3A/2A/1A/6M Preview
3A/2A/1A/6M Preview
2012-11-09 08:30:00

DCTF's Greg Tepper breaks down every playoff race in 3A, 2A and 1A. All 96 of them.

 By Greg Tepper
 DCTF Associate Editor

I’m going to attempt to do something that I’m not sure has ever been done, so if I pass out in the middle of it, that’s probably why.

I’m going to attempt to preview Week 10 of the 2012 Texas high school football season in Classes 3A, 2A, 1A and six-man by going district by district, identifying the important games in each one, and laying out the playoff scenarios.

And I’ll preview the best private school games at the bottom, too.

It’s dangerous, I know, and borderline insane. But I do it because I love you all very much.

(A few notes before we begin. Any record that I put in here will be the team’s district record. And, well, I don’t know every district tiebreaker in the state, so if I don’t know something, I’m going to tell you. So, there’s that.)

Without further ado, the most ambitious Week 10 small-school preview in history.

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 Class 3A

Class 1-3A

Who’s definitely in: Dalhart (3-0; DII)

Who’s definitely out: Amarillo River Road (0-3)

Important games:  Borger (1-2) at Amarillo River Road (0-3), Dalhart (3-0) at Perryton (2-1)

Breakdown: This has a potential to be very simple, with three teams – Borger, Perryton and Pampa (who is idle at 2-2) fighting for two spots. Perryton is in with a win or a Borger loss to Amarillo River Road. Borger is in with a win over Amarillo River Road and a Perryton win over Dalhart, by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker over Pampa. Pampa backs into the playoffs if Borger loses to Amarillo River Road. If Dalhart beats Perryton and Borger beats Amarillo River Road, it’s a three-way tie for those last two spots, and, well, I have no idea what the tiebreaker is. And Dalhart can clinch the top Division II seed with a win.

Tepper’s picks: You know what? I think we get chaos. Give me Dalhart over Perryton, and Borger over Amarillo River Road.


Class 2-3A

Who’s definitely in: Shallowater (4-0; No. 1 DII), Lubbock Estacado (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Lubbock Cooper (1-3)

Important games: Andrews (2-2) at Seminole (1-3), Levelland (1-3) at Shallowater (4-0)

Breakdown: What a mess, with three teams fighting for the final playoff spot and division seedings up for grabs. Andrews is in with a win over Seminole. Seminole is in with a win over Andrews and a Shallowater win over Levelland. Levelland’s only shot is to beat Shallowater and have Seminole beat Andrews to force a three-way tie. As far as Estacado’s division is concerned, the Matadors will be the Division I representative if Seminole is the third team; they’ll be the No. 2 seed in DII if it’s Levelland or Andrews.

Tepper’s picks: I think things get funky. I like Seminole over Andrews, Shallowater over Levelland  and Lubbock Estacado over Lubbock Cooper. That would give Seminole the final playoff spot as the No. 2 DII seed, and Estacado as the DI representative.


District 3-3A

Who’s definitely in: Nobody

Who’s definitely out: Anthony (0-4)

Important games: Pecos (2-2) at Fort Stockton (2-2), Clint Mountain View (3-1) at Anthony (0-4), Fabens (2-2) at Clint (3-1)

Breakdown: That’s right: nobody’s clinched a playoff spot yet. Yuck. Let’s at least clean this up a bit by assuming that Clint Mountain View is going to beat Anthony, a team been outscored 404-0 in its last seven games. That means Mountain View is in. Clint is in with a win over Fabens. Pecos is in with a win over Fort Stockton. Fort Stockton is in with a win over Pecos and a Clint win over Fabens. Fabens has to beat Clint to keep its playoff hopes alive. Past that, there are a ton of point differential tiebreakers that I won’t bore you with. It’s complicated. And if Anthony beats Clint Mountain View, I give up.

Tepper’s picks: I think it will actually be relatively boring. I like Pecos over Fort Stockton, Clint Mountain View over Anthony, and Clint over Fabens. That would mean the trio is Clint Mountain View (DI), Clint (No. 1 seed in DII) and Pecos (No. 2 seed in DII).


District 4-3A

Who’s definitely in: Abilene Wylie (4-0; DI), Monahans (3-1; No. 1 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Big Spring (0-4)

Important games:  Snyder (1-3) at Midland Greenwood (2-2), Abilene Wylie (4-0) at Sweetwater (2-2)

Breakdown: Potentially easy, and potentially very messy. If Midland Greenwood beats Snyder, Greenwood gets the last playoff spot. Things only get complicated if Snyder beats Greenwood. If Snyder beats Greenwood, and Sweetwater beats hands Abilene Wylie its first loss of the year, Sweetwater gets the last playoff spot. If Snyder beats Greenwood and Abilene Wylie beats Sweetwater, we have a three-way tie that would be determined by point differential. The short version of that: Greenwood  beat Sweetwater by 18, meaning they’d need to get blown out by Snyder to be in real danger of missing the playoffs.

Tepper’s picks: Let’s go with Midland Greenwood over Snyder and Abilene Wylie over Sweetwater, so Greenwood takes the final playoff spot.


District 5-3A

Who’s definitely in: Graham (3-0, No. 1 DII), Vernon (2-1, No. 2 DII), Burkburnett (2-1, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Wichita Falls Hirschi (1-3), Iowa Park (0-3)

Important games: None.

Breakdown: Everything’s settled, from the playoff teams all the way down to the seedings. Nothing to see here. Move along.


District 6-3A

Who’s definitely in: Kennedale (4-0), Springtown (4-1, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Fort Worth Diamond Hill-Jarvis (0-5)

Important games: Fort Worth Castleberry (1-3) at Lake Worth (2-2), Kennedale (4-0) at Mineral Wells (2-2)

Breakdown: Not nearly as complicated as it looks, with three teams fighting for the final playoff spot. If Lake Worth beats Fort Worth Castleberry, Lake Worth gets the final playoff spot (and would be the No. 2 seed in Division II, pushing Kennedale to DI). Mineral Wells needs to beat Kennedale and have Fort Worth Castleberry beat Lake Worth to get in the playoffs themselves, in which they’d be the DI representative. Castleberry’s only hope of getting to the playoffs is to force a three-way tie at 2-3, meaning the Lions beat Lake Worth, and Kennedale beats Mineral Wells.

Tepper’s picks: Another boring pick, but I like Lake Worth over Fort Worth Castleberry, giving Lake Worth the final spot and rendering the Kennedale-Mineral Wells game moot (though I like Kennedale there).


District 7-3A

Who’s definitely in: Stephenville (4-0; DI), Glen Rose (2-1, No. 1 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Hillsboro (0-3)

Important games: Venus (1-2) at Alvarado (1-2), Hillsboro (0-3) at Glen Rose (2-1)

Breakdown: Super-simple here, as Venus-Alvarado is a de facto playoff game: winner gets the third playoff spot, loser goes home, and the loser will be the No. 2 seed in Division II.

Tepper’s pick: Alvarado has underperformed all year, and Venus has overperformed all year, but I still like Alvarado over Venus.


District 8-3A

Who’s definitely in: Gatesville (4-0, No. 1 DII), Brownwood (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Lampasas (0-4)

Important games:  Gatesville (4-0) at Liberty Hill (2-2), Llano (1-3) at Brownwood (3-1), Lampasas (0-4) at Burnet (2-2)

Breakdown: Three teams for one playoff spot. Liberty Hill, by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker over Burnet, controls its own destiny, needing only a win over unbeaten Gatesville or a Lampasas win over Burnet to clinch a playoff spot. Lampasas needs a win over Burnet and a Gatesville win over Liberty Hill to snag the final spot. And Llano prays for chaos, needing a win over Brownwood, a Lampasas win over Burnet and a Gatesville win over Liberty Hill to force a three-way tie at 2-3. If the final team is Burnet, they’ll be the Division I representative, shoving Brownwood to DII. If the final team is either Liberty Hill or Llano, they’d be the No. 2 seed in DII, with Brownwood going Division I.

Tepper’s picks: Let’s go by the chalk – Gatesville over Liberty Hill, Brownwood over Llano, and Burnet over Lampasas – which would give Burnet the final playoff spot. Their reward? A first-round meeting with Stephenville.


District 9-3A

Who’s definitely in: Gainesville (3-0, DI), Krum (3-1, No. 1 DII), Bridgeport (2-1, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Decatur (0-3), Sanger (0-3)

Breakdown: We’re all done here. I’m interested to watch Gainesville at Bridgeport, but that’s for purely entertainment reasons.


District 10-3A

Who’s definitely in: Argyle (3-0, DII), Celina (3-0, DII), Frisco Lone Star (2-2, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Aubrey (0-3), Carrollton Ranchview (0-3)

Important games: Argyle (3-0) at Celina (3-0)

Breakdown: The only thing left to determine here is the seeding in Division II – and the district title – with a heavyweight matchup between Argyle’s sensational defense, led by Sam Sizelove and Reese Thompson, and Celina’s all-around outstanding squad, with QB Nathan Elliott at the controls. Winner gets the top DII seed and faces Bridgeport in bi-district; loser gets the second DII seed and faces upstart Krum.

Tepper’s pick: There’s something about Celina, at home, in November, that makes me think the Bobcats have this one by a hair. Give me Celina over Argyle.


