5A/4A playoff scenarios
5A/4A playoff scenarios
2010-11-02 00:00:00

By Travis Stewart/Texas Football -- Breaking down different ins and outs for the postseason.

I spent most of my day yesterday crunching districts to see exactly what needed to happen for each bubble team to qualify for the postseason — I've listed the results below. Most of these DO NOT include three-way tie scenarios ... I'm just trying to target what needs to happen for a team to get in outright. If a team's only chance is to force a three way tie, then I did include at least that. These are just for 5A-4A — I'll start working down into the smaller classes as time permits. If you don't see your team listed, that means it has already qualified, or it's already mathematically eliminated. Feel free to email me with corrections — my address is linked above! Check out all this weekend's critical scores — on the go — on the Dave Campbell's Texas Football iPhone app!

Class 5A

-        1-5A: Americas, Franklin, El Dorado (two spots)

o   Americas advances w/ win

o   El Dorado advances w/ win, or loss AND Franklin loss

o   Franklin advances w/ win, or loss AND Americas loss

-        2-5A: San Angelo Central, Lubbock Coronado, Lubbock Monterey (two spots)

o   SanA Central advances w/ win OR Monterey loss, or loss AND Coronado win

o   Lubbock Coronado advances w/ win OR Monterey loss

o   Monterey advances w/ win AND Coronado loss AND Central win

-        3-5A: Odessa vs. Midland Lee (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        4-5A: North Crowley, Sam Houston, Lamar (one spot)

o   Lamar advances w/ win, or loss by 11 points or less AND Sam Houston win

o   North Crowley advances w/ win and SH loss, or win by 13+

o   SH can force three way tie w/ win and NC win

-        5-5A: Mansfield, SGP, Midlothian, Timberview (two spots)

o   Mansfield advances with win OR SGP loss, or loss of two points or less AND SGP win

o   SGP advances w/ win AND Midlothian win, or Mansfield win

o   Midlo advances w/ win AND SGP loss, or win by 3+ AND SGP win

o   Timberview forces tie w/ win, Midlo loss and SGP loss

-        6-5A: Richland, Grapevine, Nimitz, MacArthur (one spot)

o   Richland advances w/ win AND Nimitz loss

o   Grapevine advances w/ win AND Nimitz loss AND MacArthur loss

o   Nimitz advances w/ win

o   MacArthur advances w/ win AND Grapevine win AND Nimitz loss

-        7-5A: Keller Central, Justin Northwest (one spot)

o   Central advances w/ win OR Northwest loss

o   Northwest advances w/ win AND Central loss

-        8-5A: Hebron, Plano (one spot)

o   Hebron advances w/ win OR Plano loss

o   Plano advances w/ win AND Marcus win

-        9-5A: DONE

-        10-5A: Garland, Sachse (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        11-5A: Tyler Lee, North Mesquite (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        12-5A: DONE

-        13-5A: Tomball, Klein Oak, Spring DeKaney (two spots)

o   Tomball advances w/ win OR DeKaney loss 

o   Klein Oak advances w/ win OR DeKaney loss

o   Spring DeKaney advances w/ win AND Klein Oak loss AND Tomball win

-        14-5A: Kingwood, Oak Ridge, College Park (two spots)

o   Kingwood advances w/ win OR College Park loss

o   Oak Ridge advances w/ win AND College Park loss, or College Park win AND Oak Ridge win by 3+

o   College Park advances w/ win OR Oak Ridge loss

-        15-5A: DONE

-        16-5A: DONE

-        17-5A: Cy Woods, Cy Falls (one spot)

o   Cy Woods advances w/ win OR Cy Falls loss

o   Cy Falls advances w/ win AND Cy Woods loss AND Cy Ridge loss

-        18-5A: Aldine, Elsik (one spot)

o   Aldine advances w/ win

o   Elsik advances w/ Aldine loss

-        19-5A: Houston Memorial, Katy Seven Lakes, Katy Taylor (two spots)

