Thursday Games to Watch: The Finale
Thursday Games to Watch: The Finale
2010-11-04 00:00:00

By Travis Stewart/Texas Football -- Important games this final Thursday night.

As you would expect from the final Thursday night of the regular season, tonight's slate of games could make all the difference for dozens of teams across the 5A and 4A ranks. From win-and-ins in Dallas and Houston to seed-deciding showdowns in San Antonio and Austin, much of Week 11's action hinges on what happens tonight. Also, both SPC championship games are played tonight — Houston Kinkaid vs. Tulsa Holland Hall (DI) and FW Country Day vs. FW Trinity Valley (DII). We'll preview both later today. Don't miss a minute of it on tonight! 

5A games:

EP Coronado (7-2/6-1) at EP Franklin (7-2/5-2)
Notes: Coronado should win this game, but Franklin can earn its bid with a win here. The top half of this district has been very tough all year — Franklin is finally going to fall to one side or the other tonight.
Postseason impact: Franklin needs a win to advance; Coronado needs a win to take the top DII spot.
DCTF's pick: EP Coronado 34, EP Franklin 24
Jerry Forrest's pick: Coronado by 4

EP Socorro (0-9/0-7) at EP Montwood (7-2/6-1)
Postseason impact: Montwood could take the top DII spot with a win.

Lubbock Coronado (3-6/2-2) at Amarillo (7-2/4-0)
Postseason impact: Coronado clinches a playoff spot with a win.

FW Paschal (1-8/0-6) at No. 25 Arlington Martin (7-2/6-0)
Postseason impact: None.

Arlington (7-2/5-1) at Arlington Bowie (6-3/5-1)
Postseason impact: None.

Irving MacArthur (4-5/3-4) at No. 1 Euless Trinity (9-0/7-0)
Postseason impact: Irving MacArthur could advance with a win and some help.

No. 19 Dallas Skyline (7-2/6-0) at Dallas White (4-5/2-4)
Postseason impact: None.

Sachse (5-4/3-3) at Garland (6-3/4-2)
Notes: Think Garland can hang on and qualify for the playoffs? It has to win here to do it, and defense needs to be the name of the game. Outscoring teams in 10-5A hasn't always worked ... usually its the best defensive team that's been winning.
Postseason impact: Win-and-in.
DCTF's pick: Garland 28, Sachse 21
Jerry Forrest's pick: Garland by 13

McKinney Boyd (7-2/5-1) at South Garland (7-2/5-1)
Postseason impact: A loss for either could drop it down to the second seed in its respective division — meaning Skyline in the first round for Boyd.

Tomball (7-2/4-2) at Klein Forest (2-7/1-5)
Postseason impact: Tomball needs a win (or a DeKaney loss) to advance.

No. 8 Klein Collins (9-0/6-0) at Spring (2-7/0-6)
Postseason impact: None.

Kingwood (3-6/3-2) at Conroe Oak Ridge (5-4/2-3)
Notes: Though more than likely this whole affair is going to end up with a tie somewhere, both squads are playing with their backs against the wall, because they both know they could be out with a loss.
Postseason impact: Both need a win to advance.
DCTF's pick: Oak Ridge 21, Kingwood 19
Jerry Forrest's pick: Oak Ridge by 7

Austin Westlake (6-3/4-0) at Austin Bowie (5-4/3-1)
Notes: This is where Dave Campbell's Texas Football Game Day will be this week — and it's a huge game, since it will both decide a district title and decide who gets to miss powerhouse Stony Point in the first round of the postseason. Be early, and be loud!
Postseason impact: Winner takes the top DI seed and avoids RR Stony Point in the first round.
DCTF's pick: Austin Westlake 25, Austin Bowie 24
Jerry Forrest's pick: Westlake by 12

Cy Lakes (1-8/1-7) at Cy Falls (6-3/5-3)
Postseason impact: Cy Falls needs a win to stay in the hunt; a loss would qualify Cy Woods.

Alief Taylor (8-1/5-0) at Aldine (3-6/2-3)
Postseason impact: Aldine advances with a win,

Houston Bellaire (5-4/5-1) at Houston Madison (6-3/5-1)
Postseason impact: None.