District 11-3A

Who’s definitely in: Dallas Madison (3-0, No. 1 DII), Ferris (2-1, DI), Dallas Roosevelt (1-2, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Dallas Prime Prep Academy (ineligible), Wilmer-Hutchins (0-3)

Breakdown: I like when things are boring like this. Everything’s set after Madison’s win over Wilmer-Hutchins, and this district is closed for business.


District 12-3A

Who’s definitely in: Melissa (3-0, No. 1 DII), Princeton (2-1, DI), Bonham (2-2, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Anna (1-2), Nevada Community (0-3)

Breakdown: Yay! Easy! And we’ve got some great bi-district matchups set, with Melissa and Dallas Roosevelt, Dallas Madison and Bonham, and Princeton and Ferris.


District 13-3A

Who’s definitely in: Paris (4-0, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Pleasant Grove (0-4)

Important games: Paris (4-0) at Liberty-Eylau (3-1), Pleasant Grove (0-4) at Paris North Lamar (2-2), Atlanta (2-2) at Pittsburg (1-3)

Breakdown: OK, so, we’ve got four teams for two spots. The most important facts not yet in this paragraph: Liberty-Eylau beat Paris North Lamar, Atlanta beat Liberty-Eylau, and Paris North Lamar beat Atlanta. Those are your head-to-head tiebreakers. So, Liberty-Eylau is in with a win over Paris or a Pittsburg win over Atlanta or a Pleasant Grove win over Paris North Lamar. Atlanta is in with a win over Pittsburg and a Pleasant Grove win over Paris North Lamar. Paris North Lamar is in with a win over Pleasant Grove and a Pittsburg win over Atlanta. If Paris beats Liberty-Eylau, Paris North Lamar beats Pleasant Grove and Atlanta beats Pittsburg, there’d be a three-way tie between L-E, North Lamar and Atlanta for the two playoff spots. And don’t forget Pittsburg; the Pirates need a win over Atlanta and a Pleasant Grove win over North Lamar to force a three-way tie for the final playoff spot. Exhale.

Tepper’s picks: I like Paris over Liberty-Eylau, Paris North Lamar over Pleasant Grove and Atlanta over Pittsburg, giving us a three-team pile-up at 3-2 for the final playoff spots. And I have no idea what the tiebreaker is.


District 14-3A

Who’s definitely in: Nobody

Who’s definitely out: Emory Rains (0-3)

Important games: Crandall (2-1) at Quinlan Ford (2-1), Wills Poiint (2-1) at Emory Rains (0-3)

Breakdown: Oh, mercy, what have you gotten yourself into, District 14-3A? Four teams at two district wins – don’t forget Kaufman, who’s done with their season at 2-2 – with one week to go. Here’s what we know: the winner of Crandall-Quinlan Ford is in. If Wills Point beats winless Emory Rains, Wills Point is in. And Kaufman backs into a playoff spot if Wills Point beats Emory Rains and Quinlan Ford beats Crandall, by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker over Crandall. Things get very wonky if Wills Points gets upset by Emory Rains, with a three-team pile-up at 2-2 for the final playoff spot.

Tepper’s picks: I think things are very easy. I think Crandall beats Quinlan Ford and Wills Point beats Emory Rains, meaning that Crandall goes Division I, Wills Point gets the No. 1 seed in Division II, and Quinlan Ford, by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker over Kaufman, gets the No. 2 seed in DII.


District 15-3A

Who’s definitely in: Van (4-0, DII), Canton (4-0, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Mineola (0-4), Mabank (0-4)

Important games: Athens (2-2) at Brownsboro (2-2), Canton (4-0) at Van (4-0)

Breakdown: This one’s super-simple. Athens-Brownsboro is a Division I playoff game; the winner is the DI representative, and the loser is going home. As for Canton-Van, aside from being an outstanding game, the winner gets to be the No. 1 seed in Division II, while the loser is the No. II seed. In short, they’re playing for the right to avoid Gilmer in the first round.

Tepper’s picks: I think Brownsboro beats Athens to claim the final spot, and I like Van over Canton for the district title.


District 16-3A

Who’s definitely in: Kilgore (5-0, DI), Gilmer (5-0, No. 1 DII), Henderson (3-2, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Bullard (2-3), Tyler Chapel Hill (2-4), Longview Spring Hill (1-4), Gladewater (0-5)

Breakdown: The playoff situation is settled here, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching the best game in the state this weekend: Kilgore at Gilmer. For what it’s worth, I’ll take Kilgore in a low-scoring slugfest.


District 17-3A

Who’s definitely in: None

Who’s definitely out: Robinson (1-3), West (0-4)

Important games: China Spring (3-1) at Lorena (3-1), Waco La Vega (3-1) at Robinson (1-3), West (0-4) at Waco Connally (2-2)

Breakdown: Nobody’s claimed a playoff spot yet, so everything gets settled tonight. The winner of China Spring-Lorena is in. If Waco La Vega beats Robinson, they’re in. Waco Connally can clinch an outright playoff spot, but it’s tricky: it needs a win over West and a China Spring win over Lorena and a Waco La Vega win over Robinson. There’s only one possible three-way tie scenario: China Spring over Lorena, Robinson over Waco La Vega and Waco Connally over West. That would have a three-way tie for two spots

Tepper’s picks: I’m going with China Spring over Lorena on the road, Waco La Vega squeaking by a tough Robinson team, and Waco Connally beating West. That would mean that China Spring is the No. 1 DII representative, Waco La Vega is the DI representative, and Lorena gets the No. 2 DII spot.


District 18-3A

Who’s definitely in: Navasota (3-0, No. 1 DII), Taylor (2-1, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Madisonville (1-3)

Important game: Caldwell (1-2) at Rockdale (1-2)

Breakdown: Yes, Navasota takes on Taylor for the district title, with Navasota chasing a perfect season, but there aren’t any playoff implications there. Instead, we get Caldwell-Rockdale as a Division II playoff game. The winner is in as the No. 2 DII seed; the loser turns in pads on Saturday.

Tepper’s pick: As cool as it would be for a 2-7 Caldwell team to make the playoffs, I don’t see it. Give me Rockdale over Caldwell.


District 19-3A

Who’s definitely in: Palestine (3-0, No. 1 DII), Fairfield (3-0, DI), Groesbeck (2-2, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Rusk (0-3), Mexia (0-3)

Breakdown: Absolutely I’m interested in Palestine at Fairfield for the district championship. It just doesn’t have any playoff implications.


District 20-3A

Who’s definitely in: Carthage (4-0, DI), Center (2-1, DII), Jasper (2-1, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Diboll (0-3), Huntington (0-3)

Important game: Jasper (2-1) at Center (2-1)

Breakdown: The only thing left to decide is the seeding in Division II, where Center and Jasper will tangle for the top DII seed. The winner takes on Groesbeck in the bi-district round; the loser has to deal with Palestine. Neither is a cakewalk, but I think you’d prefer Palestine.

Tepper’s pick: I think this is a high-scoring, fun game that comes down to the wire, and I think Jasper wins it over Center late.


District 21-3A

Who’s definitely in: West Orange-Stark (5-0, No. 1 DII), Silsbee (5-0, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Buna (2-4), Hardin-Jefferson (0-5), Hamshire-Fannett (0-5)

Important game: Orangefield (3-2) at Bridge City (3-2)

Breakdown: Plain and simple, Orangefield and Bridge City are playing for their seasons tonight. The winner is the third playoff team in, and will be the second Division II seed; the loser goes home. Also: West Orange-Stark at Silsbee is going to be awesome, and for the district title, and deciding whether West Orange-Stark goes undefeated. It doesn’t have any playoff implications, but it’s awesome.

Tepper’s picks: Let’s go with Bridge City, who plays much better defense than Orangefield thanks to LB Zach Cole, over Orangefield. Oh, and I’ll take that nasty West Orange-Stark defense over Silsbee.


District 22-3A

Who’s definitely in: Coldspring-Oakhurst (6-0, No. 1 DII), Huffman Hargrave (3-2, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Liberty (2-3), Splendora (1-4), Cleveland Tarkington (0-5)

Important games: Cleveland (3-2) at Shepherd (3-2)

Breakdown: Cleveland-Shepherd is a play-in game, with the winner clinching a playoff berth. The winner will be the No. 2 DII seed, and get the distinct pleasure of playing West Orange-Stark in their first playoff game.

Tepper’s pick: I think the Cleveland defense – Brandon Foster, Francisco Gonzales and Kevin Strong – give the Indians enough stops to get past Shepherd QB Cody Everitt and company.


District 23-3A

Who’s definitely in: Houston Yates (5-1, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Houston Worthing (3-3), Houston Jones (2-4), Houston Washington (1-5), Houston Scarborough (0-6),

Important games: Houston Kashmere (5-1) at Houston Sterling (4-2), Houston Jones (2-4) at Houston Yates (5-1), Houston Worthing (3-3) at Houston Furr (4-2)

Breakdown: It’s strange, but despite being 5-1 in district, Kashmere hasn’t clinched. However, the Rams are sitting pretty, needing only a win over Sterling or a loss to Sterling by 11 or fewer points (for tiebreaker purposes) or a Jones win over Yates or a Worthing win over Furr. Lots of outs, you can see. The second-best situation is Furr, who just needs a win over Worthing and a Kashmere win over Sterling. Furr can even get in with a loss, but Yates would have to beat Jones, Kashmere would have to beat Sterling, and Furr would have to lose by fewer than 16 points. Sterling needs a win over Kashmere and a Worthing win over Furr to get in, but they can also get in with a Furr win if they beat Kashmere by 11 or more and Yates beats Jones. So, what I’m saying is, this is chaos. (Hat tip to our friends at the Houston Chronicle for helping me with that.)

