DCTF Mascot Madness: The Winner Is…

DCTF’s tournament to find the best mascot in Texas high school football concludes.

 By TexasFootball.com

After three weeks of hard-fought voting between passionate fan bases, we have finally crowned the best mascot in Texas high school football.

The Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Mascot Madness Tournament just wrapped up. You can see the results in the bracket (which you can see here), but without further delay…

…as voted by the readers of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, the finest mascot in Texas high school football is…

The Fredericksburg Battlin’ Billies!

Maybe it’s the adjective — they’re not just billy goats, but they’re ferocious ones. Maybe it’s the originality — they’re the only Battlin’ Billies in the nation. Or maybe it’s just because people love billy goats.

Whatever the case, congratulations to the Fredericksburg Battlin’ Billies, voted as the best mascot in Texas high school football!

And thanks to all of you who voted — we logged more than 150,000 votes during the process! Be sure to reserve your copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football today (or even better: become a DCTF Legend or Champion and get your name in the magazine and get it before everyone else!)


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