Playoff predictions
Playoff predictions
2010-11-10 00:00:00

By Travis Stewart/Texas Football -- Picking games in the top three classes.

DCTF's long-awaited playoff predictions are finally ready, and we've have Classes 5A, 4A and 3A here for your review. Make sure to check back at noon for the 2A, 1A and six-man predictions — then print all of them off and compare them against your own! Make sure to drop us a line and let us know how you're doing, and share your picks with friends and family on Facebook!

Class 5A-DI
Now that Katy High is up in Division I, along with Euless Trinity, which of the two powerhouse programs is the new title favorite? And how does Round Rock Stony Point fit into the equation?

Class 5A-DII
One of the most wide-open divisions in all of Texas this year, Division II turns to unorthodox contenders to find its next state champ. Can Abilene Cooper match Abilene's 2009 feat? Can SA MacArthur breakthrough?

Class 4A-DI
This is the ultimate heavyweight of all the divisions in Texas. With contenders like Denton Ryan, Waco Midway, John Tyler, Montgomery, Friendswood, Cedar Park, Lake Travis, Kerrville Tivy and Smithson Valley all in the mix, who can survive this six-week marathon?

Class 4A-DII
It would appear that 4A-DII, once again, is unbeaten Aledo's bracket to lose. Ranked No. 1 in Class 4A and looking like a state champ (again), Aledo still has to solve the riddle of two possible rematches: Stephenville and Brenham.

Class 3A-DI
Don't look now, but Celina is poised to win yet another state title — if it can survive both Sanger and Lucas Lovejoy in its own region. And make sure to watch out for Navasota, Sealy, Sinton ... and a darkhorse title candidate from out East.

Class 3A-DII
The Brownwood Lions have laid waste to every opponent in their path so far this season. But now that the postseason is here, traditional powers Carthage and Gilmer are out to prove who's still the boss. Can Brownwood cap its epic run with a title?

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