Tepper’s picks: I like Kashmere over Sterling in a close one, Yates over Jones and Furr over Worthing. That means Kashmere is in as the top DII seed, and Furr would squeak into that final DII spot.


District 24-3A

Who’s definitely in: La Marque (3-0, No. 1 DII), West Columbia (3-1, No. 2 DII), Stafford (3-1, DI)

Who’s definitely out: Sweeny (0-3), KIPP Sunnyside (0-3)

Breakdown: What is there to say? La Marque at Stafford is going to be a great game (I think LM wins), but other than that, close the book on an entertaining district.


District 25-3A

Who’s definitely in: El Campo (5-0, DI), Bellville (4-1, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Columbus (2-3), Needville (0-5), Brookshire Royal (0-5)

Important game: Bellville (4-1) at Sealy (3-2)

Breakdown: It’s pretty much all-or-nothing for Sealy. If Sealy beats Bellville, they’re not only in the playoffs, but they’re the No. 1 seed in Division II. But if Bellville beats Sealy, then Wharton – who is idle at 4-2 in district – nabs the final playoff spot, assuming the No. 2 seed in DII.

Tepper’s pick: You know what? I think with Ricky Seals-Jones back, Sealy gets it done. Give me Sealy over Bellville.


District 26-3A

Who’s definitely in: La Grange (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Nobody

Important games: La Grange (4-0) at Cuero (2-2), Gonzales (2-2) at Smithville (1-3), Giddings (1-3) at Yoakum (2-2)

Breakdown: It’s exactly as messy as it looks. And you can’t even say that three wins guarantees you a playoff spot; if Gonzales, Yoakum and Cuero all win, there’d be a three-way tie for two playoff spots at 3-2. And God help us if the opposite were to happen, with La Grange, Smithville and Giddings all winning; then there would be a five-way tie for the two playoff spots. All I know is, it’s good to be La Grange.

Tepper’s picks: I like La Grange over Cuero, Gonzales over Smithville and Yoakum over Giddings. That would mean that Gonzales would be the DI representative, La Grange would be the No. 1 DII representative, and Yoakum takes the second DII spot.


District 27-3A

Who’s definitely in: Wimberley (4-0, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Fredericksburg (0-4), Bandera (0-4)

Important games: Boerne (3-1) at Wimberley (4-0), Geronimo Navarro (3-1) at Fischer Canyon Lake (2-2)

Breakdown: Not nearly as complicated as it looks. Geronimo Navarro is in with a win over Canyon Lake. Boerne is in with a win over Wimberley. Fischer Canyon Lake needs to beat Geronimo Navarro and have Boerne beat Wimberley to clinch an outright spot. If Fischer Canyon Lake and Boerne win? Three-way tie at 3-2 for the final two playoff spots.

Tepper’s pick: I don’t think Wimberley’s going to lose at home, so give me Wimberley over Boerne, and Geronimo Navarro over Fischer Canyon Lake, giving us Wimberley (No. 1 DII), Geronimo Navarro (No. 2 DII) and Boerne (DI) as the representatives.


District 28-3A

Who’s definitely in: Somerset (3-0, DI), Pleasanton (3-1, No. 1 DII), La Vernia (2-1, No. 2 DII)

Who’s definitely out: Poteet (0-3), San Antonio Sam Houston (0-3)

Breakdown: Not much to say, really. I’m interested in La Vernia at Somerset (though I think Somerset will win), but that’s only for entertainment purposes.


District 29-3A

Who’s definitely in: Devine (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Crystal City (0-4)

Important games: Devine (4-0) at Hondo (3-1), Lytle (2-2) at Crystal City (0-4), Pearsall (1-3) at Carrizo Springs (2-2)

Breakdown: Goodness me, let’s try to sort through this one. Hondo is in with a win over Devine or a Crystal City win over Lytle or a Pearsall win over Carrizo Springs. And Lytle is in a better position than you think, by virtue of having a tiebreaker over Carrizo Springs; they need a win over winless Crystal City or a Pearsall win over Carrizo Springs. Carrizo Springs needs to beat Pearsall and get some help, specifically a Crystal City win over Lytle. And Pearsall has to pray for chaos, with a win over Carrizo Springs and a Crystal City win over Lytle, and then survive a tiebreaker.

Tepper’s pick: After all that…I think Devine beats Hondo, Lytle beats Crystal City and Carrizo Springs beats Pearsall. That gives us Devine as the No. 1 seed in DII, Lytle as the No. 2 seed in DII, and Hondo as the DI representative.


District 30-3A

Who’s definitely in: Ingleside (4-0, DI), Orange Grove (3-1, DII), Sinton (3-1, DII)

Who’s definitely out: CC West Oso (1-3), Rockport-Fulton (1-3), Robstown (0-4)

Important games: Ingleside (4-0) at Orange Grove (3-1), Robstown (0-4) at Sinton (3-1)

Breakdown: All that’s left here is seeding. Ingleside doesn’t have a whole lot of playoff implications to play for (just a district title), but Sinton controls its destiny for the top DII seed, needing just a win over winless Robstown to get it. An Ingleside win over Orange Grove would also suffice for Sinton.

Tepper’s picks: I’ll take Ingleside over Orange Grove and Sinton all over Robstown.


District 31-3A

Who’s definitely in: Kingsville King (3-0, DI), Lyford (2-1, DII), Raymondville (2-1, DII)

Who’s definitely out: Rio Grande City Grulla (1-2), Zapata (0-4)

Important games: Lyford (2-1) at Raymondville (2-1)

Breakdown: It’s all over but the seeding. The winner of Lyford-Raymondville will be the No. 1 DII seed, and the loser will be the No. 2 DII seed.

Tepper’s pick: This is a close one, but ultimately, I think I like Lyford’s offense, especially game-breaking WR Art Vasquez, a little more.


District 32-3A

Who’s definitely in: Port Isabel (3-1, No. 1 DII), La Feria (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Progreso (0-3)

Important games: Hidalgo (2-1) at La Feria (2-1), Rio Hondo (1-2) at Progreso (0-3)

Breakdown: Things could get intriguing, considering Rio Hondo’s tiebreaker over Hidalgo. Hidalgo is in with a win over La Feria or a Progreso win over Rio Hondo. But Rio Hondo would storm into the playoffs if it can beat Progreso and La Feria beats Hidalgo. If Hidalgo gets in, they would be the Division I representative, with La Feria grabbing the second DII seed. If Rio Hondo gets in, then La Feria goes DI, and Rio Hondo would be the No. 2 DII seed.

Tepper’s pick: With their season on the line, I think Hidalgo delivers, even though Rio Hondo will beat Progreso.




District 1-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Muleshoe (4-0), Littlefield (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Dimmitt (0-4), Friona (0-4)

Important games: Littlefield (4-0) at Muleshoe (4-0), Childress (2-2) at Bushland (2-2)

Breakdown: Pretty simple, really. Childress and Bushland will play for the third and final playoff spot, with the winner heading home early. And Littlefield and Muleshoe, in one of the very best games of the weekend, battle for the No. 1 seed (and a bye).

Tepper’s picks: I think Childress, behind an inspired effort from RB Da’Shoud Hughes, gets the third playoff spot, and I’m leaning toward Muleshoe’s hard-nosed running game vs. Littlefield (but ask me again in an hour).


District 2-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Idalou (4-0; #1), Denver City (3-1), Brownfield (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Slaton (1-3), Kermit (1-3), Lamesa (0-4)

Important game: Brownfield (3-1) at Denver City (3-1)

Breakdown: This one’s pretty much squared away, but Brownfield and Denver City will tussle for seeding, with the winner getting the No. 2 seed and the loser having to take on whoever loses Muleshoe vs. Littlefield.

Tepper’s pick: When in doubt, take the home team. Give me Ivan De La Rosa and that hard-nosed Denver City defense.


District 3-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Wall (5-0, #1), Bangs (4-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Brady (2-3), Ingram Moore (1-4), San Angelo Grape Creek (0-6)

Important game: Comfort (3-2) at Early (3-2)

Breakdown: The playoffs start early for Comfort and Early (puns!), as this is a win-or-go home game for the third playoff spot.

Tepper’s pick: Two highly unreliable defenses in this one, but I think Comfort’s offense is more likely to take advantage of their opponent’s defensive deficiencies.


District 4-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Eastland (6-0, #1), Merkel (4-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Jim Ned (1-4), Dublin (0-5)

Important games: Comanche (2-3) at Breckenridge (3-2), Clyde (2-3) at Jim Ned (1-4)

Breakdown: Three teams (Comanche, Breckenridge and Clyde) trying to secure that last playoff spot, and Breckenridge is in the best situation, needing only a win at home over Comanche to clinch. Comanche would clinch with a win over Breckenridge and a Jim Ned win over Clyde. Clyde needs to beat Jim Ned and have Comanche beat Breckenridge to stack up a three-team tie for the final playoff spot.