Houston Westbury (6-3/3-3) at Houston Chavez (5-4/3-3)
Notes: Win and in for these two, though the winner could end up facing any number of different opponents. They could even see Katy, the No. 2 team in 5A, if Seven Lakes qualifies and pushes the Tigers down to Division II (Westbury), or if Seven Lakes loses and Katy stays in DI (Chavez). 
Postseason impact: Win-and-in.
DCTF's pick: Chavez 31, Westbury 21
Jerry Forrest's pick: Chavez by 15

Houston Lamar (8-1/6-0) at Houston Sam Houston (0-9/0-6)
Postseason impact: None.

Houston Westside (1-8/1-5) at Houston Milby (1-8/1-5)
Postseason impact: None.

Pasadena Memorial (5-4/3-1) at South Houston (5-4/2-2)
Postseason impact: The winner takes the top DII seed.

FB Marshall (2-7/1-3) at FB Austin (1-8/1-3)
Postseason impact: None.

SA Jay (3-6/3-4) at SA Brandeis (7-2/7-0)
Postseason impact: Jay needs a win and lots of help to force a tie.

CC Carroll (5-4/3-1) at CC King (5-4/2-2)
Postseason impact: A King loss could force a three-way tie.

Harlingen South (1-8/1-5) at Edinburg (7-2/4-2)
Postseason impact: An Edinburg win advances it.

4A games:

FW Eastern Hills (5-4/5-3) at FW Wyatt (5-4/5-3)
Postseason impact: Win-and-in.
DCTF's pick: Eastern Hills 29, Wyatt 25
Jerry Forrest's pick: Eastern Hills by 3

FW Southwest (6-3/6-2) at FW Trimble Tech (1-8/1-7)
Postseason impact: None.

No. 5 Waco Midway (9-0/4-0) at Killeen (8-1/3-1)
Notes: This game decides the top DI seed, though Midway will be heavily favored over either possible draw. Killeen is a solid squad, especially offensively, but the loss to Stephenville — even with Michael Cummings banged up — gives Midway the edge. Look for the Panthers defense to dominate the pace of the game.
Postseason impact: The winner takes the top DI seed.
DCTF's pick: Midway 42, Killeen 24
Jerry Forrest's pick: Midway by 14

Frisco Centennial (5-4/4-2) at Frisco Heritage (0-9/0-6)
Postseason impact: A Centennial loss could force a three-way tie.

Carrollton Turner (1-8/1-5) at Frisco Wakeland (7-2/5-1)
Postseason impact: None.

Seagoville (6-3/4-2) at Dallas Molina (4-5/1-5)
Postseason impact: None.

North Dallas (5-4/3-3) at South Oak Cliff (8-1/5-1)
Postseason impact: None.

Forney (2-7/1-6) at No. 21 West Mesquite (8-1/6-1)
Postseason impact: A loss could cost West Mesquite the top DI seed.

No. 2 Brenham (9-0/6-0) at Houston Stratford (6-3/5-1)
Postseason impact: A win could earn Stratford the top DI seed.

Bay City (3-6/1-4) at Rosenberg Terry (5-4/3-2)
Postseason help: Bay City needs a win and lots of help to force a tie.

Texas City (5-4/2-3) at No. 14 Friendswood (8-1/4-1)
Postseason impact: Texas City needs a win to force a tie.

No. 6 Cedar Park (9-0/5-0) at No. 3 Lake Travis (8-1/5-0)
Notes: Arguably the most marquee game in the state this Thursday (or maybe this weekend!), this battle settles relatively little for the first round, as both would be favored over either possible opponent (McCallum or LBJ). But it does settle a district championship and local bragging rights. Though LT has a loss already, it came to the best team in 4A. The Cavs should win here. 
Postseason impact: Winner takes the top DI seed.
DCTF's pick: Lake Travis 38, Cedar Park 29
Jerry Forrest's pick: Lake Travis by 10

Austin Travis (7-2/4-1) at Austin Crockett (3-6/3-2)
Postseason impact: The winner gets the top DII seed.

Austin Lanier (3-6/2-3) at Austin McCallum (5-4/4-1)
Postseason impact: A McCallum loss could cost it the top DI seed.

Hidalgo (5-4/4-3) at Weslaco East (8-1/6-1)
Postseason impact: Hidalgo needs a win and help to force a tie.

Juarez-Lincoln (1-8/1-6) at Rio Grande City (1-8/1-6)
Postseason impact: None.

3A games:

FW Diamond Hill-Jarvis (1-8/0-4) at Carrollton Ranchview (2-7/2-2)
Postseason impact: None

Dallas Roosevelt (3-6/1-3) at FW Polytechnic (2-7/1-3)
Postseason impact: None

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