An era gone by
An era gone by
2013-01-15 07:30:00

A glimpse back 82 years in Texas high school football history.

 By Greg Tepper
 DCTF Associate Editor

Here at Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, we accept a number of roles in the Texas high school football world. We serve as perhaps the chief prognosticators, analysts and record-keepers in the Texas high school football world, and that status affords us the unique privilege of getting to both examine the past while anticipating the future.

Which brings us to the 1930 Spur Bulldogs.

Thirty years before Dave Campbell put together the first of his magazines in Waco, the 1930 Spur Bulldogs were certainly something to admire. They went 9-1, dropping only a game to eventual playoff team Slaton (when only the district champion advanced to the postseason), and even kicked off their year with a win over the Texas Tech freshman team.

Led by quarterback Skeeter Lewis, halfback Adrian Rickles and center (and captain) Josie Gaines, the team quickly became the pride of the tiny town in West Texas.

All of this information came to me in a mailer from Mr. Wayne Mason of Sundown, who felt compelled to send me both a hand-written letter and a copy of a newspaper article from the 1930 season.

It’s not every day you get an 82-year-old newspaper article.

That was also the year that Spur halfback Jim Hahn entered the record books, scoring 60 points by himself in a 66-0 drubbing of Lorenzo. His name is still in the record books, and considering we choose to break it up between eras, will be for the rest of time.

It’s things like this article – so graciously submitted by Mr. Mason, whose father Odell “Bottles” Mason was a tackle for the Bulldogs that season – that remind us of the long, illustrious, fascinating history of Texas high school football. Long before the televised 5A Division I title games with nearly 50,000 in attendance between a Dallas-area mega-suburb and a Houston ISD power, there were tiny towns with tiny teams (the heaviest of the 1930 Bulldogs: fullback Brode Puckett, at 180 pounds) playing a game.

It’s one of the many joys – and honors – of writing for the Bible of Texas football: a chance to look back at a time gone by.


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