Tepper’s pick: I spent all that time explaining things…and I think it’ll be simple, with Breckenridge over Comanche, thus taking the final playoff spot.


District 5-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Whitesboro (4-1), Boyd (4-1)

Who’s definitely out: Bowie (2-3), Ponder (0-5), Paradise (0-5)

Important games: Bowie (2-3) at Callisburg (4-1), Whitesboro (4-1) at Boyd (4-1)

Breakdown: One spot for two teams, and one of those teams isn’t even playing. Weird. In any case, the only game you need to pay attention to is the Callisburg-Boyd game. If Callisburg beats Boyd, they’re the No. 1 seed and get a bye. If Boyd beats Callisburg, Callisburg is out of the playoffs altogether, and Pilot Point would get in as the third seed. There are a lot of convoluted seeding scenarios for Whitesboro and Boyd, but in short: if Bowie beats Callisburg, the Whitesboro-Boyd game is for the No. 1 seed. If not, it’s for the No. 2 seed. And isn’t it amazing that we’re talking about Whitesboro in the playoffs again, a year after making it for the first time in their 100-year history?

Tepper’s picks: Sorry, Pilot Point. I’m taking Callisburg and the amazing Clay McKenzie to beat Bowie, and Whitesboro to eke out a win over Boyd.


District 6-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Pottsboro (6-0, #1), Farmersville (3-2)

Who’s definitely out: Sunnyvale (2-3), Van Alstyne (1-4), Howe (0-5)

Important games: Commerce (3-2) at Caddo Mills (3-2), Van Alstyne (1-4) at Farmersville (3-2)

Breakdown: Commerce at Caddo Mills is a true playoff game, with the winner nabbing the last playoff spot, and potentially the No. 2 seed. The seed will depend on what Farmersville does against Van Alstyne. If Farmersville beats Van Alstyne, they’re the No. 2 seed, and the Commerce-Caddo Mills winner getting the third seed. If Van Alstyne upsets Farmersville, then the Commerce-Caddo Mills game becomes a battle for the No. 2 seed.

Tepper’s picks: The bottom line is, I just trust Commerce’s offense with QB Sam Wells a little more than I do Caddo Mills’, so give me Commerce over Caddo Mills. Oh, and Farmersville over Van Alstyne.


District 7-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Winnsboro (5-0), Malakoff (4-1)

Who’s definitely out: Quitman (2-4), Grand Saline (0-5), Kemp (0-5)

Important games: Lone Oak (3-2) at Eustace (4-1), Malakoff (4-1) at Winnsboro (5-0)

Breakdown: You’d think this would be simple, but it’s not. If Malakoff beats Winnsboro, then everything’s peachy keen, and the Lone Oak-Eustace game is a win-and-in. But if Lone Oak beats Eustace and Winnsboro beats Malakoff, we have a three-way tie for the final two playoffs spots. Now, Malakoff holds the trump card in all of the potential tiebreakers, so they’re already in, but then we go to point differential. Here’s a handy cheat sheet: Lone Oak not just needs to beat Winnsboro, but they need to win by 14 or more points. Otherwise, they’d be out on tiebreaker. And don’t get me started on seeding.

Tepper’s picks: I think Winnsboro beats Malakoff, which could be absolutely chaotic…except I think Eustace also wins at home over Lone Oak. Winnsboro No. 1, Eustace No. 2, Malakoff No. 3, and my brain is going to melt.


District 8-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: New Boston (5-0, #1), Daingerfield (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Queen City (1-4), Hooks (1-4), Pattonville Prairiland (0-5)

Important games: Mount Vernon (3-2) at New Boston (5-0), Queen City (1-4) at Redwater (3-2)

Breakdown: The only thing you’ve got to know as far as this final playoff spot is concerned is that Redwater holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Mount Vernon. So, Redwater is in with a win over Queen City or a New Boston win over Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon, on the other hand, has to beat unbeaten New Boston and have Queen City upset Redwater. You can see who has the easier path.

Tepper’s pick: New Boston is a buzzsaw, especially at home. New Boston beats Mount Vernon, and for good measure, Redwater beats Queen City.


District 9-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Tatum (3-1), Troup (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Gilmer Harmony (1-3), Gladewater Sabine (0-4)

Important games: White Oak (3-1) at Jefferson (2-2), Troup (3-1) at Gladewater  Sabine (0-4), Tatum (3-1) at Gilmer Harmony (1-3)

Breakdown: First things first: a special thanks to our pal Mike Garland for the help on this, because this district melts my brain. Troup and Tatum are in because they cannot be left out on a tiebreaker. That leaves White Oak and Jefferson in what is essentially a win-or-go home game. As far as seeding is concerned, I mean, it’s a total mess. It’s such a mess that it would take so long to explain every scenario that I think you’d just prefer that I just tell you it’s a mess and move on. Cool? Cool.

Tepper’s pick: I like Jefferson to hold serve at home over White Oak, Troup to beat Sabine and Tatum to beat Gilmer Harmony.


District 10-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Newton (6-0, #1), East Chambers (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Woodville (3-3), Kountze (2-4), Warren (2-4), Hardin (0-6)

Important games: Kirbyville (3-3) at Warren (2-4), Anahuac (3-3) at Kountze (2-4)

Breakdown: The only teams that can get this third and final playoff spot are Kirbyville and Anahuac, and Anahuac has the all-important head-to-head tiebreaker. Thus, Anahuac needs only a win over Kountze or a Warren win over Kirbyville to clinch a playoff spot. Kirbyville needs both a win over Warren and a Kountze win over Anahuac.

Tepper’s pick: I think Kirbvyille’s a big favorite to beat Warren, but can Kountze pick them up and get them into the playoffs by beating Anahuac? Strange to say, but I think so. Give me Kountze over Anahuac, and Kirbyville in the playoffs.


District 11-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Franklin (4-0), Teague (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Palestine Westwood (0-4)

Important games: Franklin (4-0) at Teague (4-0), Elkhart (1-3) at Trinity (2-2), Crockett (1-3) at Palestine Westwood (0-4)

Breakdown: Three teams for one playoff spot. Trinity is in with a win over Elkhart. Elkhart is in with a win over Trinity and a Palestine Westwood win over Crockett. Crockett needs to beat Palestine Westwood and have Elkhart beat Trinity to force a three-way tie for the final playoff spot. Oh, and Franklin and Teague are playig each other for the district title. No biggie.

Tepper’s pick: Give me Trinity over Elkhart, rendering pretty much everything else moot. I love this Franklin offense, as RB Darius Floyd is lighting people up. I also love this Teague offense, what with Darryll Brooks flying all over the place. Who blinks first? I think I’ll take Franklin to win this one.


District 12-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Grandview (5-0), Godley (5-0)

Who’s definitely out: Red Oak Life (1-5), Maypearl (0-5)

Important games: Whitney (2-3) at Palmer (3-2), Maypearl (0-5) at Clifton (2-3), Grandview (5-0) at Godley (5-0)

Breakdown: A lot of things up in the air. Palmer controls its own destiny. It nabs the final playoff spot with a win over Whitney. Whitney gets the final playoff spot with a win over Palmer and a Maypearl win over Whitney. But what happens if Whitney beats Palmer and Clifton beats Maypearl? Three-way tie, baby, and I have no idea what the tiebreaker is. Also: one of the best games of the night, Grandview at Godley, will determine who gets the No. 1 seed and the bye week that comes with it.

Tepper’s picks: I like Palmer to clinch the final playoff spot with a win over Whitney, and I think Grandview ekes out a close win over Godley.


District 13-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Cameron Yoe (6-0, #1), McGregor (5-1, #2), Lago Vista (4-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Marlin (3-3), Troy (2-4), Florence (2-4), Salado (2-4), Little River Academy (0-6)

Breakdown: Nothing to see here. The only point of intrigue left is to see if Cameron Yoe can wrap up an undefeated regular season against Florence. I’m glad we had this talk.


District 14-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: Hallettsville (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Palacios (0-4), Vanderbilt Industrial (0-4)

Important games: Hallettsville (4-0) at Hempstead (3-1), Altair Rice Consolidated (2-2) at Edna (3-1)

Breakdown: Settle in for this one. Hempstead and Edna control their own destiny; they’re in the playoffs with a victory over Hallettsville and Altair Rice, respectively. That’s the easy way. And, actually, Edna can do Hempstead a favor by beating Altair Rice, thus clinching Hempstead’s spot in the playoffs as well. But Altair Rice can be the fly in the ointment. If they beat Edna, they can get into the playoffs outright with a Hempstead win over Hallettsville. What’s even crazier would be if Altair Rice beat Edna and Hallettsville beat Hempstead. We’d have a three-way tie for the last two playoff spots. And that would be pretty neat.

Tepper’s picks: I like Hallettsville over Hempstead and Edna over Altair Rice, giving us Hallettsville as the No. 1, Edna as the No. 2 and Hempstead as the No. 3.


District 15-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: George West (5-0), Luling (5-0), Marion (3-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Goliad (3-3), Jourdanton (1-4), San Antonio Cole (1-4), San Antonio Brooks (0-5)

Important game: George West (5-0) at Luling (5-0)

Breakdown: Just one thing left to determine here, and that’s the district champion. Winner of George West and Luling gets the No. 1 seed and the all-important first-round bye.

