcer, hear the crowd cheer, feel the West Texas wind blowin'. Does it get any better?


Best Frito Pie

The beloved Frito Pie, a staple of every six-man stadium, is delicacy unto itself. And the ladies of the Trinidad Trojan Booster Club have taken this concoction to a whole new level. They treat their ingredients like Col. Sander's recipe - I felt lucky to get a photograph. But whatever is in it - let me tell you it is splendid. Be first in line this season to get one.


Best Concession Food

This is a tough category. But the curly fries curled and fried right before your very eyes at Hico Super Saturday and this year's Semi-Finals wins by a well, a curly fry. Here, six man fan Ben McConnell displays a prime order of curly fries just prior to consumption.

Hottest Day
Well, this was easy: Abbott, Texas. Home of famous six man player Willie Nelson. Week 2 - 9/7/12. 108 degrees as the sun goes down. Abbott loses a thriller to Milford 44-42. Never rained on us once in 15 weeks. Coldest day: 38 degrees. (Seymour - Jayton V. Strawn - 11/23)

Ken Capps is a special contributor to


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