o   Memorial advances w/ win OR Seven Lakes loss

o   Seven Lakes advances w/ win

o   Taylor advances w/ win OR Memorial loss

-        20-5A: Westbury vs. Chavez (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        21-5A: PA Memorial, Channelview, Sterling (one spot)

o   Memorial advances w/ win

o   Channelview advances w/ win and Memorial loss

o   Sterling advances w/ win of 18+ AND Channelview loss

-        22-5A: DONE

-        23-5A: Two games, win and in — Hightower vs. Bush, Dulles vs. Kempner

-        24-5A: Clear Creek, Clear Brook, Dickinson, Clear Lake (two spots)

o   Clear Creek advances w/ win OR loss by less than 11 points, or loss AND Dickinson AND Brazoswood wins.

o   Clear Brook advances w/ win

o   Dickinson advances w/ win, or loss AND Clear Brook win AND Clear Lake win of two or one point.

o   Clear Lake advances w/ win AND Dickinson loss, or win by 3+ AND Clear Brook win AND Brazoswood win

-        25-5A: Wagner, Seguin (one spot)

o   Wagner advances w/ win

o   Seguin advances w/ win

-        26-5A: Roosevelt, Reagan (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        27-5A: Clark, Marshall, O’Connor, Jay (one spot)

o   Clark advances w/ win

o   O’Connor advances w/ win AND Marshall loss, or win by 18+ AND Marshall win

-        28-5A: CC King, SA Southwest, South SA (two spots)

o   King advances w/ win OR Southwest WIN

o   Southwest advances w/ win

o   South SA advances w/ win and King win, or win by 11+ AND Carroll win

-        29-5A: DONE

-        30-5A: Memorial, Palmview, McAllen, Rowe (three spots)

o   Memorial advances w/ win OR Palmview loss

o   Palmview advances w/ win

o   McAllen advances w/ win OR Palmview loss

o   Rowe advances w/ win OR Palmview loss

-        31-5A: Edinburg, PSJA North, PSJA (two spots)

o   Edinburg advances w/ win OR PSJA loss

o   PSJA North advances w/ win

o   PSJA advances w/ win AND Edinburg win

-        32-5A: Pace, Los Fresnos, Rivera, San Benito (three spots)

o   Pace advances w/ win AND Rivera OR San Benito loss

o   Los Fresnos advances w/ win AND Rivera OR San Benito loss

o   Rivera advances w/ win AND San Benito loss

o   San Benito advances w/ win AND Rivera loss

Class 4A (playoff fields for both 11-4A and 15-4A are set and therefore not listed)

-        1-4A: Bowie, El Paso, Irvin (two spots)

o    Bowie advances w/ win AND El Paso/Bowie loss, or loss AND El Paso loss AND Irvin win

o    El Paso advances w/ win AND Bowie/Irvin loss, or loss AND Irvin loss AND Bowie win

o    Irvin advances w/ win AND Bowie/El Paso loss, or loss AND Bowie loss AND El Paso win.

-        2-4A: Horizon, Riverside, Ysleta, Parkside (two spots)

o   Horizon advances w/ win, or loss AND Riverside loss AND Parkside loss

o   Riverside advances w/ win AND Parkland loss AND Horizon win

o   Ysleta advances w/ win AND Riverside loss AND Horizon win

o   Parkland advances w/ win AND Ysleta loss AND Horizon win

-        3-4A: Hereford, Palo Duro, Canyon (two spots)

o   Hereford advances w/ win OR Canyon loss

o   Palo Duro advances w/ win or Canyon loss, or loss AND Hereford win

o    Canyon forces tie w/ win AND Hereford loss

-        4-4A: Little Elm, Denton (one spot)

o   Little Elm advances w/ win OR Denton loss, or Denton win AND Rider loss

o   Denton advances w/ win AND Little Elm loss AND Wichita Falls loss

-        5-4A: DONE

-        6-4A: Eastern Hills, Wyatt (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        7-4A: DONE

-        8-4A: DONE

-        9-4A: Newman Smith, Frisco, Creekview (one spot)

o   Newman Smith advances w/ win OR loss by five points or less

o   Frisco advances w/ win AND Newman Smith loss

o   Creekview advances w/ win by 7+ AND Frisco loss

* If Creekview beats Smith by exactly six, there will be a coin flip with Frisco to settle the head-to-head. If Creekview wins, it advances. If Frisco win, Smith advances.