Tepper’s pick: Really, really tough one to call. I think this is a low-scoring slugfest, but I think Luling gets just enough from QB Trayden Stanton to push the Eagles over the top.


District 16-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: San Diego (5-0, #1), Aransas Pass (4-1, #2), Odem (4-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Mathis (3-2), Falfurrias (2-3), Bishop (0-5), Santa Rosa (0-5)

Breakdown: Well, this was fun. We’re done here.




District 1-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Sanford Fritch (3-0, #1), Canadian (2-1, #2), Spearman (2-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Boys Ranch (1-2), Amarillo Highland Park (0-3)

Breakdown: Everything’s set here, including some of the first round bi-district matchups because of District 2-2A DII…


District 2-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Abernathy (4-0), Post (4-0), Tulia (2-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Floydada (1-3), Lubbock Roosevelt (1-3), Olton (0-4)

Important game:  Abernathy (4-0) at Post (4-0)

Breakdown: Things are pretty well settled, but we have perhaps the best game in this district all year to look forward to, as Abernathy and Post – both 8-1 on the year – tangle both for the district title and a first-round bye. Winner gets next week off; loser takes on Spearman in bi-district as the No. 2 seed.

Tepper’s pick: As good as Post has been, Abernathy’s defense has been even better. I like Abernathy over Post.


District 3-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Alpine (4-0, #1), Crane (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Alpine (4-0) at Coahoma (1-3), Sonora (2-2) at Crane (3-1), Reagan County (1-3) at Stanton (1-3)

Breakdown: This district is kind of a mess, with all four squads at the bottom of the standings still alive for that final playoff spot. Sonora’s the easiest one;  they’re in with a win over Crane or an Alpine win over Coahoma or a Stanton win over Reagan County. In fact, Sonora’s in such an advantage that there’s only one way they don’t make the playoffs: Crane beats Sonora, Coahoma beats Alpine and Reagan County beats Stanton. That would create a three-way tie between Sonora, Coahoma and Reagan County, which would then depend on some point differential.

Tepper’s picks: Let’s just put a rest to this: I think Alpine beats Coahoma, which gives Sonora the third spot.


District 4-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Cisco (4-0, #1), Colorado City (3-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Hawley (1-3), Hamilton (1-3)

Important games: Cisco (4-0) at Ballinger (2-2), Coleman (1-3) at Colorado City (3-1)

Breakdown: Coleman is the only team keeping Ballinger from claiming the final playoff spot. Ballinger gets that third spot with a win over Cisco or a Coleman loss to Colorado City.

Tepper’s picks: I’m not sure Ballinger can beat the high-flying Cisco Loboes, but I do think Colorado City is a heavy favorite over Coleman. Give me Cisco over Ballinger, and Colorado City over Coleman, giving Ballinger the final spot.


District 5-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Nocona (4-0, #1), Jacksboro (3-1), Holliday (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Wichita Falls City View (1-3), Alvord (1-3), Henrietta (0-4)

Important game: Holliday (3-1) at Jacksboro (3-1)

Breakdown: Pretty simple here. Nocona’s locked up the district title and a first-round bye, and Jacksboro and Holliday will take on one another for the second seed.

Tepper’s pick: I love the way the Holliday defense is playing of late, and I think the Eagles can slow down Jacksboro’s high-flying attack just enough to eke out a win. Holliday over Jacksboro.


District 6-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Corsicana Mildred (6-0, #1), Tolar (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Rice (2-4), Dallas Life Oak Cliff (1-5), Millsap (0-6)

Important games: Scurry-Rosser (4-2) at Corsicana Mildred (6-0), Blooming Grove (3-3) at Millsap (0-6), Tolar (5-1) at Rio Vista (3-3)

Breakdown: Three teams – Scurry-Rosser, Blooming Grove and Rio Vista – still have a shot at the final playoff spot. Scurry-Rosser is in the best position, needing only a win against Corsicana Mildred or a Millsap win over Blooming Grove to clinch a spot. Blooming Grove’s path is more convoluted, needing to beat Millsap and have Corsicana Mildred beat Scurry-Rosser and have Tolar beat Rio Vista. And the only hope for Rio Vista is to force a three-way tie, meaning a win over Tolar, Blooming Grove beating Millsap and Corsicana Mildred beating Scurry-Rosser. It’s all so complicated.

Tepper’s pick: I think Blooming Grove is actually in the best spot, as I think they beat winless Millsap, Corsicana Mildred beats Scurry-Rosser and Tolar beats Rio Vista.


District 7-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Gunter (4-0, #1)

Who’s definitely out: Whitewright (1-3), Bells (0-4)

Important games: Leonard (3-1) at S&S Consolidated (2-2), Bells (0-4) at Tom Bean (2-2)

Breakdown: OK, stay with me here, as we’ve got two playoff spots for three teams. Leonard looks pretty good, needing just a win over S&S Consolidated or a Bells win over Tom Bean to clinch a spot. And Tom Bean holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over S&S Consolidated, so Tom Bean is in with a win over winless Bells and a Leonard win over S&S. S&S, on the other hand, would be in with a win over Leonard and a Bells win over Tom Bean. Confused yet? Here’s even more: if S&S beats Leonard and Tom Bean beats Bells, we’ve got us a three-way tie for the final two playoff spots. Yikes.

Tepper’s picks: I’ll take Leonard over S&S Consolidated and Tom Bean over Bells, meaning Leonard gets the second spot and Tom Bean takes the third.


District 8-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Clarksville (5-0, #1), Edgewood (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Alba-Golden (2-3), Como-Pickton (0-5), Paris Chisum (0-5)

Important game: Cooper (3-2) at Bogata Rivercrest (3-2)

Breakdown: Who says you have to wait until next week to see playoff football? Cooper and Bogata Rivercrest will play tonight, and the prize for the winner is the third and final playoff spot out of 8-2A DII.

Tepper’s pick: This is a truly tough one to call, but in the end, I think Cooper’s defense is just a smidge stronger than Rivercrest’s. Cooper over Bogata Rivercrest.


District 9-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Hughes Springs (6-0, #1), Elysian Fields (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Waskom (0-6)*, Linden-Kildare (0-6), Ore City (0-6)

Important games: Paul Pewitt (4-2) at Elysian Fields (5-1), New Diana (4-2) at DeKalb (3-3)

Breakdown: Well, this district has an entirely new look after the news that Waskom has been forced to forfeit its seven victories because it used an ineligible player. That bumps Paul Pewitt and New Diana to 4-2 in district. So now, Paul Pewitt is in with a win over Elysian Fields and a New Diana win over DeKalb, by virtue of a head-to-head tiebreaker over New Diana. New Diana is in with a win over DeKalb and an Elysian Fields win over Paul Pewitt. And DeKalb, well, DeKalb is the most dangerous of all, getting in with a win over New Diana and an Elysian Fields win over Paul Pewitt.

Tepper’s picks: I’m taking Elysian Fields to win over Paul Pewitt, and New Diana to beat DeKalb, giving New Diana the final playoff spot. And we’ll always wonder what could’ve been with Waskom.


District 10-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Arp (5-0, #1), Garrison (4-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Frankston (2-3), Gladewater Union Grove (1-4), Hawkins (1-5)

Important games: Arp (5-0) at Winona (3-2), Frankston (2-3) at New London West Rusk (2-3)

Breakdown: Winona’s in a win-and-in situation, needing just a win over district champ Arp to clinch the final playoff spot. Should Winona lose, the important thing to remember here is that Winona holds a tiebreaker over Frankston, but not West Rusk. So, Winona is also in if Frankston beats West Rusk. But if West Rusk beats Frankston and Arp beats Winona, then West Rusk would sneak into that third and final playoff spot.

Tepper’s picks: I think Frankston exacts some revenge on this one, beating West Rusk and sending Winona to the playoffs despite me picking Arp to beat Winona.


District 11-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Centerville (6-0, #1), Crawford (5-1), Hearne (4-2)

Who’s definitely out: Buffalo (3-3), Riesel (3-3), Rosebud-Lott (1-5), Bruceville- Eddy (1-5), Moody (1-5)

Important game: Crawford (5-1) at Hearne (4-2)

Breakdown: Crawford and Hearne are both already in, but will fight for the second seed in their matchup tonight.

Tepper’s pick: It’s very, very close, but I think Crawford’s offense, led by RB Hunter Fritscher, gets the job done.


District 12-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: None

Who’s definitely out: Hemphill (1-3), Anderson Shiro (0-4)

Important games: Groveton (2-2) at Deweyville (3-1), New Waverly (3-1) at Hemphill (1-3), Corrigan-Camden (3-1) at Anderson-Shiro (0-4)

Breakdown: District 12-2A DII just wanted to be exciting for the last week. That’s why we’ll determine all three playoff teams tonight. Deweyville, New Waverly and Corrigan-Camden all control their own destiny; they’re win-and-in. In fact, New Waverly and Corrigan-Camden are rooting for Deweyville, as a Pirates win over Groveton clinches all three 3-1 teams as playoff squads. Things only get tricky if Groveton beats Deweyville; if New Waverly and Corrigan-Camden win, those teams are still in, and Groveton would beat out Deweyville for the final playoff spot via tiebreaker. If New Waverly or Corrigan-Camden lose in conjunction with Groveton’s win over Deweyville, things get very complicated. Suffice to say that if Groveton beats Deweyville, you’ll just have to wait and see who’s in the playoffs.

