Digital Sneak Peek: Chad President

<p><em>Devonte Fields’ transfer, the purge in Austin, Aledo’s stunning coaching change and more.</em></p>

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Our countdown of Texas high school football’s 50 must-see games comes to an end. Staff

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The future of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is now, as we prepare to release our first monthly digital magazine! The August Digital Edition of Dave Campbell’sTexas Football features exclusive high school, college and recruiting coverage from across the state, plus DCTF’s 50 Bold Predictions for 2014. 

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There wasn’t enough room to fit everything in the magazine, so some things were left on the cutting room floor, including part of our interview with Temple QB and Baylor commit Chad President. Here’s a taste of what you’ll read in the August Digital Edition of DCTF. 

DCTF: So many recruits nowadays say that uniforms play a big part in their decision. Again, it’s part of that ‘cool’ factor. Did Baylor’s uniforms make any difference to you?

CP: It didn’t play a factor in my mind. I can go out there and play without shoulder pads and just play for Baylor. Uniforms are cool and everything. You look good, you play feel good, you play good, but at the end of the day, it’s about who is winning the game at the end of the fourth quarter.

DCTF: Obviously, Baylor has a new stadium and new facilities. Have you had the chance to check anything out yet?

CP: I haven’t seen the stadium yet. I’ve driven by it a couple of times. I’ve seen pictures, and it’s all coming together. It’s all looking good.

DCTF: We’ve talked about coaches, uniforms and facilities, but in the end, what is the biggest deciding factor for a recruit like you?

CP: First of all, I look at the academic standpoint. I did that first, and Baylor is a good school. Then I look at the athletic program, not just football. I wanted to know how the program handled their players and stuff like that. As far as football, I look at the coaches, the players and the players they’re recruiting. Being a quarterback, I want to know about the players that are going to be around me.

DCTF: As you mentioned, you expect to play quarterback at Baylor. So what was it like to meet arguably the best quarterback in Baylor history in Robert Griffin III at the state 7-on-7 tournament?

CP: It was great. We met in the equipment room, and he asked me how everything was going, and we took a picture. He’s one of my role models growing up, not even when he was at Baylor. As a little kid, I saw him play against Temple when he was at Copperas Cove. We both have similar quarterback styles. He just told me to go out there and ball out this year. 

DCTF: Social media has become such a big part of the recruiting process. How do you carry yourself on Twitter?

CP: I just try to be myself. A lot of guys like putting that they’re committed then decommit and try to draw attention to themselves. I don’t do that. I post stuff on Twitter and Instagram, but I try not to post anything bad.

DCTF: You were on your way to having a monster season last year before you suffered a torn ACL. What was the rehab process like?

CP: It really wasn’t that difficult. I pushed myself to the limit. At the end of the day, I told myself to keep pushing and pushing because it was all going to come together one day. And it did. Back in April, I got to go through spring, and I reached all my goals coming back from rehab.

DCTF: You’ve obviously gotten your decision out of the way, so now you can focus on your upcoming senior season. What are your expectations for this year? 

CP: I want to help my team win district and go deep in the playoffs. I want to stay healthy and lead my team the best way I can. I’m just going to give it all I got. I think we’re going to be one of the best teams to ever come through Temple. They won (state) in 92’ and 79’ but this team is special. I’ve sacrificed a lot, the coaches have sacrificed, everybody has sacrificed a lot. I can’t wait. 


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