-        10-4A: Wylie, McKinney North, Richardson Pearce, Rockwall, McKinney(three spots)

o   Wylie advances w/ win OR Rockwall win

o   McKinney North advances w/ win 

o   Pearce advances w/ win, or McKinney loss AND Wylie win

o   Rockwall advances w/ win OR Wylie loss, or McKinney loss AND Wylie win.

o   McKinney advances w/ win AND McNorth loss

-        12-4A: Wilson, Lincoln, Adams (two spots)

o   Wilson advances w/ win OR loss by 17 or less

o   Lincoln advances w/ win AND Adams loss

o   Adams advances w/ win by 18+

-        13-4A: DONE

-        14-4A: DONE

-        16-4A: DONE

-        17-4A: Magnolia West vs. Waller (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        18-4A: Kingwood Park, Caney Creek  (one spot)

o   Kingwood Park advances w/ win AND Caney Creek/Huntsville loss

o   Caney Creek advances w/ win AND Willis loss

-        19-4A: Galena Park, Houston King

o   Galena Park advances w/ win OR King loss

o   King advances w/ win AND Galena Park loss


-        20-4A: LC-M, PN-G, Livingston, Nederland, Lumberton, Vidor (three spots)

o   LC-M advances w/ win, or loss AND Livingston loss

o   PN-G advances w/ win, or loss AND Livingston loss, or loss AND LC-M win

o   Livingston advances w/ win

o   Nederland advances w/ win AND Livingston loss

o   Lumberton forces tie w/ win AND Nederland loss AND Livingston loss

o   Vidor forces tie w/ win AND Nederland loss

-        21-4A: Sharpstown vs. Reagan (one spot)

o   Win and in

-        22-4A: Furr, Jones, Worthing (one spot)

o   Furr advances w/ win AND Jones loss AND Worthing loss

o   Jones advances w/ win AND Worthing loss

o   Worthing advances w/ win OR all three losing

-        23-4A: Foster, Lamar Consolidated, Brazosport (one spot)

o   Foster advances w/ win 

o   Lamar Consolidated advances w/ win AND Foster loss

o   Brazosport advances w/ win of 13+ AND Lamar Consolidated loss AND Bay City loss, or win AND Lamar Consolidated loss AND Terry loss

-        24-4A: La Marque, Texas City (one spot)

o   La Marque advances w/ Texas City loss OR Santa Fe win OR Manvel loss

o   Santa Fe forces tie w/ win AND Texas City win

o   Texas City advances w/ win AND Santa Fe loss AND Manvel win

-        25-4A: Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, Leander Vandegrift (one spot)

o   Marble Falls advances w/ win

o   Dripping Springs forces tie w/ Marble Falls loss

o   Vandegrift forces tie w/ win

-        26-4A: DONE

-        27-4A: DONE

-        28-4A: SA Harlandale, SA McCollum, Medina Valley (one spot)

o   Harlandale advances w/ win

o   SA McCollum advances w/ win AND Medina Valley loss

o   Medina Valley advances w/ win AND McCollum win

-        29-4A: Kennedy, Brackenridge, Lanier (one spot)

o   Kennedy advances w/ win AND Lanier loss

o   Brackenridge advances w/ win AND Lanier win 

o   Lanier advances w/ win AND Brackenridge loss

-        30-4A: Gregory-Portland, Victoria West, Beeville Jones (two spots)

o   Gregory-Portland advances w/ win

o   Victoria West advances w/ win OR G-P win

o   Beeville Jones advances w/ win AND Victoria West win

-        31-4A:  Flour Bluff, Moody, Tuloso-Midway (one spot)

o   Flour Bluff advances w/ win

o   Moody forces tie w/ Flour Bluff loss AND Midway win

o   Midway forces tie w/ win AND Flour Bluff loss

-        32-4A: DONE





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