Tepper’s picks: I don’t think it happens. I think Deweyville takes care of business against Groveton, rendering the New Waverly-Hemphill and Corrigan-Camden-Anderson-Shiro games relatively moot (with the exception of seeding).


District 13-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: East Bernard (5-0), Hitchcock (4-1), Danbury (4-1)

Who’s definitely out: Van Vleck (3-3), Boling (1-4), Tidehaven (1-4), Wallis Brazos (0-5)

Important games: East Bernard (5-0) at Danbury (4-1), Wallis Brazos (0-5) at Hitchcock (4-1)

Breakdown: Only seeding left to determine here. East Bernard is the top seed if they beat Danbury in what should be a fantastic matchup. If Danbury beats East Bernard and Wallis Brazos can upset Hitchcock, then Danbury soars to the No. 1 seed. Hitchcock is in the strange position of needing to force a three-way tiebreaker to have a shot at the No. 1 seed, which would be determined by point differential.

Tepper’s picks: I think East Bernard – one of the very best teams in the state – puts the clamps down on the high-powered Danbury offense, and that combined with Hitchcock’s win over Wallis Brazos, gives us East Bernard as No. 1, Hitchcock as No. 2 and Danbury as No. 3.


District 14-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Lexington (5-0, #1), Blanco (4-1, #2), Rogers (3-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Schulenburg (3-2), Jarrell (2-4), Universal City Randolph (1-4), Johnson City (0-5)

Breakdown: Well, this was boring. The last week is essentially just playing out the string, as all three playoff teams have clinched both their berths and their seeds.


District 15-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Karnes City (6-0), Poth (5-1), Dilley (5-1)

Who’s definitely out: Stockdale (3-3), Cotulla (3-3), Natalia (1-5), Nixon-Smiley (1-5), Bloomington (0-6)

Important games: Dilley (5-1) at Karnes City (6-0), Nixon-Smiley (1-5) at Poth (5-1)

Breakdown: This is basically a carbon-copy of the situation in District 13-2A DII, as we’ve just got seeds left to determine. Karnes City gets the top seed with a win. Dilley gets the top seed with a win and a Nixon-Smiley win over Poth. Poth needs a win over Nixon-Smiley and a Dilley win over Karnes City to force a three-way tie for the top seed.

Tepper’s pick: Sorry to be boring, but I like Karnes City to finish the year with a win at home, and Poth to drub Nixon-Smiley. That would mean Karnes City is No. 1, Poth is No. 2 and Dilley is No. 3.


District 16-2A DII

Who’s definitely in: Refugio (6-0, #1), Banquete (5-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Skidmore-Tynan (3-3), Riviera-Kaufer (1-5), Santa Gertrudis Academy (1-5), Hebbronville (0-6)

Important games: Banquete (5-1) at Freer (4-2), Hebbronville (0-6) at Taft (4-2)

Breakdown: All we have left to sort out is the third and final playoff spot, which will go either to Taft or Freer. And man, things have set up very, very well for Taft. Not only do the Greyhounds hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over Freer, but they have the favorable matchups, needing only a win at home over winless Hebbronville or a Banquete win over Freer. Freer would need to beat Banquete and have Hebbronville stun Taft to get in the playoffs.

Tepper’s pick: If you couldn’t tell, I think Taft is going to make the playoffs by virtue of beating Hebbronville. I also think Banquete will beat Freer.




District 1-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Stratford (4-0, #1), Panhandle (3-1), Sunray (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Clarendon (1-3), Memphis (1-3), Stinnett West Texas (0-4)

Important game: Panhandle (3-1) at Sunray (3-1)

Breakdown: Pretty simple to understand here. Stratford’s locked up a first-round bye as the top seed, and Panhandle and Sunray’s game will be for the right to be the No. 2 seed.

Tepper’s pick: Super-close game here. If the score is lower, that favors Sunray’s superior defense of Christian Axelsen and Jorge Arroyo. If it’s higher, I like Panhandle’s high-powered attack of QB Tyler Hall. In a close game like this, give me both the defense and the home-field advantage, so I’ll take Sunray.


District 2-2A DI

Who’s definitely in: New Deal (3-0), Sundown (2-1), Tahoka (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Hale Center (1-3), Lockney (0-3)

Important games: Sundown (2-1) at New Deal (3-0), Tahoka (2-1) at Lockney (0-3)

Breakdown: Seeding is all that’s at stake tonight. New Deal stakes its claim to the top seed (and a first-round bye) with a win over Sundown. Sundown can nab the top spot with a win over New Deal and a Lockney win over Tahoka. And Tahoka needs to beat Lockney and root for Sundown to beat New Deal to force a three-way tie for the top seed, in which we’d go to the tiebreaker.

Tepper’s picks: It’s the unstoppable force of New Deal’s offense, specifically RB V.J. Gamez and QB Kyler Bean, against the immovable object of Sundown’s defense, with Troy Holdman and Kyler Marshall. Unfortunately for New Deal, the Sundown offense holds the big advantage over New Deal’s defense. I’ll take Sundown over New Deal and Tahoka over Lockney, giving us a wild three-way tie at the top.


District 3-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Seymour (4-0, #1), Quanah (2-1), Windthorst (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Olney (0-3), Archer City (0-3)

Important game: Quanah (2-1) at Windthorst (2-1)

Breakdown: While Seymour enjoys two weeks off – their scheduled bye this week, and the first-round bye they get for being the top seed – Quanah and Windthorst will play for the No. 2 seed, which is very important, considering the loser will either take on unbeaten Anson or powerhouse Stamford in the first round.

Tepper’s pick: Close one here, but I think I like Quanah’s offense to hit just enough big plays to get past Windthorst.


District 4-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Anson (3-0), Stamford (3-0)

Who’s definitely out: Haskell (0-4)

Important games: Anson (3-0) at Stamford (3-0), Winters (1-2) at Forsan (1-2)

Breakdown: This is a lot simpler than it looks, because these two important games have exactly no bearing on one another. Anson and Stamford – a fantastic game, pitting unbeaten Anson against the 1A DI runner-up from a year ago – is for the top seed and a first-round bye. Winters and Forsan is for the third and final playoff spot, with the winner moving on and the loser turning in pads.

Tepper’s picks: Anson and Stamford is must-see football, but I think Hagen Hutchinson pushes Stamford across the finish line for the top seed. And unfortunately for Winters, I just don’t know if they can score enough to beat Forsan, so I’ll take Forsan over Winters.


District 5-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Goldthwaite (3-0), Hico (2-1), San Saba (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: DeLeon (1-3), Santo (0-3)

Important games: Goldthwaite (3-0) at Hico (2-1), Santo (0-3) at San Saba (2-1)

Breakdown: Once again, we’re just determining seeding here. Goldthwaite gets the top seed with a win over Hico. Hico gets the top seed with a win over Goldthwaite and a Santo win over San Saba. And San Saba needs to beat Santo and hope Hico beats Goldthwaite to force a three-way tie for the top seed.

Tepper’s picks: I think Goldthwaite’s offense is finally coming around, and it will be enough to push Goldthwaite over Hico. And with San Saba beating Santo at home, that gives us Goldthwaite No. 1, San Saba No. 2 and Hico No. 3.


District 6-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Italy (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Itasca (0-4), Malakoff Cross Roads (0-4)

Important games: Italy (4-0) at Kerens (3-1), Cayuga (3-1) at Dallas Gateway Charter (3-1)

Breakdown: When you start going through this, it’s important to remember that Italy is in no matter what. That will clear things up. Kerens is in with a win over Italy or a Cayuga win over Dallas Gateway. Cayuga is in with a win over Dallas Gateway. And Dallas Gateway is in with a win over Cayuga and a Kerens win over Italy. Anything other than that, and we’ve got us a three-way tie for the final two playoff spots.

Tepper’s picks: I think Italy ekes out a win over Kerens, but Cayuga takes care of business over Dallas Gateway, giving us Italy as the No. 1, Cayuga No. 2 and Kerens No. 3.


District 7-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Lindsay (4-0, #1), Collinsville (3-1), Valley View (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Chico (1-3), Blue Ridge (1-3), Trenton (0-4)

Important game: Collinsville (3-1) at Valley View (3-1)

Breakdown: Ignore everything else in this district except this: the winner of Collinsville-Valley View is the No. 2 seed, and the loser is the No. 3 seed. Got it? Stick with me here!

Tepper’s pick: For some reason, I just think Collinsville’s offense of Hayden Smith and Kyle Schindler rises to the occasion and gets a win over Valley View. It’s close, though.


District 8-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Honey Grove (3-0, #1), Wolfe City (3-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Celeste (0-3)

Important games: Quinlan Boles (1-2) at Honey Grove (3-0), Simms Bowie (1-2) at Celeste (0-3)

Breakdown: All we’ve got left here is figuring out who the third seed will be, and the important thing to remember is that Simms Bowie holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Qunlan Boles (via a thrilling 28-27 overtime win). So, all Simms Bowie needs is a win over Celeste to clinch the playoff spot. Or, if unbeaten Honey Grove beats Quinlan Boles, then Simms Bowie is also in. Quinlan Boles would need to beat Honey Grove and have Celeste upset Simms Bowie to make the playoffs.

Tepper’s pick: Quinlan Boles is basically banking on an unbeaten team losing and a team that hasn’t won in two months to win. Probably not going to happen. Give me Honey Grove over Quinlan Boles and Simms Bowie over Celeste.


District 9-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Joaquin (4-0), Timpson (3-1), Harleton (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Big Sandy (1-3), Beckville (1-3), Price Carlisle (0-4)

Important games: Joaquin (4-0) at Harleton (3-1), Big Sandy (1-3) at Timpson (3-1)

Breakdown: Just trying to sort out seeding tonight. Joaquin clinches the top seed with a win over Harleton. Harleton nabs the top seed with a win over Joaquin and a Big Sandy win over Timpson. And Timpson needs to beat Big Sandy and root for Harleton to beat Joaquin, thus creating a three-team tie for the top seed.

Tepper’s pick: I think Joaquin is on a mission to finish the season unbeaten, and I think Timpson gets it done over Big Sandy. That means Joaquin is No. 1, Timpson is No. 2 and Harleton is No. 3.


District 10-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: San Augustine (4-0, #1)

Who’s definitely out: Cushing (0-4)

Important games: Shelbyville (2-2) at Alto (3-1), Pineland West Sabine (2-2) at Grapeland (1-3)

Breakdown: Ugh. This is gross. So, let’s get through this. If Alto wins or Grapeland beats Shelbyville, Alto’s in. West Sabine needs to beat Grapeland and have Alto beat Shelbyville to clinch a spot. Shelbyville needs to beat Alto and have Grapeland beat West Sabine to get in. And Grapeland needs a car wreck, beating West Sabine and having Alto beat Shelbyville, giving us a three-team tie for the final playoff spot. And what if Shelbyville beats Alto, and West Sabine beats Grapeland? A three-way tie for the final two playoff spots. Sports are funny.

Tepper’s pick: I’ll take Alto to beat Shelbyville and West Sabine to beat Grapeland, giving us the trio of San Augustine (#1), Alto (#2) and West Sabine (#3)


District 11-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Hull-Daisetta (2-0)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Hull-Daisetta (2-0) at Colmesneil (1-1), Iola (1-1) at Saratoga West Hardin (0-2)

Breakdown: Ah, the ol’ 4-team district. It’s so much fun. Hull-Daisetta is in, and can clinch the top seed with a win tonight. If Iola beats West Hardin, then both Iola and Colmesneil clinch. And West Hardin can still get in outright, needing to beat Iola and have Colmesneil beat Hull-Daisetta. But if West Hardin beats Iola and West Hardin beats Iola? Chaos, specifically a three-way tie for the final two playoff spots.

Tepper’s pick: I don’t think it gets as messy as it could. I think Hull-Daisetta beats Colmesneil and Iola beats West Hardin, giving us Hull-Daisetta  as the No. 1, Iola as the No. 2 and Colmesneil as the No. 3.


District 12-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Bosqueville (3-0), Mart (3-0)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Mart (3-0) at Bosqueville (3-0), Axtell (1-2) at Valley Mills (0-3)

Breakdown: Another district that could get progressively messier as the evening wears on. Mart and Bosqueville’s game is only to determine seeding; the winner gets the top seed, and the loser gets the No. 2 seed. As for Axtell and Valley Mills, well, it’s important to remember that there’s another team – Jewett Leon, who is idle at 1-3 – who is involved in this. If Axtell beats Valley Mills, it’s Axtell who gets the third spot. But if Valley Mills beats Axtell? Three-way tie for the final playoff spot. Yowza.

Tepper’s pick: Unfortunately for Jewett Leon, who is probably stocking up on Valley Mills pom poms right now, I think Axtell beats Valley Mills to get the last playoff spot.


District 13-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Weimar (4-0, #1)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Holland (1-2) at Thorndale (2-1), Thrall (1-2) at Flatonia (0-3)

Breakdown: Let’s try to make this as painless as possible. Thorndale is in with a win or a Flatonia win over Thrall. Holland is in with a win and a Flatonia win over Thrall. Thrall is in with a win over Flatonia and a Thorndale win over Holland. And Flatonia is on #TeamChaos, needing to beat Thrall and have Thorndale beat Holland to force a three-way tie for the final playoff spot. There’s also a situation – Holland over Thorndale, Thrall over Flatonia – that would give us a three-way tie for the final two  playoff spots, but that makes my head hurt.

Tepper’s picks: Let’s go with Thorndale’s wide-open offense over Holland, and Thrall over Flatonia, giving us Thorndale as the No. 2 seed and Thrall as the No. 3.


District 14-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Mason (4-0, #1), Ozona (3-1), Brackettville (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Junction (1-3), Center Point (1-3), Harper (0-4)

Important game: Brackettville (3-1) at Ozona (3-1)

Breakdown: Keep it simple here. Brackettville and Ozona are playing only for the second seed, with the winner getting No. 2 and the loser getting No. 3.

Tepper’s pick: Which team plays the most defense? I think it’s Ozona.


District 15-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: Shiner (3-0, #1)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Yorktown (1-2) at Shiner (3-0), Ganado (2-1) at Three Rivers (1-2)

Breakdown: I like to simplify things as much as possible, so let’s try that with this mess. Ganado is in with a win or a Shiner win over Yorktown. Three Rivers is in with a win and a Shiner win over Yorktown. Yorktown is in with a win over Shiner and a Ganado win over Three Rivers. And then there’s the craziness of a possible tiebreaker. If Yorktown beats Shiner and Three Rivers beats Ganado, we’d have a three-way tie (Yorktown, Three Rivers and Ganado) for the final two spots. And if the opposite happens – Shiner over Yorktown and Ganado over Three Rivers – we’d have a three-way tie for the final playoff spot between Yorktown, Three Rivers and idle Kenedy. And I have no idea what the tiebreakers are.

Tepper’s pick: I think we’re going to get some form of chaos. Give me Shiner over Yorktown and Ganado over Three Rivers, giving us a three-way tie for the final playoff spot at 1-3.


District 16-1A DI

Who’s definitely in: La Villa (2-0)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Santa Maria (1-1) at La Villa (2-0), Monte Alto (0-2) at Ben Bolt (1-1)

Breakdown: If Ben Bolt beats Monte Alto, then both Ben Bolt and Santa Maria clinch playoff spots. If Monte Alto beats Ben Bolt and Santa Maria beats La Villa, then Monte Alto would grab a playoff spot (along with Santa Maria). The biggest chaos would be if Monte Alto beat Ben Bolt and La Villa beat Santa Maria, giving us three teams at 1-2 for the final two playoff spots.

Tepper’s pick: I think it’ll be a lot more tame than it could be, with La Villa beating Santa Maria and Ben Bolt beating Monte Alto, giving us La Villa as No. 1, Ben Bolt as No. 2 and Santa Maria as No. 3.




District 1-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Wellington (2-0)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Wheeler (1-1) at Wellington (2-0), Booker (1-1) at Shamrock (0-2)

Breakdown: Things only get interesting if Shamrock upsets Booker. If Booker beats Shamrock, then both Booker and Wheeler punch their playoff tickets. But if Shamrock beats Booker, then Shamrock could actually clinch an outright playoff spot if Wheeler can upset unbeaten Wellington. More likely, however, would be that Shamrock beats Booker and Wellington beats Wheeler, giving us a three-way tie at 1-2 for the final two playoff spots.

Tepper’s picks: Sorry, but this will be boring. Booker beats Shamrock, and Wellington finishes its undefeated season with a  win over Wheeler, giving us Wellington at No. 1, Booker at No. 2 and Wheeler at No. 3.


District 2-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Gruver (2-0, #1), Claude (1-1), Vega (1-1)

Who’s definitely out: White Deer (0-2)

Important game: Vega (1-1) at Claude (1-1)

Breakdown: The only thing that needs deciding is who will be the No. 2 and No. 3 seed, which will go to the winner and loser of Vega-Claude, respectively.

Tepper’s pick: Even though they’re on the road, I think Vega’s offense with Jake Jones and Payson Bain gets the job done. Vega over Claude.


District 3-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Bovina (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Morton (0-3)

Important games: Springlake-Earth (2-1) at Bovina (2-1), Sudan (2-1) at Morton (0-3)

Breakdown: I’m going to simply rely on the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal to sort out this mess. Quote the A-J: “Springlake-Earth is in with a win over Bovina. Sudan is in with a win over Morton. Sudan will be in with a loss if Springlake-Earth beats Bovina, as Sudan holds the tiebreaker over both Farwell and Bovina. If Springlake-Earth loses, the Wolverines need a Morton win over Sudan to force a three-way tie. Farwell is in if Sudan and Bovina win.” See? There’s that. And it makes my brain explode.

Tepper’s picks: I think Springlake-Earth bounces back to beat Bovina, and Sudan beats Morton, giving us Springlake-Earth as No. 1, Sudan as No. 2 and Bovina as No. 3.


District 4-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Seagraves (3-1), Ralls (2-1), Crosbyton (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Smyer (1-2), Plains (0-3)

Important games: Smyer (1-2) at Ralls (2-1), Crosbyton (2-1) at Plains (0-3)

Breakdown: All about seeding here, and you have to remember that Ralls has the tiebreaker over idle Seagraves. So, the No. 1 seed is Seagraves if Smyer beats Ralls. The No. 1 seed is Ralls if Ralls beats Smyer and Plains beats Crosbyton. And if Ralls and Crosbyton both win, we’d have a three-way tie at the top.

Tepper’s picks: I’ll take #TeamChaos, with Ralls over Smyer and Crosbyton over Plains.


District 5-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: McCamey (4-1), Iraan (3-2), Wink (3-2)

Who’s definitely out: Van Horn (0-5)

Important games: Iraan (3-2) at McCamey (4-1), Wink (3-2) at Van Horn (0-5)

Breakdown: Ah yes, 5-1A DII. The double-round robin district. That’s to say, each team plays each other twice each season. That makes seedings exceptionally difficult to determine. And I’ll be honest:  I don’t even fully understand it. Here’s what I know: If McCamey wins, they’re the top seed. Past that, I honestly have no idea. I have a couple of calls into coaches to try to figure this out, but by all means, if you know how this format works, e-mail me and I’d be happy to update this.

Tepper’s picks: I’ll take McCamey over Iraan and Wink over Van Horn, which would (I think) give McCamey the No. 1 seed, Wink the No. 2 seed and Iraan the No. 3 seed. I think.


District 6-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Eldorado (5-0, #1)

Who’s definitely out: Menard (1-5), Irion County (0-5)

Important games: Bronte (3-2) at San Angelo TLC (3-2), Christoval (3-2) at Miles (3-2)

Breakdown: I know. Look at the standings, and it looks daunting to sort out. But here’s the beauty of it: both of these games are playoff games. That’s right: the winners of both Bronte-TLC and Christoval-Miles are in; the losers are out. Plain and simple.

Tepper’s picks: I think losing RB Brandon Garcia is really going to hurt San Angelo TLC, so give me Bronte over SATLC, and I’ll take Christoval over Miles in a squeaker.


District 7-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Albany (6-0), Hamlin (6-0), Cross Plains (4-2, #3)

Who’s definitely out: Roby (3-3), Gorman (2-4), Roscoe (2-4), Ranger (1-5), Baird (0-6)

Important game: Hamlin (6-0) at Albany (6-0)

Breakdown: One of West Texas’ best games tonight – Hamlin-Albany – will determine the top seed and district champion in 7-1A DII. The loser gets the No. 2 seed.

Tepper’s pick: I just think that Albany’s offense, with QB Jake Bumguardner, is just too much for Hamlin’s always outstanding defense. Give me Albany over Hamlin.


District 8-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Munday (4-0), Electra (3-1), Muenster (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Perrin-Whitt (1-3), Era (1-3), Petrolia (0-4)

Important games: Munday (4-0) at Electra (3-1), Muenster (3-1) at Era (1-3)

Breakdown: NBS, baby. Nothin’ but seeding. Munday can clinch the top seed (and its unbeaten regular season) with a win over Electra. Electra gets the top seed if it beats Munday and Era beats Muenster. And Muenster needs Electra to beat Munday along with beating Era itself to force a three-way tie for the top seed.

Tepper’s pick: With all due respect to Electra, nobody’s beating Munday. Give me Munday over Electra and Muenster over Era, giving us Munday No. 1, Muenster No. 2 and Electra No. 3.


District 9-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Hubbard (3-0, #1), Frost (3-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Meridian (1-2) at Hubbard (1-2), Dawson (0-3) at Wortham (1-2)

Breakdown: Just trying to figure out this final playoff spot, and it’s giving me a headache. The most important factor: Wortham holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over Meridian. Thus, Wortham is in with a win over Dawson, plain and simple. Meridian needs a win over Hubbard and a Wortham loss to Dawson to get in. And Dawson’s still alive, needing to get its first win of the year over Wortham andhave Hubbard beat Meridian to force a three-way tie.

Tepper’s pick: Let’s keep this short: I think Wortham will beat Dawson. That gives Wortham the final playoff spot.


District 10-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Maud (3-0), Detroit (2-1), Overton (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Cumby (1-3), Gilmer Union Hill (0-3)

Important games: Maud (3-0) at Detroit (2-1), Gilmer Union Hill (0-3) at Overton (2-1)

Breakdown: Only trying to figure out the seeding of these three teams. Maud clinches the top spot with a win. Detroit clinches the top spot with a win and a Union Hill win over Overton. And we could have a three-way tie atop the standings if Detroit beats Maud and Overton beats Union Hill.

Tepper’s pick: I think Maud’s got this, thanks to that surging offense of QB Jared Miller and Richard Conkleton. Give me Maud over Detroit and Overton over Union Hill, meaning Maud’s No. 1, Overton’s No. 2 and Detroit’s No. 3.


District 11-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Tenaha (3-0, #1), Mount Enterprise (2-1), Evadale (2-1)

Who’s definitely out: Burkeville (1-3), Sabine Pass (0-3)

Important game: Mount Enterprise (2-1) at Evadale (2-1)

Breakdown: UPDATE: my hands are getting tired from typing. Also, the winner of Mount Enterprise-Evadale gets the No. 2 seed, and the loser gets the No. 3 seed.

Tepper’s pick: Mount Enterprise has been the more complete team this year, especially offensively, so I’ll take Mount Enterprise over Evadale.


District 12-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Bremond (2-0), Chilton (2-0)

Who’s definitely out: None

Important games: Bremond (2-0) at Chilton (2-0), Normangee (0-2) at Lovelady (0-2)

Breakdown: It’s helpful to remember that these two games have nothing to do with one another. Bremond-Chilton is for the No. 1 seed (and the first-round bye that comes with it). Normangee-Lovelady is a true playoff game, with the winner getting the third and final playoff spot.

Tepper’s pick: Bremond-Chilton will be a fantastic game, but I think Chilton’s offense has finally woken up enough to get the win. And as for Lovelady-Normangee, I expect a low-scoring slugfest that Lovelady takes by a hair.


District 13-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Burton (4-0, #1), Granger (3-1), Bartlett (3-1)

Who’s definitely out: Milano (1-3), Snook (1-3), Somerville (0-4)

Important game: Granger (3-1) at Barlett (3-1)

Breakdown: Granger and Barlett have already punched their playoff tickets, but this game is to determine who gets the No. 2 seed and who gets the No. 3 seed. The difference might be ducking Runge or Falls City in the first round, which is not unsubstantial.

Tepper’s pick: I expect another low-scoring, hard-hitting game, but I think Granger – specifically QB Preston Jimenez – pushes the Lions over the top.


District 14-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Runge (3-0), Falls City (3-0)

Who’s definitely out: Pettus (0-4)

Important games: Runge (3-0) at Falls City (3-0), Louise (1-2) at Woodsboro (1-2)

Breakdown: Again, two games that do not intersect or have any effect on one another. Runge-Falls City will determine the top seed, while Woodsboro-Louise will be for the third and final playoff spot.

Tepper’s picks: Runge-Falls City should be a great one, pitting RUnge’s amazing offense of QB Rob Molina and company against the always salty Beavers defense. But defense (and home field advantage) reigns here, so give me Falls City over Runge. And with all due respect to Louise…your one win is against winless Pettus. Give me Woodsboro over Louise.


District 15-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: D’Hanis (4-0), Sabinal (4-0)

Who’s definitely out: Medina (0-4)

Important games: Leakey (1-3) at Rocksprings (2-2), Nueces Canyon (1-3) at Medina (0-4), D’Hanis (4-0) at Sabinal (4-0)

Breakdown: Things only get interesting in this chase for the final playoff spot if Leakey can spring the upset on Rocksprings. Otherwise, Rocksprings gets the final spot. But if Leakey can win, they’d get the final playoff spot if Medina can upset Nueces Canyon. But if Leakey and Nueces Canyon win, we’re looking at a three-way tie for the final playoff spot. Oh, and don’t forget the mega-awesome game at the top of the standings, where D’Hanis and Sabinal will playoff for the No. 1 seed.

Tepper’s picks: I think Rocksprings beats Leakey, nabbing the third playoff spot. I also like D’Hanis’ offense to overpower Sabinal’s salty defense en route to a win and an undefeated season.


District 16-1A DII

Who’s definitely in: Bruni (4-0, #1), La Pryor (2-1, #2)

Who’s definitely out: Benavides (0-3)

Important game: Agua Dulce (1-2) at Charlotte (1-2)

Breakdown: The playoffs start tonight for Agua Dulce and Charlotte, facing a win-or-go home game for the final playoff spot out of this district.

Tepper’s pick: With all due respect to Charlotte, their lone win on the year has come against winless Benavides. I’ll take Agua Dulce over Charlotte.



Calvert (6-3, 1-1) at Milford (9-0, 2-0)

If you haven’t been paying attention to Milford, now’s the time to start. The Bulldogs have been sensational, especially SB Jairus Russell, who’s already got 22 touchdowns on the ground and another 17 through the air. If they want to finish the unbeaten season, they’ll have to get past a tough and desperate Calvert team, which has to win and get some help to qualify for the playoffs.

Tepper’s pick: Milford 84, Calvert 54


Ira (9-0, 2-0) at Rotan (2-7, 2-0)

Ira is searching for another unbeaten season, and it’s been largely due to the heroics of their incredible running back Lance Morris. Rotan, in their first season as an 11-man school, has already been successful by qualifiying for the playoffs, but I think they’re about to run into a brick wall of six-man eliteness.

Tepper’s pick: Ira 66, Rotan 24


Greg Tepper is the associate editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football and TexasFootball.com.

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